1. F


    In the near future I'll be getting some pacesetter headers, problem is is that I've been hearing that headers put out to much heat and aren't good for daily drivers. Any opinions or advice?
  2. B

    ls fest 2014

    here are some photos of ls fest 14, even came across tukin24s truck
  3. K

    1986 Fleetwood Brougham

    Wassup guys. New to this site. Need help. Trying to figure out how to fix the driver side power seat. The switches don't work. Does it just need a fuse?
  4. DemoN

    INSTALL: 2014 Street Scene Rollpan

    I got my new 2014 street scene roll pan in yesterday. I called my cuz over so we could do a check fit install before it goes to paint next weekend. please forgive how dirty the truck is. i got a huge hole in my drive way filled with dirty and rocks that i have to drive over every morning...
  5. Jared

    HP Tuners Vs. EFI Live

    Well, finding a tuner can be a bitch sometimes, and while I like my BBP on my stock truck, I want to be able to have really good results on my cammed car right away, little to no down time! The two really good LS tuners in Dallas are A. expensive and B. hard to get ahold of. I'm afraid to do the...
  6. T

    2000 Silverado 2500

    First off hello, I'm new here but I heard of the site from some GMFS guys and figured I'd join. Here's my last truck 2003 Silverado 1500 that I just sold And now on to the "new" truck, I just purchased this 2000 Silverado 2500 with 65,000 on the clock, old man owned, hasn't seen a...
  7. Khaos

    Joke: Turbocharged Rice Cooker

    Yeah, I bought one. 2002 WRX 2.0L Turbo 5 speed in Midnight Black Metallic with just under 151k on the clock. Bone stock besides HKS catback, 18" Konig wheels (black = :nono:), 2010-ish WRX shifter, and tint. Already debadged the trunk and added clear corner lights, removed fog light...
  8. cvand789

    Need some exhaust input

    Been a while since my last post. Ive been working pretty hard on building my truck up -- i will post some pictures here in the next couple of days. Looking for your guys' help on this problem I have. I'm running Doug Thorley Tri-Y' headers with ORY into a 18" dynomax bullet, 3" tailpipe...
  9. Samuel6731

    True Trac on special from jegs.

    Was $437 is now $378 Detroit Locker 911A319 Detroit Truetrac Differentials - Free Shipping on All Orders @ JEGS
  10. Big Tex

    Cleaning out the shop - lots of parts

    ALL PRICES ARE "OR BEST OFFER". If you want something shipped, you will need to pay for shipping as well. MAKE ME AN OFFER. TYC 03-07 Silverado headlights (only had them on truck for a week) - SOLD OEM third brake light/bed light - $30 OBO OEM rear bumper pads - $40 OBO XENTEC 55W 6000k...
  11. Bal1

    78 Camaro customization

    So, I recently came into ownership of this 78 camaro LT. I'm looking to make it nice, and clean. Looking good, but cheap to drive. You know? So here's what I want do: Cherry red, metallic paint. White ice white stripes going down the entire length of the car, stopping at the end of the hood, and...
  12. cbrsilv15

    Iron removing wheel cleaner

    Has anyone come across any Iron removing wheel cleaner over the counter, not anything online? Something comparable to Iron X, Sonax FE, Active Wheel Cleaner +, etc... Summit Racing by me carries Adam's so I think I might try out their deep wheel cleaner to avoid shipping costs. It wouldn't be...
  13. G

    Dynatech SplitFlow Race Muffler 3" SI/SO

    Specs here Looks brand new IMO. Just wanted stock quietness. 5 months old. $75+ shipping. Sound great on the 5.3L motors. Couple members run this muffler, gives a corsa like sound.
  14. 06_LowTie

    Truck feels like it has no bawls

    Ok so before i even hear shit about it i know its a V6 and it doesn't have any bawls anyway but it still feels like it loses power from time to time when im driving, but heres the problems... sometimes when i go to start it up it acts like it doesn't have any fuel going in and takes longer to...
  15. fortplainman

    nnbs wheel bearing replacement

    so must be since last year there was a tiny squeek when turning. thought it was the rotors, so had them resurfaced and could have been a culprit too. about 2 days after putting them on, got a worse noise. then just yesterday got a bad grinding noise and looked it up on youtube to verify the...
  16. fortplainman

    Need help with my fathers day gift!

    1977 chevy z28 camaro and has a 350. help me find cheap prices/places to get the following: -braided stainless steel spark plug wires -ignition coil -stock rochester carb rebuild kit ill update the list as i get more info. i really appriciate it if anyone can lend me a hand in...
  17. P

    For Sale: 17" Weld Racing Wheels w/ BF Goodrich KO All Terrain T/A 315/70r17

  18. S

    Western Chassis Sucks! never again!

    I got a western chassis flip kit, when I went to installed had a problem with the saddles not fitting in the axle perches so after talking to the tech he told me I had the new "updated" version of the saddle and it should fit???? WTF? I had to mod a bolt on kit to make it work witch was a little...
  19. DemoN

    Custom pro-touring style Silverado.

    I’ve had the truck a long time but after a lot of debate I’ve decided that it’s time to move on to a new project truck. Truck has been garage kept but does have a few minor flaws. Left front wheel is missing the center cap. There is some bump-steer, which I believe is due to slightly flat...
  20. C

    Coop's 07 silverado classic

    looking to make more mods on my 07 silly classic looking for ideas will post updates as it comes a long