1. C

    New guy from Northeast Louisiana

    New to the forum from West Monroe, La. I drive a '04 ccsb leveled on Gear big blocks and 33's. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. B

    new from northwest louisiana

    New here with my truck that is fixing to go threw more changes and get a paint job finally. Here's my pos as she sits. That black crap on the bumper is plastidip that wasn't sprayed thick enough to peel off and I just haven't finished power washing it yet. Truck currently is on a 3...
  3. B

    New from Alabama

    Hello all, new member from lower Alabama here. Got an 07(.5) crew cab dropped on Tahoe stock 20s. Glad to be here! Soon as I figure out how I'll post pictures in their respective places. Thanks for letting me join.
  4. ScottyBoy

    NBS parts: DL3 mirrors, door handles, E-fan Harness

    I have some NBS parts that I am not doing anything with, so they are up for sale. I have a complete OEM E-fan harness from a 2006 truck. This is a direct fit for any 03-04 to add E-Fans or you can wire up an additional relay so that this will work on a 99-02 truck. This has the relay block that...
  5. S

    New Guy from Memphis

    Hey guys I'm Chris. Coming over from to steal some ideas and pick some new (or same) brains. Got a fairly nice build I'm working on. 2000 RCSB with gmc declad wheels, 370CI with LS3 heads, Wiseco pistons, lunati rods, stock balanced crank, COMP Cam, springs, lifters...
  6. c10dylan

    New from East Texas

    My names Dylan and I drive a 1986 c10 Silverado that me and my dad built last summer. I'm running a 406 small block with a th350 transmission. Nothing to extreme, it's my daily driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Smith

    GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

    Selling my GoPro Hero 3+ black edition. Comes with several extras including the LCD touchscreen which makes it like the silver 4 where you can see the pictures and video you take instantly, a 64 and 16 GB memory card, top of the line selfie pole, two extra GoPro brand batteries, and random...
  8. Jared

    Belltech framed artwork etc

    *****looking for local sale only right now****** I would like $150 for the lot, the first 4 are framed. I will separate but the 4 framed go together as of now. $100 for the 4 and $15 each for the larger BFG posters. They are padded. Willing to trade for a 10" similar to...
  9. Smith

    +1 Adams

    Long story short, bought some Americana paste wax once upon a time and was never truly happy with it due to not being able to open the container and the actual wax breaking up and cracking constantly even though it was always stored in a temperature controlled environment (disclaimer, this is...
  10. Gannon

    Lights quit working

    Anybody know why my interior lights would all quit working? And the cargo lamp light is staying on, not the light itself, just saying it on the dash. Just did it all of a sudden, any ideas? Switch won't turn them, opening doors, even pushing the buttons on the ohc won't turn those on.
  11. Smith

    5th annual CGM Shreveport meet pic thread...

    Post away fellas!
  12. James

    2007-2013 GMC Sierra OEM Three Bar Grille

    Location: New Orleans Price: $200 Shipping: Willing to ship, or deliver to Shreveport meet July 18 Contact: James via PM or text if you have my number Selling OEM GMC Sierra Grille off of my personal truck. Grille is in great shape with slight scuffing on bottom ( barely noticeable but pictured...
  13. James

    2007-2013 Sierra/Silversdo OEM DL3 Tow mirrors

    Location: New Orleans price: 375 Shipping : will ship or deliver to Shreveport meet July 18th Contact: James via PM or if you have my number text 2007-2013 Sierra/Silverado OEM GM set of DL3 tow mirrors. Power adjust, heat, turn signals, fully functional. No damage or flaws. Purchased new...
  14. mitch6879

    that new guy from Tyler, TX

    Here's my official introduction. 2005 SilverBirch ccsb z71. Stock AF. Work in progress. Pics coming soon.
  15. SilverSierra

    New from central Louisiana

    What's up guys? I'm new to this site, but been on for years! My name there is J1-Customz. Decided I'd make the jump and join here to, as I've noticed there seems to be a lot of louisiana guys over here! Anyway, here's a couple pictures of my old trucks, and I'll end with a...
  16. Lemaire337

    New Member from lafayette Louisiana

    2002 RCSB 6.0 swap, 4l80e 3600triple disk billet convertor, built 3.73 rear end #hoonigan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Smith

    Smith's 1973 Nova Custom

    I will start this thread by saying it's going to progress slow for now as I just forked out the cash for the car, hopefully I'll have some free/smaller things to do for now though. A little history on the car, it's a 1973 Nova that started it's life as light green metallic in I believe in West...
  18. G

    05 sierra crew cab

    New to the forum, im from Arkansas herd alot of good things about this forum looking forward to some of your input.
  19. Malikk Loftis

    New from Longview,tx

    Hey my names Malikk. Currently driving a 2001 Silverado & working on a c10.
  20. ScottyBoy

    For Sale: Trailblazer tail lights $50 OBO

    I have a set of factory tail lights from a 2006 Trailblazer. They have a few minor scuffs and scratches, but nothing major. They come with the bulb boards. Looking to get $50 OBO for the pair, or $30 each. Located in Shreveport, LA. I'm willing to ship at your expense, or come pick them up locally.