1. loclrnc

    For Sale: FS: Air Ride Stuff

    Selling my collection of air ride stuff. Times are tough and need to get ride of a few things. Will be back at it again someday. These are all brand new in the box. Have been handled but most things are 10/10 shape. Will post pictures later on if needed Accuair Elevel with VU4 - $1250 4...
  2. Blue97

    MCGAUGHYS 16 + spindles

    MCGAUGHYS 2000C spindles new new new.....came in a 2/4 kit and not going to use them, all hardware included..... $200
  3. Blue97

    mcguaphys 16 + spindles

    I bought a Mcgauphys 2/4 drop and it has the 16+ spindles months ago and I'm thinking of installing it. But I have a few ?'s I was reading the instructions and it says to torque the stud ( that holds the hub/bearing on ) to 75ftlbs........ if you know or have these I'm sure you known what...

    TILLERS 2K16 Silverado build

    Well the white truck is gone and I picked this 2016 Silverado up, single cab 5.3L with just about everything you can get in a single cab Plans are 4/6 or 4/7 drop on 24s with some basic mods to clean it up and then just drive the shot out of it and enjoy it Already have windows tinted 5%...
  5. L

    Front Shocks on bagged OBS

    I have ART relocators and Thorbros lower bolt kit. I have shocks off of my 4/6 drop and they work but max out compressed to soon. My shock isn't vertically mounted but pretty close to it. Sitting here at my work desk i'm having a hard time envisioning what would happen if i moved the lower bolt...
  6. G

    Coilover spring rate

    I have a 2001 extended cab 2wd Silverado and I'm going to running some 10x2.5 ride tech coilovers and trying to figure out which spring rate to run with? It's my daily driver so not looking for super stiff but still want some stiffness to handle well. I don't have access for scales and don't...
  7. TheSuspensionSource

    2015-2016 Silverado/Sierra 2WD Spindle Help

    2015-2016 Silverado/Sierra 2WD owners. Here is some info on the spindle and control arm options. The 2015-2016 are coming with two different spindles from the factory that are causing some problems when you want to lower your truck. The Suspension Source: 2015-2016 Silverado/Sierra...
  8. Y

    Need help!! Best setup to go 7/11 on a 01 silverado ext cab

    Been looking into dropping my truck 01 silverado ext cab. Really want to go 7/11 but don't know what's the best setup. Can yall help
  9. B

    Wtb: nbs drop spindles

    Lemme know what you got. Truck is 2wd with torsion bars. So can be 2wd or 4wd spindles but can't be mcgaughys 16".
  10. Tuckin15's

    Rant: A bucket of mixed emotions

    Hey guys! This is gonna be a thread to document the progress on my Sierra, it's called a bucket of mixed emotions because it's been up and down with this thing since the day I bought it. It's a 2003.5 ECSB 4wd GMC sierra work truck edition, it was a municipality truck I bought for 3600 bucks...
  11. Liamrk

    Looks good, rides.. not good.

    After lowering my truck I was just too stoked to pay attention to the ride quality or suspension geometry, but now after daily driving the truck at 5/8 for a couple months I've decided it could be better. I'm mostly concerned with the front as I know what needs to happen in the back. I know it's...
  12. T

    Important!: Question about tubing my rear and if I should tub my 2009 GMC Sierra

    I have a 2009, GMC Sierra on a 4-7 drop ( 7 inch flip kit in the back, 2 inch spindle in the back and 2 inch struts with 2 inch re-locators ) right now with 24 inch rims. The tires on it are 285/35 just in case that plays into tubing it. Now what my plans are is to go to a 6-9 drop or 6-10...
  13. juanr_08

    nbs 2wd lift spindle

    Hey guys so pretty soon I'll be removing drop kit off my truck. So was thinking to add a 3" lift spindle up front and a 1" block, that would be leveled correct? Where can i get a good brand 3" lift spindle as well?
  14. T.Stevens

    For Sale: 2010 Silverado LTZ CCSB 4x4 Black 6/9 24s LTZ Custom

    Looking to sell my 2010 Silverado LTZ Crew Cab Short Box 4x4. Rebuilt Title. 141,000 KMS/ About 88,000 MILES (Canadian vehicle) Fully loaded with the exception of: Navigation, Sunroof & Sliding Rear Window Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Interior Leather, Heated, Power and Memory...
  15. N

    1995 single cab short bed spindles

    Will drop spindles off a 2 door Tahoe fit my single cab? I know xcab and dually are different spindles, wasn't sure on tahoes??
  16. 1brokekid

    White Trash 1985 C10

    Finally got out of that Duramax and back into something that suits me better. I ended up giving the Duramax back to my father, sold his van for him, and in turn he gave me back my 85. I bought this truck 5 summers ago when I was 13, along with the 82. It sat untouched while we built my 82, which...
  17. GingerCrew

    GingerCrews RCSB

    What's up fellas. Those who follow me on IG know the diesel is gone and has been replaced with this. I had my reasons... This one is a 03, 4.8 2wd arrival blue, 3:73s yada yada Day I picked it up Cleaned it up and swapped wheels from the 14 and got it tinted 10% sides 5% rear Got the 4/6 on...
  18. DeanH1290

    NNBS 2/3 Alignment Issues

    Since I've been having so much trouble with this, I figured I'd make a thread. Truck is a 2011 Silverado 1500 4x4 Z71 with 108,xxx miles. 2 weeks ago I went from leveled to a 2/3 drop. I used belltech street performance lowering struts with factory coils. I took the truck the following Tuesday...
  19. Adjusted

    Returning NBS to stock - Lift spindles, blocks, control arms, stereo, etc.

    Over the next few months I will be slowly returning my 2007 Sierra Classic's suspension (and a few other things) to stock form so I can sell it and use my current wheels and tires on the '14+ Silvy. Prepping for a possible dealer trade so I'd like to have it as stock appearing as possible, the...
  20. Matts_Sierra

    05 sierra slow build

    everyone has a build thread, mines not as intense as a lot of these other trucks but this is what I got: day I picked it up day 2 step removal new handles added spindle and block on 265s added 3" lift coil 7"cst lift and 17s and 33s added...