1. Fastnloud5.3

    Clearing 99-02 turn signals?

    Got the headlights done without an issue. Had a hell of a time getting the turn signals apart, but eventually got it. Now how in the exact fuck does that amber piece pop out? Because I've tried just about everything I can think of.
  2. 1brokekid

    White Trash 1985 C10

    Finally got out of that Duramax and back into something that suits me better. I ended up giving the Duramax back to my father, sold his van for him, and in turn he gave me back my 85. I bought this truck 5 summers ago when I was 13, along with the 82. It sat untouched while we built my 82, which...
  3. B

    Suburban running boards on Crew cab?

    I got a set off a salvage car - was looking to put them on my lowered 2500hd. Trying to find someone who did this on a crew cab has proven elusive. Pic of a suburban running boards for reference: Anyone know of someone who put these on a crew cab?
  4. Jared

    FS: Misc. stuff from shitwagon

    I am trying to get rid of some clutter in the garage, and decided to offer everything here first. If there is no interest within a week I will post this stuff everywhere else. ~Stock head unit-worked great when removed for DD $50 obo sold ~Dorman window regulator and motor $50 sold new Dorman...
  5. CammedVmax

    Nbs DJM 3" lower control arms

    DJM 3" drop lower control arms, they fit 99-07c Sierra/Silverado with torsion bar front suspension 2wd/4wd and 99-06 Tahoe/Yukon as well as suburban/Yukon XL. They were installed installed then I pulled them off because my wheels wouldn't clear the arms completely. I have some Monroe shocks that...
  6. Adjusted

    Returning NBS to stock - Lift spindles, blocks, control arms, stereo, etc.

    Over the next few months I will be slowly returning my 2007 Sierra Classic's suspension (and a few other things) to stock form so I can sell it and use my current wheels and tires on the '14+ Silvy. Prepping for a possible dealer trade so I'd like to have it as stock appearing as possible, the...
  7. A

    New Street scene signal mirrors painted Victory Red 03-07 NBS

    I have a BRAND NEW Set of Street Scene CAL-VU Sport Mirrors for 03+ Silverado Trucks. Part number 950-17922. I was going to put them on but decided to keep my factory mirrors. They are painted Professional Victory Red by Precision auto body and have the harness for 2003+ Silverado, Sierra...
  8. A

    Victory Red Power Fold Signal Mirrors with puddle LED lights

    Fits 03-07 Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban and Avalanche. **No longer for sale. Located in the Bay Area CA. Willing to ship but buyer pays shipping They are smooth and painted Victory red. I installed hyper white LEDs in the puddle lamp. Works great. Has some small rock chips from...
  9. S

    Fuel shut off

    97 suburban was going down highway and everything died as if you hit the key. Change crank sensor, oli pressure, ignition mod. Got spark got fuel pressure but no fuel to intake. Will run with starting fluid. Out of ideas
  10. sportbike rider

    2 cup holder jump seat

    I have a jump seat out of my silverado that will fit 07-13 silverado, Sierra, Tahoe and suburban. The only thing wrong with the jump seat is a crack in the top of the console. If you have any question you can call or text me at 214-212-0046 ask for Brian. I am asking $75 and I'm located in The...
  11. BARBER

    Question about Escalade center console trim

    For the 03-06 Silverados with center consoles, the upper trim pocket/panel piece, will an Escalade piece go in and flow with the rest of the console? Link to said Escalade piece...
  12. Scooter26

    03-07 seat memory troubleshooting

    Who has memory seats in there 03-07 silverado, sierra, Tahoe, suburban, ex. Does your memory system save the position you chose? When I save my desired position and try to select it a few days later, it goes to a completely different position. Although if I push the button within a day or so it...
  13. S

    L29 454 Build Questions

    I have a 1997 GMC K2500 Suburban with an L29 454 4WD. I am currently doing an engine build. I will be running a Competitions Cams camshaft with 0.54" intake and exhaust lift (with 1.8:1 rockers), 206 degrees intake duration at 0.050" lift, 212 degrees exhaust duration at 0.050" lift. I hope to...