1. DeanH1290

    RC Forged UCA Review (NNBS 7-14)

    The Forged UCA from Rough country is fairly new and I haven't seen any feedback on them, so I figured I would throw together a brief review/comparison for those who might be considering them. I had the original RC Tubular arms on my truck for a little over 2 years (over 50k miles) when the ball...
  2. S

    Looking for torq reviews

    Looking for reviews on the torq polisher vs pc 7424 Sent from my SM-S975L using Tapatalk
  3. Tiki

    Tiki's truck thread

    Mmm, so I bought my Dads 2011 Sierra off him. Needed a crew cab with the growing family and excited to jump on the opportunity to have a one owner 6.2 SLT. Past GM vehicles: 90 RCSB, 95 Tahoe, 98 RCSB, 04 ECSB Current GM vehicles: 07 Tahoe, 11 CCSB Planned modifications: Debadge - Done...
  4. Country_09

    P050D code rough engine idle cold start

    I have a 2014 6.2 with LTs/ory to a 22" magnaflow, airaid MIT with k&n drop in filter, and a KHP tune. After its been sitting a while, over night or during the day before I go in on nights, I can start the truck and it will pop through the exhaust. A pretty loud audible pop, now after 30 seconds...
  5. 2

    Surf City Garage Clayzilla

    So last week I placed an order with SCG and was asked if I could provide a review if I was provided a product. I gladly accepted and was able to use it this weekend on a 2016 Mustang I detailed. Wont go into details as to wat/how this thing is or works but its supposed to be a replacement for...
  6. Ginger

    NBS Review Mirror Issues

    Wondering if anyone else has had the problem and or fixed it. my 03 has the review mirror with Auto-Dim and the compass/temp gauge. The lights for the passenger air bag on and off still work, as well as the auto dim function, but i have nothing at all where the compass and temp used to be.
  7. 2

    Morimoto Retrofit Adapter Plates

    This is a continuation of the previous adapter plate sale thread. As of 11/5/15, I have more sets coming in either late november or early december. I can put ur name down on a list and...
  8. James Pate

    +1: Khaos

    Bought a camera lens from Chris this past week. Communicated through DM on here and everything went smooth. Product was exactly what he stated and couldn't be happier.
  9. DeanH1290

    +1: Tiller

    Recently got some wheel spacers from TILLER. Shipped after payment was received and packaged them well. Also arrived within a week of shipping them out. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again!
  10. Khaos

    Barber Designs

    Just wanted to give Shawn a good review on his work. Color is spot on what I wanted, quality is awesome, and if usps didn't delay the package due to weather, it would have been here in 4 business days. Can't ask for much more than that. Great guy to deal with and a great product. Of course...
  11. FreeWilly!


    These guys are complete scum! I have brand new unused product I want to take back. I even offered to drive the stuff up there. Their supposed return policy is 2-3 weeks maybe I'll get my money back! But what's better is the VP will hang up on you, and Carrie will personally insult you. I...
  12. DemoN

    Supply list help

    Im running low on detailing supplies and need to restock: Truck soap Detail Spray Microfibers (for paint and for wheel polishing) Trim and wheel cleaner (like VRT) Applicator for Trim and wheel cleaner New single stage liquid wax. link me the new hot shit, fellas
  13. yates

    Plug and play remote start review

    May not be the correct section for this but thought it might be helpful to a few members here. My GF has been complaining about wanting a remote start for her POS Pontiac G6 so I agreed to buy her one and install it for her bday (only a month late but who's counting?). I have installed a few...
  14. Jared

    HP Tuners Vs. EFI Live

    Well, finding a tuner can be a bitch sometimes, and while I like my BBP on my stock truck, I want to be able to have really good results on my cammed car right away, little to no down time! The two really good LS tuners in Dallas are A. expensive and B. hard to get ahold of. I'm afraid to do the...
  15. Smith

    Post your detailing products review!

    Borrowed this thread from some other forums, however, figured it could be used here as well! Everyone has their opinion on what is best and what makes company X product better than company Y's product. With that being said this thread is meant for those of you who try/have tried new products...
  16. 1clean99

    1clean99's accuair rebuild

    So I finally began tearing the truck apart so I can redo my air management with accuair. Everything worked fine except for a particular valve sticking occasionally. Also picked up a welder so I can actually do some things myself lol. My to do list Install vu4 Install switch speed controller...
  17. 2

    Tool organization

    So I recently bought a bigger tool box where I can actually organize all my tools instead of keeping them in the shitty plastic cases they came in. What are u fgts using to organize ur sockets? was thinking something like this. but ive got 6 and 12pt sockets in almost every foken...
  18. Oktain

    Fought Bullwinkle... I Lost

    I can finally look at these pics of the damage without wanting to :rage: so I figured I'd post them up. I'm heading to the body shop to check it out in the morning so I'll grab some pics of how she sits now. She smelt the moose on the truck: For those of you that don't...
  19. J

    Magnaflow or borla? Cammed 5.3 with long tubes

    As most of you guys know I finished up my cam and head swap and the truck is road worthy one again. But this 12" bullet I have is a no can do after the cam. Way too loud. Way too raspy. I'm looking into new mufflers, XR-1 is pretty popular on similar set ups. ROund or oval? Magnaflow is...
  20. wretched73

    Best Battery?

    The battery in my truck is getting old. It only has about another month or 2 before its time is up, judging by how long it is supposed to last and how old it is. So I just wanna find out what everyone would recommend replacing it with. I remember Optima was probably the biggest recommendation at...