1. Cheeny23

    Important!: Help Support ridegreen78

    Newer member, but a member none the less. I'm sure any contribution is much appreciated by his family.
  2. Connor

    Cluster Repair

    Has anyone ever shipped out their nbs cluster to be rebuilt? The battery gauge crapped out on me a while back, but now my speedo is acting up. I could replace the steppers myself, but I'm not that comfortable with electronic repair. I tried to replace an iphone screen a couple years ago, fried...
  3. C

    For Sale: 2010 silverado 1500 extended cab 2wd imperial blue lowered 55k miles 1 owner

    I am selling my baby, I never planned on selling, I had so many plans. I am selling because I am starting a business and could use the cash. The oil is always changed with royal purple, it is maintained early and often and is absolutely in no need of mechanical maintenance. The trucks paint and...
  4. HaydenB99

    Hayden's NBS ECSB Red Two Tone Silvy

    Since I absolutely destroyed my white sierra (first truck), after searching and searching for a new one that was a bit different. I finally found it. 2004 Z71 Chevy Silveraydo, tan leather, already has 06 front, and painted plastics obviously . YES IT NEEDS BLOCKS BADLY LMAO, but limited to...
  5. cbrsilv15

    Red speedometer needles

    These came off of a Camaro, but will fit GM trucks. I had a set in my S10 and these will fit all NBS trucks as well. I trimmed mine shorter in my s10, but not sure if you'll have to in a NBS. I popped a needle in a speedo to verifying fitment and it is the exact same size on the stepper motor...
  6. S

    99-06 clear/red tails *rare

    Selling these APC tails, bought these back in the day when I had 6 sets of tails lol and ran a few times. No sun damage or yellowing. Like new $180+shipping or pu Bay Area, ca Obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. H

    D1sc procharger kit

    <br /><br />D1sc procharger, air to air intercooler, truck bracket, belt, red race valve, intercooler plumbing, siemens 80 lb injectors, wideband o2, boost gauge, nnbs pillar gauge pod. Air aid air filter. Headunit is polished finish. Low miles. Pulley makes 10psi. Fits 5.3, 6.0 truck motors...
  8. Nick

    Nicks '97 Chevy RCSB

    Been out the truck scene for a while and wanted a project to work on to get back into it. My first truck was a 1997 Chevy RCSB that I regretfully sold 6 years ago so I was in the market for another one. Found this one in NOLA, was in good shape so I bought it and drove it back home 2 hours away...
  9. R

    Rhoush 2006 z71 victory red ecssb!

    Well I never really post here just read a lot but decided to post one of my trucks here it is started out like this 2006 ecssb with 18x10 weld dunes on 285/60 nittos [/URL][/IMG] Things I have done: Color match Tint Leveled out Escapade handles Cleared oem lights Fully buffed and...
  10. Fogle

    2006 GMC CCSB Z71 Sierra Build

    Been a while since I did a build thread. Sold my F-150 the other day and bought the truck I was trying to buy before I got the F-150 Some of you may remember this truck. It is Brians old truck. 06 Sierra CCSB Z71. Pictures from before I got it. Super dirty. This one you can see...
  11. Oktain

    No F*CKS Given Tahoe

    So... my buddies and I were thinking it'd be fun to do a Haggard Garage style YouTube series with my friend's Tahoe that he bought for cheap and uses as a beater. It's beat to fuck, has a bunch of bumper stickers on the back glass, and dents from drunk people trying to Dukes of Hazzard slide...
  12. SilverSierra

    Bilsteins vs coilovers??

    Im hopefully going to be lifting my 2013 crew cab sierra soon and going with the 7" fts. Was wondering what can i expect in ride quality with the bilsteins vs a set of coilovers?
  13. Tiki

    Tiki's truck thread

    Mmm, so I bought my Dads 2011 Sierra off him. Needed a crew cab with the growing family and excited to jump on the opportunity to have a one owner 6.2 SLT. Past GM vehicles: 90 RCSB, 95 Tahoe, 98 RCSB, 04 ECSB Current GM vehicles: 07 Tahoe, 11 CCSB Planned modifications: Debadge - Done...
  14. roundsy

    FTS 7-9" 07-13 1500 4x4 Lift

    FTS 7-9" lift for GM 07-13 1500 4x4 up for grabs. Fabtech 2.5 Dirt Logic Coilovers and chrome FTS rear shocks. Came off of Brandon Bruce's red nnbs. Was planning on installing this later this summer but just picked up a new project out of the blue so it's now for sale. Full list of...
  15. P

    New Guy -Non Fullsize- Build thread lol

    New guy here posted a Hey what's up thread now I figured I would post a build thread. Not a full size so idk how much interest this will drum up so we will see :laugh: Bought my blazer December 1st 2014 after selling my bodied 03 S10, my 2000 Xtreme S10 and retiring my beat up 93 S10 ( See a...
  16. 0

    2002 Z71 Build

    New to the site so I decided I should post my truck build on here to get some ideas or advice on what to do. My truck is an 02 silverado 1500 bought it about a year ago now and I absolutely love the truck. The day I bought it, it was bone stock which is what I wanted. The truck being from MN had...
  17. Huck

    Wiring suggestions

    I need some suggestions for some good quality audio wiring. Not top of the line anything, I'm not running that much power or anything, but just good full copper wire. Who do you use and where do you usually get it? I did a complete sound system in my truck a little over a year ago. Sound...
  18. slonlow2000

    OEM GM Stepside tail lights 99-07 Silverado/Sierra

    I bought a package deal on some head lights for my sierra awhile back. They came with tail lights and turn signals. The signals were junk, and I have a fleet side bed so these wont help me too much. They have all mounted tabs for the bulbs, and all mounting clips for the screws. They clean up...
  19. TwistedWrangler

    2005 Crew Cab 2/4

    Well I said I wasn't going to start a thread but here I go. Probably more just for time line than anything. Won't be anything real special just a daily that doesn't look like every other truck in town! Started today with prepping for the arrival of parts! I took pics but apparently I don't have...
  20. TwistedWrangler

    Duplicate color color match spray paint

    Has anyone ever used this onirrors, door handles bumper caps etc? Just curious if it's gonna blow off at the first hit of the power washer. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk