1. H

    Hulknasty's 2006 lbz duramax build

    Recently traded in my nnbs vmax crew cab and picked up a nice lt3 06 lbz. Its going to be a clean daily/toy hauler. As it sits it is leveled on 285 nittos. Has efi live dsp5 and straight piped. First step will be removing all of the hideous add ons.
  2. Huck

    SEMA 2014 pics

    Finally got home and getting the pics uploaded. I took around 500 so it took a while lol. We stayed at the Riviera down near the convention center, didn't get to see a whole lot of Vegas between working the show and networking afterwards but one night me and one of the other guys walked the...
  3. wretched73

    Check engine light, code po442 small evap leak

    I have done research on what could be causing this issue. First step I took was to replace the gas cap. No dice. Second was to replace the evap canister/solenoid located on the back side of the fuel tank. No dice there. Before I drop the tank to replace the whole fuel pump assembly (sources have...
  4. Riveradoz71

    3" spindles 2.5 upper coil spacer

    Just in case there is anyone with a 2wd looking for different lift options here's mine. 3" Doestch spindle(gross 3.5") 2.5 ccm spacer RC upper control arms Fabtech brake line bracket for 6" lift 5" rear block Front right: 42 3/4" Front left: 43" Rear: 43" Measurements on stock tires
  5. Jared

    Important!: So I decided to go lower...not much, but lower without a doubt.

    So, educate a lowered dummy. 2004 Crew Cab. Just doing 2/4 right now...I DO NOT want to notch. I plan to run helpers. Money not being an object when it comes to comfort and drive-ability...besides air ride of course, suggest some things. Leafs vs. flip kit coils vs. spindles...
  6. V

    Lets see your garages

    Gonna be buying a house in the next 6 months. Looking for some good ideas for whatever my new garage may be. So go ahead, show off.