1. Oktain

    SBM Sierra RCSB build thread... Sort of anyway.

    First post is essentially just making it official. I've put my order in for a 2015 SBM (Stone Blue Metallic) Sierra Z71, RCSB. Options I went with: - Trailer brake controller - trailering equipment and 3.42's instead of 3.08's - jet black interior - backup camera - 20's (All terrain are not...
  2. Fastnloud5.3

    350 hp from a first gen 5.3? Question heavy

    Being new to ls engines, everyone has to start somewhere, so I set a rather low goal of around 350hp. Right now I am sitting bone stock as far as engine and trans goes. Is my goal reachable without going to far into the engine? What are my options? My pockets aren't deep enough nor is my spare...
  3. C

    4L60E shifting issues. fixed but came back???

    06 silverado 1500 2wd 4L60E.... I've owned this truck for over a year now and had no troubles other than a slight hard shift from 1st to 2nd if under 1600rpm. Was parked for a week and upon driving I noticed it was sluggish when accelerating as if it we stuck in 3rd and wont go into 4th...
  4. akslowroller

    4l60 to 65 swap

    I have a 2001 Silverado 4x4. I recently bought a 4l65 for a good deal. I helped pull the trans out of a working truck. Then installed it in my 01. The donor truck was an 05 SS. On start up everything is fine. Once it is in gear you can hear it engage the trans. Then it will free spin like it's...
  5. C

    new to forums, need help with some ?'s

    If anyone could help me out it would be much apriciated. I'm new to this whole forum thing and I'm about to do a drop to my truck. I just got into the whole truck scene after I moved to houston 3 years ago. I'm a collision tech so I do have some knowledge with working around cars but I only have...
  6. A

    A-Fuso's RCSB 6.0 Build

    So my brother and I picked up a friend's truck that's been off the road for a while. It is a regular cab F-350 6.0 Diesel, cab and chassis truck that originally had a hoof trimming chute on it and then a flatbed. This truck has a 9' frame, so when my buddy bought it he wanted to put a longbed...
  7. Jake747

    TBSS 402 Build AWD

    Whelp, here it is. It's already built but still adding a few things here and there with some new changes coming soon. I bought the truck 3 years ago Memorial Day absolutely stock with no plans to keep it that way. I can't leave shit alone. Anything. So here's the mod list as it sits now...
  8. Jared

    FS: Misc. stuff from shitwagon

    I am trying to get rid of some clutter in the garage, and decided to offer everything here first. If there is no interest within a week I will post this stuff everywhere else. ~Stock head unit-worked great when removed for DD $50 obo sold ~Dorman window regulator and motor $50 sold new Dorman...
  9. 9X37Crewcab

    Hulsey's 05 duramax

    Soo traded in the 1500 for a 2500hd. So figured id make a new thread. Gonna be a slow project. im personally not a huge fan of the stack so i think exhaust will be first big thing. I need to do my ac controller and steering wheel with leds. As well as eveything else interior led. How hard...
  10. Fastnloud5.3

    99 sierra hard shift

    5.3 1500 4x4 Shifting hard between first and second when warm. past owner had it flushed at 160k like a fucking retard so I'm fearing the worst. Im getting an maf code but no tranny codes. Any ideas?
  11. 0


    I've got a 02 sierra extcab lowered 3/6 with Mcgaughy springs and flipkit, also has the 2 piece driveshaft. Let me start off sayn the carrier bearing has been raised 1/2 inch and it already has 6* shims in the rear BUT it still vibrates from 10mph up till 30-40mph depending how hard I...
  12. R

    Lil bagged cammed dime thang

    Traded my gfs corolla for this car because the guy needed something better for his wife , Mild cam, bored .030" over , under pulleys , efans, aem intake, edelbrock headers have a limited slip posi for the rear diff not installed yet , New camaro black steel take offs , hids , bolt on bag...
  13. D

    '01 RCSB 4x4 Project

    What's up guys. Haven't posted here in a few years, but some of y'all might remember my green truck: Lowered 4x4, cammed 6.0, longtubes, converter, built trans, blah blah blah. Ran low 13s at 100mph, but was rusty as fuck and giving me issues constantly. The plan was to limp it until summer...
  14. Wicked Mayhem

    Le wifeys 05 tahoe

    Wife has been wanting a tahoe. Found this one at a local dealership with 64K miles on it. Super clean. Has leather, but no heated seats, and only power driver seat. Not sure if it was optioned like that or they had leather put in it. Looks factory. She wants to lift it a little 33's, i want to...
  15. Fastnloud5.3

    Nbs 99-02 cluster question

    May have a cluster for $20 working its at 200k my trucks only got around 170k. Do i have to reprogram the cluster or is it plug and play?
  16. Malikk Loftis

    Malikk's 01' Step side

    Haven't been very active on here & I've been needing to make a build thread so to start it off... I Received this truck at the beginning of my sophomore year. Nothing special to a lot of people but for me, as ugly as it was I thought it was pretty cool truck with a lot of potential. I got it...
  17. M

    Driverside Rear Running Lights

    So i'm stumped kinda. Been messing around trying to figure out where the fault is that's causing my left side running lights to work (any running light feature, the 194, the 3157, and the left side license plate light) Also, idk if it helps but the 194 and the 3157 blink at the same time on the...
  18. JennaBear

    Garage Sale- lots of misc parts

    All prices are shipped within the US 2 sets (16pcs) of used OEM valve springs, one from an LS1, one from an LQ4 - $20 each shipped 1 set (16pcs) of used OEM pushrods from LQ4 - $20 shipped 1 unopened Lokar trans dipstick for a 4L80E pn XTD-34L80FM - $70 shipped 2 new in box Autometer Water...
  19. HackMcMaster

    4l-60E shallow pan P/N?

    Im going to flush my trans and figured while im at it would swap to the shallow pan, but the only thing i can find is filter for shallow pan. so any help with AC-Delco P/N would be appreciated. BILLY!!!!
  20. Fastnloud5.3

    Its getting cold...

    Currently -2. My 99 nbs starts fine but my tranny hates it. 100% fine when warmed up or not fucking sub zero out.. likes to shift like its in tow/haul. I assume my tranny fluid is thick from the cold weather. 168k and tranny flush and filter 10k ago. Any additives I can use to help it out...