1. Oktain

    Minor changes to the forum

    Some of you may have noticed some shuffling of child forums in the ROTM and ROTM Hall of fame area, it's just me changing things around to keep track of winners every year when it comes calendar time. I ran into an issue where I accidentally messaged a few winners from past years looking for...
  2. 04SSHD

    Important!: 2016 Calendars Official Thread

    Hey everyone! It's that time of the year! We have been working on bringing you guys a 2016 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners from 2015, and Last year's ROTY on the cover! The calendar is printed on high quality card stock (thick paper) and spiral bound. It includes 'Murican...
  3. M

    Some pictures of my truck

    My friends did some rolling shots of my truck, really brings out the flaws in it if you pay attention but w/e its a basic setup on a daily and it looks pretty decent imo
  4. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Link to original thread here:
  5. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Link to original thread here:
  6. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Hey everyone! Some of you may have heard rumors of a staff project in the works and we're finally at a point where we're confident we can let you in on the secret . For about a month and a half we've been working on bringing you guys a 2015 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners...
  7. E

    From OBS RCSB to NBS Crew Cab

    So.... Many of you know my old truck. Cfloyd and I traded a while back. Anyway... I'll pic dump to get you up to speed. Here's how I got it Escalade handles Raised bumper, color matched emblem Denali lights Interior Escalade handles EDC, hydroboost Air gauge Front bagged...
  8. zachmillonzi

    New from Houston (Sugar Land area)

    Hey y'all, I'm new here. I'm members of other truck forums, but I don't really use them much. I know I have a few of y'all on Facebook. Anyways, I'm Zach, just turned 20, and I have an 05 crew cab that I've been toying with the past two years. Bought it bone stock and have since painted it...