1. OleDixieNNBS

    Progress on my 2010 2wd crew cab LS

    Pretty here and don't really have time to post often, but just wanted to share progress on my truck. It's a 2010 2wd LS. Bought it bone stock aside from having side steps and a retrax bed cover. I initially added HIDs, LEDs throughout, Rockford fosgate door speakers, 2 rockford fosgate 12s and...
  2. OleDixieNNBS

    Breaking the ice/What's up?

    Hey everyone. I've had my 2010 Silverado crew cab LS for a little over a year now. Bought it basically stock aside from the added options from the previous owner which were chrome side steps, and a rolling retrax bed cover. I have since added a pioneer double din, rockford fosgate door speakers...
  3. WildChevys

    For Sale: 2013 Chevy Silverado LT Z71 lifted

    truck is officially for sale! -6.5” Zone Offroad lift -305/55/20 (33x12.5) Toyo AT2 xtreme tires -20x10 American Force Shields -Bora hub centric 1.5” rear wheel spacers to even track width -EFI Live tuned by Blackbear performance using autocal -Airaid MIT with Airaid filter - 3”...
  4. M

    For Sale: MD- Slammed 2006 silverado

    For sale: 2006 silverado 215xxx miles. If you're waiting for it lets just get this out the way, that is the downside of this truck it has high miles. Located in Maryland but this truck is from texas. No typical chevy rust, has only been in rust belt since 2013 and I do take care of it. 5/8...
  5. low2thaearth

    Rant: New to me 2012 Silvy LTZ

    Some of you may of saw my post awhile back "in vehicles as they sit now" where my truck was totaled out. Finally got my truck paid off and everything settled with other guys insurance company and started the hunt for a new truck. Picked up a 2012 Silverado LTZ w/ 90k, a set of Helo 20x10 with...
  6. lowlife08

    Pioneer double din

    pioneer avic z120bt it works perfectly nothing is wrong with it I jus got a new truck and don't need it anymore.. it has blue tooth navigation and will play dvd's. I also have the chord so you can hook your iPod up to it. Also have the harness I will throw in for a nnbs. Local pick up only I'm...
  7. slonlow2000

    Bagged 1999 GMC Sierra

    Interested in trading for a RCSB or a crewcab, or a stock truck and some cash. Prefer 2wd non-black trucks. Sell price is $13000, but mainly trying to trade at this point in time. 1999 GMC Sierra, 5.3 with 157000 miles, and a 4L60E with around 3000 miles on a fresh rebuild. VIN...
  8. WildChevys

    2013 Chevy Silverado Z71 (feeler)

    Listing the truck as a feeler. I want something new, but i'm not in a rush to sell this either. the truck is a DD, but as of now has 46K on it. truck is CLEAN. Has a 5.3 with the 6L80 and 3.42s. Asking $34k with BOTH sets of wheels and tires the AFs on 305 AT2s and stock all terrains on 295...
  9. Slow05CC

    Aftermarket AM/FM Antenna That Actually Works

    Posting this to see if anyone has any experience with after market antennas? I have a pioneer single din deck and the reception is dog shit! I do have a shorty antenna ( approx. 12-14 in. ), but even with the factory bull whip the reception sucks. I want to go with the aftermarket for a few...
  10. T

    pioneer error 02-6e

    Anyone else get this error? I'm about ready to spike this thing.
  11. P

    New Guy -Non Fullsize- Build thread lol

    New guy here posted a Hey what's up thread now I figured I would post a build thread. Not a full size so idk how much interest this will drum up so we will see :laugh: Bought my blazer December 1st 2014 after selling my bodied 03 S10, my 2000 Xtreme S10 and retiring my beat up 93 S10 ( See a...
  12. SilverSierra

    Factory backup camera question??

    In my 2013 Sierra, I have a factory backup camera that displays through the mirror. I have the factory standard radio, no nav. My question is, I'm going to be replacing soon with a pioneer nav, and really want to transfer my factoryou backup camera over to my screen? Is this a possibility? I...
  13. cbrsilv15

    2005 Honda CBR 1000RR

    This bike is super clean and has been great to me. I hate to sell it, but I need to put some money down on the new truck loan to lower my payments. It's in Akron, Ohio. 2005 Honda CBR 1000RR
  14. cbrsilv15

    Sold my truck for sale stuff. NBS 07c

    PM me for the fastest response. I have some stuff that I took out of my old truck before it was traded in. Everything works great and has been well taken care of. Akron, Ohio. Pioneer Avic Z2. This has the 2010 model 60GB HDD instead of the normal 30 and has the updated maps. There is...
  15. TechieTruckGuy

    TechieTruckGuy's 06 WT1 (sort of)

    Well I guess I should make a build thread since I never did when I joined a couple of years ago. I bought the truck in September 2010. It was a plain w/t model with some black helo wheels on it. Since then I've done a couple of things to it. -Tint (5% on the back 3, 35% on the front, and 5%...
  16. Cleanoh4

    Cleanoh4's Usually Clean 2004

    Sitting here with lots of nervous energy today and I realized I never started a build thread ( not that I've done a whole lot in comparison to some), plus I figure it'll give me a place to post up questions/things that wont get lost as easy. Details: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 - bought...
  17. dszx13

    Kids entertainment

    My wife bought a portable dvd player with 2 screens on black friday from Wal-Mart. Aside from disks getting scratched an not being able to read them at it won't power on an when it does it cuts in and out. So we are looking for a better option to use in the vehicles. She has a kindle but says it...
  18. fortplainman

    nnbs front door speaker problems

    anyone ever have problems with the stock door speakers? my passenger one the past idk 6 months has worked one day and not the next. starting yesterday both the driver and passenger door speakers stopped working. my a-pillar tweeters still work as well as my rear door speakers. anyone think...
  19. Alecks

    Box and sub help

    Ordered a box for my truck, single vented 10" with .65cuft and I believe it's tuned for 34hz. Also ordered an Alpine Type S but I'm already wanting something more and it's not even here yet. Lol. I don't think the sub is going to do well in that box. Any suggestions? Thanks Sent from my iPhone...
  20. Chewy07

    OEM GMC HHD Headunit

    Right now I have a pioneer avhx 4700bs in the dash but since the skip and eject button don't work along with it randomly turning on and off sometimes is getting old. I'm kinda considering the newer gmc navi radio my question is will all the features work like navi without Bose? Is there anything...