1. Zach.

    For Sale: 99-06/07 NBS parts/airbag parts Bakersfield Ca

    Everything's sold. Please delete
  2. 04SSHD

    Important!: 2016 Calendars Official Thread

    Hey everyone! It's that time of the year! We have been working on bringing you guys a 2016 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners from 2015, and Last year's ROTY on the cover! The calendar is printed on high quality card stock (thick paper) and spiral bound. It includes 'Murican...
  3. SuperchargedSS

    American Force wheels for sale! Several sets 20x10, 20x12, 22x12

    BLOWOUT PRICING ON THESE SETS ONLY!! I have the following in stock now if you know anyone.... Prices are firm. Prices are shipping included within the 48 states. 22x12 Burnout SS8 polished and clear coated 8x180 $OLD!!! 20x12 Special Forces Ten Four black/polished 8x180 $2900 shipped 20x10...
  4. Oktain

    SBM Sierra RCSB build thread... Sort of anyway.

    First post is essentially just making it official. I've put my order in for a 2015 SBM (Stone Blue Metallic) Sierra Z71, RCSB. Options I went with: - Trailer brake controller - trailering equipment and 3.42's instead of 3.08's - jet black interior - backup camera - 20's (All terrain are not...
  5. static06

    Help choosing tires

    So it's time to pick out a set of tires. My job has discounted pricing so I'm going that route. I have researched tire sizes and it looks like I will be going with 285/50/20. They measure out to 31.2" which is .2" taller than my current size. Truck won't go any lower for a good while and its...
  6. CammedVmax

    Nbs DJM 3" lower control arms

    DJM 3" drop lower control arms, they fit 99-07c Sierra/Silverado with torsion bar front suspension 2wd/4wd and 99-06 Tahoe/Yukon as well as suburban/Yukon XL. They were installed installed then I pulled them off because my wheels wouldn't clear the arms completely. I have some Monroe shocks that...
  7. slicksierra

    For Sale: Microfiber towels

    Selling some microfiber towels that collect dust of my shelves. Selling my Adams Great White waffle weave drying towel. Good shape with hardly any staining not much use over the last year. $19.00+shipping Also selling 4 16"x24" blue waffle weave towels. One pair is from Adams the other is...
  8. marc

    LED head light bulbs? any info/details on them ?

    so i am part of a diesel group in BC and they keep posting shit about LED headlights. these: PlasmaGlow Igniters LED Headlight Bulbs - Best Price on PlasmaGlow LED Headlight Conversion Kit are these comparable to HID's? any of you run these? any better kits out there? the...
  9. 99blue_silverado

    How's it going?

    1999 Silverado 5.3 2wd K&N filter, true duals cowboy cut exhuast (in front of the tire). 130,000 miles. No plans for it just yet
  10. jayballz

    Jayballz budget raised bedfloor.

    As many of you fine gentlemen and ladies know, I am a man of severe stubborness and blind faith in my own abilities. This leads to me pretty much trying to make everything before buying the pre-made stuffs. Which sometimes leads to me getting pissed, waisting time and money.... you get the...
  11. Fogle

    Fogle's 1999 Z71 Build

    Picked this truck up a couple weeks ago and decided to do some work to it. 1999 Z71 extended cab short bed 5.3 3.73 How I picked it up First things I done where tint, remove steps, leveled, and change out the wheels Took off the toolbox yesterday and added a full console...
  12. Jared

    Battery tenders...chime in

    Well, since I rarely drive my truck, it does from time to time, and I got tired of it, currently it is in a borrowed trickle charger. I have to run a cord out to the truck so I want something to sit under the hood safely. Someone suggested a solar-powered unit. Opinions? What are you using...
  13. DemoN

    Supply list help

    Im running low on detailing supplies and need to restock: Truck soap Detail Spray Microfibers (for paint and for wheel polishing) Trim and wheel cleaner (like VRT) Applicator for Trim and wheel cleaner New single stage liquid wax. link me the new hot shit, fellas
  14. D


    DISCOUNTS VALID STOREWIDE! Including the the ALL NEW SCG PRO POLISHES, SEALANT, AND PADS! RAPID ALL-IN-ONE™ POLISH: The fastest way to a swirl free and protected shine in ONE step! MACHINE CUT™ POLISH: Correct even the most swirled and damaged finishes, removing up to 1500...
  15. fortplainman

    drunk lady hits my truck....carnage and advice for rebuild parts

    So as some of you have seen on my facebook, in the chatbox, and as well in the "vehicles as they sit now" thread, some drunk lady hit me last night supposidly reaching for her phone. i havent gone to see her car, but may sometime today if i can get a vehicle to drive and get some pics. cops...
  16. B

    sas on 06 silverado 1500

    I am planning on doing a sas on my silverado 1500 and changing outfrontout the front and rear axles and making it an 8lug can anyone give me some ideas on the best axles and transfer case
  17. Cheeny23

    Cheeny's old school 56 chevy truck

    as many of you know, i bought a 56 chevy 3600 tf 235 i6 with 4 speed on the floor. runs and drives great, leaks oil when its warm, but i really dgaf. practically all original, paint, upholstery, and rear bumper are the only non-oem things. the sierra is going to be put on the back burner for...
  18. fortplainman

    nnbs wheel bearing replacement

    so must be since last year there was a tiny squeek when turning. thought it was the rotors, so had them resurfaced and could have been a culprit too. about 2 days after putting them on, got a worse noise. then just yesterday got a bad grinding noise and looked it up on youtube to verify the...
  19. G

    2wd 72 bronco build

    Well I have had this 72 bronco for some time. I bought it from the 2nd owner. It was uncut and everything but I never liked them lifted and uncut. Well originally I was planning on lifting it and wheeling it. I just did not work on it as I really had no place to work on it for a while and lost...
  20. DeanH1290

    NNBS front drop options

    I'm wanting to drop the front of my 2011 silvy 2" and wanting to find out what my options are besides spindles. I know there are adjustable/drop struts and drop coils, but I have no idea on what to go with. I'm wanting to maintain factory ride (as close as possible) but mainly need to be budget...