1. 07sierraclassic

    Zach's 2003 LB7 "build"

    So I've been a member of this site since it started, but never posted too much because I never ended up doing much to my truck. Old truck was an '07 Sierra SLT Classic ecsb that I ended up leveling with wheels and tires and that was about it. Anyways.... Last week I found an LB7 for what I...
  2. M

    sad post, pics inside - need advice

    Guys/gals, On Friday I was rear-ended. The damage to my truck is minor in every since, considering I drove it to work this morning and home from the accident. For those of you that have had similar accidents, what are the chances that the insurance company is going to fix this? Will they...
  3. Krash

    New job

    So I got a new job working at a place called TRB motorsports in Carrollton Texas. We do lift kits lowering kits, audio, sell wheels and tires, and some performance work. So if you are in the area come check it out I can get y'all hooked up. [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. F


    Well possibly blew my tranny up, sad sad day but this leaves room for an upgrade. Does anybody know of a good brand that I should go with? I don't want too much just a bit of a step up from stock. Also what it would take to convert over to a manual tranny? I know bgray/papagray did it in his...
  5. CammedVmax

    Ryan's 1500hd

    So I got rid of my g35 for this truck. It's an 03 Chevy 1500hd lq4/4l80e lt3. Charcoal leather, rear dvd and all. Got it for payoff on my car which was right at 6k so I'm not complaining at all since it books well above that even in rough condition. Plans for it are Demold/lose 4x4 sticker...
  6. E

    1977 GMC Sierra Classic Dually

    Putting my feelers out there...we may need to sell our 1977 GMC Sierra Dually. I would like to see how much people offer us for it. Its a 454 newer suspension and tires, aftermarket headers, all the lights work. We did body work on it and put primer on it.
  7. Slow05CC

    NBS Crew Cab going 4/6 I have a few questions

    I have a 05 Silvy Crew! Right now I am riding on stock suspension with shackles out back on 285/50/20 toyo proxes ( which by the way are the worst tires I have ever bought. ) and 20" Centerline wheels. We have figured out the wheels "should" tuck, if not I will use my Texas Editions that are...
  8. DeanH1290

    NNBS Bolt-on Performance?

    Figured I would keep all of this info here to keep it easy to find for anyone looking for the same info. To start of, the truck has a 5.3l LC9 with the 6sp auto transmission with 3.42 gears. I'm looking to do some bolt on mods before I go forward with a tune on the truck. I currently have an...
  9. M

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to fix up a C10 i got!

    i have a chevy 1972 pickup truck, everything on the truck is original, but i want to fix it up and upgrade the suspension and possibly the chassis.. But I'm just wondering if I should put new suspension on the original chassis, or should i get a new chassis? I plan on putting in a big block...
  10. cknox121

    4l60E Rebuild Kit

    Anyone have a kit they have used or recommend? Thinking about getting a lot and doing the trans myself. Does GM sell a complete rebuild kit? Any venders care to give me a price on one? Thanks Cody Sent from my cracked iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. cknox121

    03 Tahoe

    Picked this up yesterday. Got a pretty good deal for it I think. Plans are to fix it up, drive it a while then sell. Good-fully loaded z71 Tahoe, 2 tone interior, sun roof, heat and power front seats, no third row, only 115k miles, aftermarket head unit, leveled, paint to match. Bad- little...
  12. 04SSHD

    Say hello to Jimmy...

    So I was working up in Reno this past week, and found this thing on CL as I was looking up cars for my boss to get his son to buy. I told my boss you need to pick this thing up, it's way under market value. I ended up telling him, you buy it or I will, and he ended up not buying it. So true...
  13. Jared

    stall question

    I finally got my rear main and oil pan gaskets leaks squared away (bad install or faulty seals, who knows) and the yank 3200 installed. How will it be driving without the cooler installed? Should I just get the car home and then install it? Or will normal driving be fine for a bit? The shop...
  14. T.Stevens

    For Sale: 2010 Silverado LTZ CCSB 4x4 Black 6/9 24s LTZ Custom

    Looking to sell my 2010 Silverado LTZ Crew Cab Short Box 4x4. Rebuilt Title. 141,000 KMS/ About 88,000 MILES (Canadian vehicle) Fully loaded with the exception of: Navigation, Sunroof & Sliding Rear Window Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Interior Leather, Heated, Power and Memory...
  15. M

    Honderp build thread...road to a new daily

    So I'm doing this honda thing now i guess 1990 accord lx Plans are to swap in a jdm h22 and convert from auto to manual then daily it and sell my truck. ok picture time first got it home Drained the oil, looks promising. Also has a blown trans. Cherry. initial tear down, looks awful...
  16. S

    Soo Slo...Farmbred PumpGas RCSB

    So figured i'd start a build thread, been a work in progress but here's the up-to-current status. Started off with a clean build RCSB, Prev. Owner works at Lingenfelter Performance and this was one of his many fun vehicles. Had another child and needed to release one for a larger family...
  17. 1brokekid

    White Trash 1985 C10

    Finally got out of that Duramax and back into something that suits me better. I ended up giving the Duramax back to my father, sold his van for him, and in turn he gave me back my 85. I bought this truck 5 summers ago when I was 13, along with the 82. It sat untouched while we built my 82, which...
  18. N

    Looking for a few obs parts

    I picked up a 95 Sierra last month it's got 3" springs in front the guy said, not really sure if they are though. The back has something I'm not familiar with that lowers the front leaf spring mounts to drop them, says its 4" in back and I don't think so.. I would like to put spindles on the...
  19. Jared

    trans cooler info, please help

    When doing the trans cooler install, what fittings do you recommend or just install it as it comes? I bought this But was told to get the Dorman 800-606 and Hayden 397. Anything else? Any other input? Thanks in advance. I was told to get these...
  20. D1nman

    2009 6.2 Denali engine noise

    Sounds like top end noise, I was driving and it was doing fine, pulled up at a buddies, turned it off and then cranked it up and it makes this noise now. No noise at all before. Good oil pressure. Extreme loss of power and truck shakes bad now. Oil is good.