1. K

    Cold air intake

    What's a good choice in getting a cold air intake for a 2003 Chevy suburban 8.1L?
  2. Alecks

    4.10 8.5/8.6 10-bolt gears

    Brand new Summit Racing gears, meant to install in troka, too lazy now. Bought for $160, want $150 shipped kthxbye West Monroe, LA; PM if interested
  3. Tukn4s

    2007 NNBS Vortec Max 2wd LTZ

  4. Tukn4s

    NNBS truck Demod Sale Thread

    everything sold
  5. B

    2002 Silverado 2500HD build thread....

    Just realized..... I never started a "build thread" for the ol' HD!!! So here we go: Had this good ol' girl, 95' K3500 with 454/4.10s.... I went with my cousin to look at new 2500HDs for him in March 2002.... and I came home with this.... March 27, 2002 Three days later...
  6. M

    Honderp build thread...road to a new daily

    So I'm doing this honda thing now i guess 1990 accord lx Plans are to swap in a jdm h22 and convert from auto to manual then daily it and sell my truck. ok picture time first got it home Drained the oil, looks promising. Also has a blown trans. Cherry. initial tear down, looks awful...
  7. Jared

    trans cooler info, please help

    When doing the trans cooler install, what fittings do you recommend or just install it as it comes? I bought this But was told to get the Dorman 800-606 and Hayden 397. Anything else? Any other input? Thanks in advance. I was told to get these...
  8. 1clean99

    4.3 to 5.3 swap rebuild

    i picked up a 5.3 donor truck to swap into my nbs so i can finally join the cool kid v8 club. along with the swap i am planning on replacing some parts along with adding a few go faster goodies. i drive like a grandpa so i don't need anything super fast but since i am replacing some stuff i...
  9. K

    1991 S10 Daily feeler

    1991 Chevy S10 Extended Cab 4.3L V6 w/ auto Located in southeast Pennsylvania (pick up only) contact 215-554-0309 Bit of a feeler thread but asking $5,500 obo Stock S10 155,xxx miles Fresh paint as of January of this year Corvette crystal metallic red Lowered 3 inches in the rear with 2.5 inch...
  10. C

    new to forums, need help with some ?'s

    If anyone could help me out it would be much apriciated. I'm new to this whole forum thing and I'm about to do a drop to my truck. I just got into the whole truck scene after I moved to houston 3 years ago. I'm a collision tech so I do have some knowledge with working around cars but I only have...
  11. W

    Will's CCQS fix thread

    Figured I'd start a thread on here to dump pics of the truck in. :security: Starting with this: 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 SLT crew cab with quadrasteer (much rare) in silverbirch. 6.0 LQ4. 4L80E. 246 32 spline case. Dana 60 rear. 9.5 AAM front. Beefy enough for what I need! February 2013 - Bought...
  12. DemoN

    Demon's -14 RCSB build

    Threads for the truck are scattered around, but i decided (after seeing Sam's build thread) that i should keep a single thread chronicle of my build. i always regret not having one for hells1. so to catch the thread up-to-date: I purchased the truck in June of 2014. 2014 Reg Cab WT2. Cam with...
  13. Tylers88

    Tyler's snowmobile build(ish)

    Well some of you know from Facebook and the fapbox I was gifted a snowmobile last weekend. 1993 Polaris Indy XLT Special, special just means it has Fox shocks stock and not the junk throw away shocks, set of old school PSI Racing triple pipes, wired for egt gauges but gauge broke, studs and...
  14. SamCarroll

    Scion tC Detail (black)

    Finally got my hands on a friends Scion tC. Its quite haggard as you can see in the before photos. Water stains all over, never washed and just overall neglected. So i went and fixed that. He was going for 60-70% correction and I exceeded that. Im really happy with how this turned out and think...
  15. T

    The Mod Shop's Bagged,Bodied and turbo'ed build-LOTS OF PICS!

    Most of you guys have probably seen this build on some of the other forums. Just thought I would get one going over here for CGM fam. somewhat of a timeline: truck started out 2/4 drop with a stock 5.3 and vortec blower. i then took it took vicalma to have it . Drove the truck for roughly 2...
  16. Colyn.

    Hyundai YF F24 GDi (Slow Build)

    A few of you know but I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE last week.... we've been looking for a car for a while to replace the mustang my girl had before that I sold. Got a awesome deal and it only had 28,311 miles on it when I bought it and fully loaded with sunroof, navi, leather... Was a steal...
  17. CammedVmax

    Best electric cutout

    I know a few of y'all have cutouts, I'm gonna be redoing my exhaust here soon hopefully and putting an electric cutout in it. Which one do some of y'all like the best? Like as far as not leaking and everything. Sent from Tapashit
  18. Jared

    15x10 rally?

    anyone know of a 15x10 6 lug wheel? Neighbor wants some for his K10. The 15x8 are too narrow for what he wants, and he wants to stick with a 15". He's wanting something that's pretty much like the stock rally wheel. I found some on ebay, but not sure they will work. Or should he just have...
  19. 2

    For Sale: Brian Tooley Racing 7.4" Push Rods

    Went with shaved heads and these are too long now. 40k on them, nothing wrong. New cost $90...$35 shipped to lower 48 from 92408. Pics in a few.
  20. R

    Solid Axle Swap Thread

    Havent seen one of these threads on this site yet or found one so figured id start it since I could use another set of eyes for mine which will be starting soon, Post up them pictures ! tech info would be sweet too ill start it off by posting my favorite sas'd truck my brothers...