1. bayousam

    2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate (not a build but will end up being a build) Build

    Well anyone that follows any of my other crap knows I ended up selling my Audi RS5 and traded in my FX2 and picked up this 2017 GMC Denali Ultimate. Anyone wondering what an ultimate is it is GMC's way of saying Denali with every option offered. Picked it up from good ole Jimmy Skrait Pipes as...
  2. Y

    best wat to get 7" in the front 01 silverado

    Best way to get 7 inches of low in the front of my 01 silverado. And can yall tell me where to get the parts thanks
  3. Y

    01 silverado ext cab wanting to go 6/9 drop

    OK so I want to drop my truck 6/9 have some rear parts but don't know what to get so. Lmk where to get the shocks how many, how to get 6in in the front.thanks oh and the parts I got already are 6in djm flip kit and bellt exh 3in Shack and hanger kit
  4. L


    So I finally my 4/7 on my RCSB NNBS and it's obviously not sitting right. When I got the truck it sat pretty level in the back and when I put the flip kit on it dropped what looks like 9 in to me. So I'm trying to find out what a stock shackle looks like ( I'm having trouble finding a picture of...
  5. Andrew.

    Your Specs Thread

    - Thread credit. Fourstar07. Whore out your truck all you want. Post a picture(s) of your truck, its specifications and any information you feel is necessary to have someone achieve your stance/look Talking or discussion posts aren't allowed. Simply posting a picture of your truck will...
  6. 08RCSB

    GMT900 NNBS Lowering FAQ

    I wanted to put together a comprehensive list of lowering your NNBS truck. REAR OPTIONS 1'' - Remove your OEM lift block. You have enough threads on your stock U-bolts do to this 2'' - Use a lowering shackle. I prefer Mcgaughy's or Belltech because they use an OEM style bushing that won't...