1. Connor

    Static Charged Paint

    Waxed the yukon tonight and as I was wiping the wax off the dust from the dried wax seemed to static cling to the paint. It's a pita to keep going back and wiping off dust from every panel. Why is this is happening and how I can fix it?
  2. 1brokekid

    Daily Driven Billets/Polished wheels

    So I'm fighting keeping these polished 2 piece eagles looking good, due to daily driving it. Anyone have any advice? As of now I'm washing with soap and water, and polishing with mothers and a powerball, then by hand. wheels alone are a 2 hour ordeal. Not too bad, but i want to find a...
  3. THE Mook

    Polished Out the Hood, Front Fenders, and Front Bumper on the SS

    Morn, No full shot pics of the thing yet, as this detail is a work in progress. Yesterday I had time to Clay, Correct, Polish, and Glaze the front clip of my TBSS. While I am happy with most of it, I saw a spot last night I need to hit again on the hood. Hence why I only applied glaze vs...
  4. 11 6.2

    Cammed lq9 RCSB

    What's up guys?! Been gone a while since I built a trailblazer SS but got tired of not having a truck so I sold the tbss and bought an old man special LT 5.3 RCSB The cammed, stalled, nitrous tbss that I sold On to the truck. When I bought it, it was COVERED in plastidip and old man...
  5. SamCarroll

    GMC Sierra Detail

    This truck came in for a quick polish/seal exterior only detail. Below are the pics in order. Its hard to photograph Silver Birch through the changes of the paint but i can say it made a large difference in the depth and overall appearance of the paint. Its also now protected for daily driver...
  6. E

    Retrofitting NNBS fogs

    Had some old offroad led lights laying around so figured i wanted to try and put the leds in my stock fog light housing. Let me know wat y'all think. led lights I'm using fresh paint and led mounted lens sealed back on - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - -...
  7. DemoN

    CGM official BEEEEEDZ thread

    Show off your polishin' skillz with those beaded up rides! - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - how-to for awesome bead pics: 1. Don't bother checking weather forecast. 2. Spend a bunch of time and effort washin' and polishin' your ride to the perfect shine. 3...
  8. Oktain

    Question: BUG REMOVAL

    Bugs Need I say more? I hate bug & tar remover. I think I've used it twice. What's the best method for removing them, without harming the finish? Honestly if there's a way to do it without stripping the wax off of the hood that'd be awesome too. I have to be selective of weather/time of...
  9. THE Mook

    New ZL1 Dealer Save

    Morn, did a 2015 ZL-1 a couple weeks back. Spent 20 hours on the polish side. It looked about 85% better when it was finished. I have never seen a dealership essentially murder a factory paint job like that ever in my life. There are some deep scratches and other things (dealer installed)...
  10. SilverSierra

    Central Louisiana detailers??

    Are there any detailers around north/central Louisiana that I could trust to do my truck and my fiances car? Neither are terrible but both need to be clayed, buffed and a good sealant added for protection. I rarely have the time for a full scale detail, and currently have no place to do so...
  11. slicksierra

    For Sale: Discounted detailing products Shine Supply, Adams Polishes

    Hey guys trying to make some room on my shelves by selling some products I just don't use anymore. All these last step products and polishes work great and the waxes are top notch I just don't have use for them anymore since I have coated my truck. Few items from Shine Supply that I had on my...
  12. Smith

    Headlight help...

    My headlights definitely aren't as bad as some of the ones I've seen some of you do turn arounds on and wet sand. With that being said however, I noticed yesterday/last night after not washing or paying much attention in a few months that my lights are starting to get a slight haze at the very...
  13. DemoN

    Happy New Deer..errr YEAR!

    On the final day of 2014, i was heading back from lowes on a tool buying mission to stock my brand new tool box my brother gave me. it's not much...but it's been sorely needed: Less than 2 miles from the house, i come up around a corner at 45 (the speed limit) and standing in the turn...
  14. AdamsPolishes

    Adam's 2014 Black Friday Sale!

  15. marc

    what is causing my lights to do this ?

    ok so i did a DRL delete like the youtube video posted and now this is happening just wondering what i causing it and how do i fix it ?
  16. FreeWilly!


    These guys are complete scum! I have brand new unused product I want to take back. I even offered to drive the stuff up there. Their supposed return policy is 2-3 weeks maybe I'll get my money back! But what's better is the VP will hang up on you, and Carrie will personally insult you. I...
  17. A

    Thrashed, Daily Drug, Discolored, Ugly Black Plastic Love...Solution Finish Adventure

    I'd been watching the "Solution Finish" Black restorer on Facebook Etc. a while. It seemed too good to be true. But Detailed Image had a good sale, so I figured Id give it a shot since my dads Avy always looks trashed. I gave it a try on my truck just for fun. My trucks always been cleaned well...
  18. D

    TECH TIP: How polishing impacts clear coat thickness

    For some guys this isn't new info, but I do see a lot of rookie polishers and casual detailers asking about this online so figured I'd put the info together. Lots of other articles like this one are available for free on our forums: Surf City Garage Library - Surf City Garage Forums "Does...
  19. DemoN

    Supply list help

    Im running low on detailing supplies and need to restock: Truck soap Detail Spray Microfibers (for paint and for wheel polishing) Trim and wheel cleaner (like VRT) Applicator for Trim and wheel cleaner New single stage liquid wax. link me the new hot shit, fellas
  20. slicksierra

    Winter Prep plans

    So winter will be here before we all know it and since I have given my truck a half decent correction I wanna do the best I can to maintain it over winter. This has me at two different schools of thought, a crossroads if you will. Last winter I had prepped the truck with Adams quick sealant then...