1. AdamsPolishes

    A Quick 24 Hour Sale!!

    Enjoy 15% off and free ground shipping over $75 for the next 24 hours with the code 24ONLY!! We've also whipped up a few new kits for those of you who may have to deal with water restrictions in your area. For those of you who can waste as much water as you want.....they are good for you...
  2. SamCarroll

    Surf City Meet/Show Pics

    Heres my collection from the weekend. I have a video im putting together too.
  3. cvand789

    New Pictures of my truck -- Silver Lake Sand Dunes, MI

    Just figured I would post some pictures recent pictures of my truck up at silver lake and around home. A nice shot of the Mag- Hytec and Bilstein 5100s 3" to a 3.5" inlet 6" outlet tip My 1/2 ton with a co-workers 08' duramax Me and my buddy on top of test hill Up on test...
  4. lowlife08

    55 chevy build

    Still needs alot of work. Just got it back from paint
  5. UsmcTank

    Blue Silverado Gone

    Well 2 weeks ago I got a blinking light on my 2003 Silverado. It was Arrival Metallic Blue 2wd 5.3. it broke down on me on the service road by I-35 so I got a tow truck and sent it to a shop since it was still under warranty for 9000 miles. I got the call this passed Monday saying I had a bill...