1. 01 z71

    OEM GM CK805 (Denali) Wheels and Tires

    I have a set of Denali CK805 Wheels with TPMS in them. I have cleaned these up and there is no pitting and no curb rash. THey have the bowtie center caps not gmc. Tires are Eagle LS-2 275/55/20. 3 Tires are in pretty good shape, one has wear and could be driven on but likely best to replace...
  2. Rassy

    For Sale: Vinci Cam, Springs, Roller rockers, ect.

    These are all parts That came with a truck I recently purchased. I planned on installing everything but unfortunately plans have changed and I could really use the cash. First up is a Vinci Performance 224 "Trucker Hi Lift" camshaft. DUR @ .004" 278*/ 286* DUR @ .050" 216*/ 224* LIFT .585...
  3. Tiki

    Aluminum wheel polishing

    I picked up my first set of Weld Cheyennes a few weeks back that were in decent shape but needed some work. I proceeded to wet sand 400,800,1000,2000 before finishing off with my Makita 9207spc with a wool pad and mothers aluminum polish. These wheels are never going to be perfect and I was...
  4. GR$$N$

    17x10 welds

    8x6.5 17x10 weld racing wheels. great condition. i have 5. the spare is more of a 0 offset and also has some pitting. the other 4 are in great condition. will polish and get better pics. located in southern california. asking 750obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Zach.

    For Sale: 99-06/07 NBS parts/airbag parts Bakersfield Ca

    Everything's sold. Please delete
  6. K

    For Sale: Stock Aluminum 17's with tires - 6 Lug

    Found other wheels so I am selling my stock wheels. Currently they are aluminum 17" with chrome wheel caps in excellent condition with no rot or pitting. Tires are Cooper Discover ATP 265/70/17 with tons of life left (No holes or patches). I am not sure if these come with TPMS. Asking $700...
  7. WildChevys

    Metal polish

    This winter while the forces are off the truck I want to try some more aggressive metal polishes and was looking for some suggestions. Currently I use Adams #1 &#2 metal polish with a mothers magic ball then touched up with a microfiber pad. Sent from your sister's house
  8. DeanH1290

    Help me pick some wheels!

    So I've been browsing craigslist for a while for wheels and I finally found some that I can potentially work out deals on. Wheel 1 6 lug chevy rims sale/trade This guy seems like he is going to be easier to work with on a trade. There are no sensors in them currently, but he said he can get...
  9. 0

    ARKANSAS--TRADE: 22" Cattivo wheels with 265/35/22 Nexen's 99% tread

    I'm looking to trade my 22" Cattivo wheels 6x139 lug pattern with Nexen 265/35/22 tires with less then 1500 miles on them. Wheels are chrome with black paintable / removable inserts. No bends, cracks, etc. BUT do have some pitting between the spokes, still shine up and look great!!! I'm...
  10. slicksierra

    Winter Prep plans

    So winter will be here before we all know it and since I have given my truck a half decent correction I wanna do the best I can to maintain it over winter. This has me at two different schools of thought, a crossroads if you will. Last winter I had prepped the truck with Adams quick sealant then...
  11. D

    SCG Detailed: 2010 750Li XDrive

    I had been waiting for a good 'test subject' to perform a full paint correction on using the new SCG Pro polishes and luckily this 750Li belongs to a friends dad. Lots of swirled up paint (forgotten how big these 7 series actually are) to show what the polishes are capable of and since the job...
  12. CammedVmax

    Polished or chrome?

    Tbss 22s.. Polished or chrome? Sent from Tapashit
  13. Alecks

    20x10 Chrome Fuel Hostages for trade

    Feeler for trading my 20x10 hostages for stockers or something in a chrome 20" rim, located in West Monroe, LA. My rims aren't perfect, have some pitting on the backside of all wheels, and a couple "dents" on two of them, minor and unaffecting performance or ride or anything. Lemme know if...
  14. D

    Is this true?

    My friend said he knew someone with chrome wheels and they were pitting really bad, so he got them stripped and it was just like a polished aluminum wheel?
  15. H

    2004 GMC Seirra SRT

    Have 20" speedster foose wheels on my 2004 Sierra RST that came stock on the truck new. The chrome is fading and starting to pit, I have cleaned them up but they look bad to me. I was thing of just painting the rims and the 6 spokes look good I want to save these wheels Anyone painted there...
  16. Huck

    How to revive chrome?

    Anybody have any tips or tricks on how to revive chrome? The chrome is pretty well shot on my wheels. I plan on new ones, maybe around xmas time but until then I'd at least like to get them more presentable. I've tried chrome polish by hand but that didn't do squat. Been thinking of picking up...
  17. Bagged_Sierra

    Bagged 13 Sierra

    Well last time home I got started bagging my 13 Sierra with on 750 miles on it, got just about everything done except for getting all the wiring cleaned up and a few small details done on how the gauges are mounted. I still have some trimming to do on the fenders and get the notch cover and...
  18. 1clean99

    22" GM Steelies

    i managed to get a set of 22" gm steelies a couple yesterday. these are pretty rare to come across being that they are suppose to be destroyed after being removed from transporting. Now trying to decide if i wanna powdercoat them white before putting them on the 99 or if i should just leave them...
  19. 02z71 Sierra

    02z71 Sierra's not really a build, build..

    Alright fellas, I'm at the point with my truck where I'm getting bored with it, and not sure what I want to do to it next. That's where you all come in... What's done right now Exterior: 6 inch RCX NTD lift 20x9 XD Hoss wheels plastidipped 305/55 falken wildpeak at tires Demolded Tint on...
  20. welsh907

    Need some opinions 01 bodied silverado

    Over the last few weeks ive contemplated a few things with my truck 1. Shaving. Ive thought about shaving mirrors and handles but i will be towing with this truck. Im going one of two ways, shaving all of it, or tow mirrors to match the hd front and fact that ill be towing. Secondly is...