1. BigBoi

    Picture Request

    I need a new phone background. All the Google images suck and are landscape shots which then zoom in retarded. I need something tall to fill the whole screen with the whole image in frame. Bagged, slammed, wheel shots...anything cool. Thanks.
  2. Bagged_Dime

    New member from Louisiana

    Well guys have gotten info from this site in the past and it's been a lot of help so figured I'd create an account. Currently have a bagged s10 that I just got been fixing and getting back into shape. Also have a 04 ecsb Silverado as a daily that I'm looking to bag in the near future. Hope to...
  3. E

    new to CGM from michigan!

    Hey everyone just bought me a 2008 sierra a few months ago now its time to start the project. Currently have a airaid jr kit and magnaflow exhaust. New step is headers and a black bear tune. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
  4. Oktain

    Canadian RCSB build.

    So here's the original thread, but since it was mostly BS and dreaming about what my plans were, I decided to start a new thread. OKAY. SPECS: 2015 GMC Sierra Z71 SLE 5.3L 4x4 3.42 gears...
  5. Z

    '87 R10 Squarebody Build

    Here we go. Starting a build thread for my 1987 R10 Square-body RCSB 2wd. Some ish is happening this weekend, and I will post a lot of pictures afterwards. After this weekend though, this thread may move slow. Not sure yet though. Stay tuned, talk shit, compliment, complain, all is welcome...
  6. cknox121

    03 Tahoe

    Picked this up yesterday. Got a pretty good deal for it I think. Plans are to fix it up, drive it a while then sell. Good-fully loaded z71 Tahoe, 2 tone interior, sun roof, heat and power front seats, no third row, only 115k miles, aftermarket head unit, leveled, paint to match. Bad- little...
  7. S

    2003 Chevy Silverado, 2wd reg cab short bed, 4.8L V8, 5-sp manual, RCSB

    2003 Chevy Silverado regular cab short bed. Black exterior, tan cloth interior - Asking $9900 OBO I looked for almost 6 months to find a RCSB 2WD pickup with the LS V8. Truck rides and drives great. Clutch is strong. Everything works, power windows, power locks, auto headlights, AC and heat...