1. Blackout

    Gmt800 rare/uncommon color options

    What are some of the uncommon or down right rare color options for the gmt800 trucks out there? Pics? I know there were some oddball greens and blues, ran across this the other day and it got me thinking..I know it's probably not factory but I'd like to see some of the rarer colors.. Sent...
  2. R

    Rhoush 2006 z71 victory red ecssb!

    Well I never really post here just read a lot but decided to post one of my trucks here it is started out like this 2006 ecssb with 18x10 weld dunes on 285/60 nittos [/URL][/IMG] Things I have done: Color match Tint Leveled out Escapade handles Cleared oem lights Fully buffed and...
  3. Oktain

    No F*CKS Given Tahoe

    So... my buddies and I were thinking it'd be fun to do a Haggard Garage style YouTube series with my friend's Tahoe that he bought for cheap and uses as a beater. It's beat to fuck, has a bunch of bumper stickers on the back glass, and dents from drunk people trying to Dukes of Hazzard slide...
  4. BB

    Chrome 22x12 Wheels

    Post up some pictures of chrome 22x12 wheels! Wheels only, or on a truck would be preferable. Seems like the best wheel size for those wanting to run 33s on a 22. Unless you stretch a 12.50 on a 14 wide (I'm not the biggest fan of that).. Brands? Ion Fuel Hostile Gear - Help...
  5. JeremyReed

    Rally stripes

    Thinking of putting a set of matte black rally stripes on my lowered two-wheel-drive Silverado crew cab 2011. Anybody have any pics of this they can share? There are two different styles, the wider ones that are set apart and the ones that are closer together that run more through the center of...
  6. Krash

    2011 Chevy Silverado crew cab build!

    Let me start off by letting y'all know when I bought it. 2 years ago for my 1 year anniversary being married, my wife bought me my 2011 Silverado $25,000 with only 24k miles. Bought it from a dealership that was about to send it to the auction. As soon as I got I tried finding some info on it...
  7. 04SSHD

    Important!: 2016 Calendars Official Thread

    Hey everyone! It's that time of the year! We have been working on bringing you guys a 2016 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners from 2015, and Last year's ROTY on the cover! The calendar is printed on high quality card stock (thick paper) and spiral bound. It includes 'Murican...
  8. Liamrk

    Liam's 2000 ecsb sorta build

    Alright so this isn't gonna be anything crazy but I'd like to post up where I started and what I've done as well as progress pictures and plans for my truck Alright so I bought the truck three years ago with all kinds of fun stuff on it, blacked out tail lights and headlights.. (nightshade)...
  9. T.Stevens

    For Sale: ON, CA: LTZ 24" Reps, K&N Intake NNBS, 13" HD Bumper & Grill

    Parted my NNBS CCSB, The Followings for sale right now: 13" Silverado LTZ 2500 Front Bumper Assembly - Complete and color matched. Has 3M Stoneguard tape protection on it. Colormatched Grill With Emblem also has stoneguard on it. $850.00 CAN/ $650.00 USD K&N Intake System Used on my 5.3...
  10. 1brokekid

    03-07 Interior Colors

    Curious as to what all color interiors were made in GM 03-07 trucks and SUVs. I have a truck with a tan leather interior and I'm looking for a used replacement seat Are tan escalade seats the same color? They look a little lighter, atleast in pictures. Any input or info reference? Sent from...
  11. 99blaze

    2013 silverado mild slow build

    I traded my 2006 for this 2013 back in February. Had a build thread on another forum but figured since I lurk here I'd post one here too. Mods so far : -6.5 kicker door speakers -kenwood ddx372bt headunit -factory style aftermarket backup camera -demoulded -cm rear bumper ends -cm bowties...
  12. D1nman

    D1nman's 2000 Chevy Impala mild race beater build

    Ok i drive a ton and have almost hit 200k on the denali. dont want to do that. bought a 2000 impala monday for $700. Guy said a/c didnt work at all, went and charged it up and its as cold as my denali if not colder. driver window is the only one that rolls down. cloth. base model. 167k miles...
  13. S

    2003 Chevy Silverado, 2wd reg cab short bed, 4.8L V8, 5-sp manual, RCSB

    2003 Chevy Silverado regular cab short bed. Black exterior, tan cloth interior - Asking $9900 OBO I looked for almost 6 months to find a RCSB 2WD pickup with the LS V8. Truck rides and drives great. Clutch is strong. Everything works, power windows, power locks, auto headlights, AC and heat...
  14. GingerCrew

    GingerCrews RCSB

    What's up fellas. Those who follow me on IG know the diesel is gone and has been replaced with this. I had my reasons... This one is a 03, 4.8 2wd arrival blue, 3:73s yada yada Day I picked it up Cleaned it up and swapped wheels from the 14 and got it tinted 10% sides 5% rear Got the 4/6 on...
  15. L

    94 hoe

    6 inch suspension with extra leaf on each side. Well this is going to be a long strung out process. But I purchased this jewel for $1000 needed a new motor new cooling system new new tranny and new suspension parts. I pulled the old 350 out threw it behind the garage it needed new heads and a...
  16. J

    ..what is the stock layout for 95 k2500 sub 4x4?

    My truck wont smog cuz it has been modified with catback exhaust...the smog guy insisted that cat must go behind muffler toward order to pass smog.....but i look online and the cat is never behind the muffler...what is the stock layout for 95 k2500 sub 4x4?
  17. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Link to original thread here:
  18. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Link to original thread here:
  19. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Hey everyone! Some of you may have heard rumors of a staff project in the works and we're finally at a point where we're confident we can let you in on the secret . For about a month and a half we've been working on bringing you guys a 2015 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners...
  20. Chewy07

    Chewy's millenium dmax

    Alright guys new slate. 08 Gmc Sierra duramax. Its another ext cab yes but i love it. Here's whats done. 20x10 Eagle alloy wheels 5" exhaust with muffler DSP-5 with shitty ass longhorn tunes 6k hids low and highs black billet grille with the outsides painted white Frontier front end...