rockford fosgate

  1. OleDixieNNBS

    Progress on my 2010 2wd crew cab LS

    Pretty here and don't really have time to post often, but just wanted to share progress on my truck. It's a 2010 2wd LS. Bought it bone stock aside from having side steps and a retrax bed cover. I initially added HIDs, LEDs throughout, Rockford fosgate door speakers, 2 rockford fosgate 12s and...
  2. OleDixieNNBS

    Breaking the ice/What's up?

    Hey everyone. I've had my 2010 Silverado crew cab LS for a little over a year now. Bought it basically stock aside from the added options from the previous owner which were chrome side steps, and a rolling retrax bed cover. I have since added a pioneer double din, rockford fosgate door speakers...
  3. BigBoi

    Sub outputs on stock H/U

    '15 Colorado I wanna keep my stock MyLink H/U because of the features and to keep all the USB ports functional. Is there anything else I can do BESIDES a LOC? Every time I use one, the sound sucks. Next question; if I had to, what can I do to make a LOC sound alright? Googling any mods for...
  4. 2

    For Sale: Rockford Fosgate T1500 Mono amp

    Going bigger, so this guy has to go. Retails for between $6-700 right now. $400 shipped to lower 48. Never abused, I don't compete and I run dual batteries with a DC its been fed good power. Used it to push my single SA12 w/o any problems. Im going a bit bigger now so no need...
  5. Samuel6731

    Samuel's 91 zoo

    1991 Isuzu pickup S even traded my 00 civic I have been wanting this truck for awhile. It was taken care of and done right until it was sold too guys who did not care to give it the attention it deserves. The body is really straight, dent in between cab and bed, and one where the rear bumper...
  6. Tylers88

    2004 Impala LS aka the Impaler

    This will be a very minimal "build" and will be SLOW, basically some audio and maybe making it look nice. So year I decided I wanted a work car, well had a very used Impala pop up locally. Pretty much fit my requirements of working heat and air and ran good, so I scooped it up for $1800. Its a...
  7. A

    Need some audio opinions

    Looking to upgrade my stereo a little. Subs will come later. Been out of the stereo game for a bit and I know new and improved stuff has came out since. 2012 crew cab. Gonna go with a pioneer 8400 dd. not sure on which door speakers and amp though. Looking to spend $600 range listen to mostly...
  8. wjmarsh55

    just introducing my new ride

    not new here.. I read a lot but just don't post a lot some of yall know me lol so right before Christmas I got me a new ride, unfortunately I had to trade in my 07 crew cab vmax with 3"level and 1.25 BL but I feel that I came out on top with my upgrade my new truck is a 2010 LMM GMC 2500...
  9. C

    Not sure what 6.5's to order?

    Hey guys my trucks speakers finally gave out and only the pillar tweeters are working. I've looked at a few different brands but I can't seem to pick out any particular brand. It's been a few years since I last messed around with audio equipment. What are you guys running and how do you like...
  10. L

    NNBS Denali 1500 system in the mail

    All, I have a whole slew of parts coming in to upgrade the sound in the NNBS Denali. So far I will be installing the following: 1 pair of Focal PS165 1 pair of Focal PC165 1 Pioneer avh-x8500bhs 1 Rockford fosgate pbr500x1 1 Rockford fosgate pbr300x4 2 jl 8w7 I've already got the w7s from...
  11. juanr_08

    over head console, speakers

    Up for sale a pair of db drive 200w 4x6 2-way speakers, had them on my nbs, work prfectly fine, just changed my mine and going all rockford fosgate asking $40 shipped PAIR 4X6" DB DRIVE S3 46 SPEAKERS 200W max Also have a charcoal gray over head console, asking $40 shipped Not...
  12. TheBrettster

    Recommend Speakers

    Hey everyone, So my nnbs didn't come with bose and the stock speakers work OK but just not as good as the bose ones did in my old truck. Now I'm keeping the stock head unit and want to just get some quick swap in speakers. I was thinking about these Rockford Fosgate R165X3...
  13. static06

    help me choose subwoofahs

    Sooooo it's been too long that I've gone without having any bump in the truck. I used to have a pair of Kicker CVX's that I LOVED but one of them burnt out so I'm on the hunt for some subs. Box is a probox and won't be changing it out anytime soon. Amp is an Elemental Designs nine.1 monoblock...
  14. TheBrettster

    Brett Needs Subwoofer

    Looking for something to get me a little more bump for my buck. I want a CHEAP all in one type solution (NOT A FUCKING BAZOOKA TUBE) Was thinking about this...
  15. Jared

    Recommend slimline subs

    I believe I will sell my Sundown, I got a new one sitting in the room, but I don't think I want to fool with lifting the seat so that I can't feel the box. Running behind the seat isn't an option either with this sub unless I move it forward. I don't want to sacrifice any more room.
  16. D

    For Sale: ROCKFORD FOSGATE System T2 15" & RF 1000-1BD

    Sorry Guys I'm new to this.. I'm Daryl and I am from Mansfield, LA that is where these items are for sale. I work at a Chevy dealership here in town and I am die hard chevy! I drive a 2012 Silverado Crew 4X4 with a 6.2L V8. I love this system and it sounds incredible, the T2 is an outrageous...
  17. Tylers88

    What box for my 04 crew cab 1500

    I am going to put a stereo in my 04. I am going to run these subs Rockford Fosgate R1S410 Prime Series 10" 4-ohm subwoofer at because its all i will need and they match my amp pretty decent. Now I am trying to decide between 2 boxes, the subthump box and the q-customs box, what...
  18. B

    New pics of benges truck...10-12" lift,3" body,22x14,37 nitto,procharged,color match

    Well fellas figured i would post up some new pics of my truck for the first time....hope you enjoy a few panoramas i tried out...turned out small :ffuuu:
  19. billnewl

    01 Sierra Build

    Current plans: 03+ Bumper, 03+ Grill, 03+ Silvy Taillights, 6k HIDs, 6 Hi-Mod, K&N Drop-in Filter, 10" Showoff, 35s on 20x14s or 22x14s Pulled the rusty hitch off. I realized the bracket for the trailer harness had broken off previously and was tack welded back on. I took it back off, ground...
  20. Dakota

    15" rockford fosgate t2

    I have a 15" rockford fosgate t2 for sale. it is a dual 4 ohm sub. rated at 1000 watts rms and 2000 peak, although wired down to 2 ohm it can push more. sub is in great shape and I would like to keep it but I don't have room for it in my truck without backseat modification. I have a ported super...