1. F

    New from the Northern Suburbs and new to the Bagged truck scene

    What up Everybody. Reformed Vdubber here. New to the bagged scene. Was a static guy for a long time. Traded my 65 VW straight across for my first bagged truck. 2000 Silverado (single cab) someone else's project/problem 2005 Escalade front clipped shaved door handles 2 tanks, 2...
  2. G

    Coilover spring rate

    I have a 2001 extended cab 2wd Silverado and I'm going to running some 10x2.5 ride tech coilovers and trying to figure out which spring rate to run with? It's my daily driver so not looking for super stiff but still want some stiffness to handle well. I don't have access for scales and don't...
  3. SamCarroll

    Pismo in July

    Heres some photos from this weekends trip to Pismo.
  4. CammedVmax

    Ryan's 2015 1le

    So I got to where I hated the truck, I know I'm crazy, and I got the itch for a car. I found this car online about 3 hours from me, worked a deal over the phone and then had them deliver it to me lol. I got a pretty good deal on the car and I'm happy with it. The car is a 2015 2ss/rs camaro with...
  5. J

    New from Denver

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. I have a Sierra ecsb with 6.2l k&n cai and spintech muffler. Looking to level it out and do some engine upgrades.
  6. 04SSHD

    adding another GM coupe to the fleet...Say hello to Coupe DeVille

    I went and put a deposit on something I've wanted for quite some time now. As soon as I can finalize transport arrangements this will be sitting in my driveway. 1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. It's not perfect, need paint again, and a little interior help. But it runs and drives amazing, all...
  7. low2thaearth

    Rant: New to me 2012 Silvy LTZ

    Some of you may of saw my post awhile back "in vehicles as they sit now" where my truck was totaled out. Finally got my truck paid off and everything settled with other guys insurance company and started the hunt for a new truck. Picked up a 2012 Silverado LTZ w/ 90k, a set of Helo 20x10 with...
  8. iceman71

    New Guy From Ohio...

    wanted to say hey, glad i found the forum. Hoping to find the best ways to drop my Silverado without changing the ride too much. Use to be into the Mini Truck scene many years ago. Looking forward to the new Tech of today.
  9. Trann14

    For Sale: MYX ThunderForm 10" sub box, fits '88-06 Ext. Cab.

    Pulling this out of the truck next week to throw in a dual box. Will not have a sub in it, just the box. Will get pics of box when it comes out of truck. Asking $200 obo plus shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. THE Mook

    Mook's New (to him) Ride

    2014 Grand Cherokee Summit Hemi 4x4 I've already installed a new air controller. Also had Dean custom make some endlinks.
  11. TwistedWrangler

    Not really interior but engine bay

    Show me pics of engine bay color matching. Thinking of doing radiator shroud and engine cover. Don't want to make it look tacky by doing too much. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  12. Y

    can I see pics of 3" leveling kit with forces 2014 silverado

    OK so my brother is deciding to level his 2014 silverado. He wants a 3" leveling kit but want to see pic. And he wants to know what's the cheapest kit thanks
  13. slonlow2000

    Front suspension rebuild help?

    I need to rebuild my front suspension and get it aligned to prevent this in the future for at least a little longer. Untitled by Gabe Reed, on Flickr I have a basic bag setup on factory control arms, the upper were apparently flipped but I'm not 100% on that on a 265/35/22 and I don't...
  14. Malikk Loftis

    For Sale: Have a 2002 Avalanche

    please add location per forum rules :read:
  15. Blackout

    Gmt800 rare/uncommon color options

    What are some of the uncommon or down right rare color options for the gmt800 trucks out there? Pics? I know there were some oddball greens and blues, ran across this the other day and it got me thinking..I know it's probably not factory but I'd like to see some of the rarer colors.. Sent...
  16. Nick

    Nicks '97 Chevy RCSB

    Been out the truck scene for a while and wanted a project to work on to get back into it. My first truck was a 1997 Chevy RCSB that I regretfully sold 6 years ago so I was in the market for another one. Found this one in NOLA, was in good shape so I bought it and drove it back home 2 hours away...
  17. M

    2010 Silverado Z71 18" Wheels & Tires for Sale

    Hi guys, I have 4 2010 Z71 18" Wheels with 265/65R18 Bridgestone Dueler AT tires for sale. The tires have about 45,000 miles on them but have been rotated often and still have a good amount of tread left. Also, the wheels have a chrome cover on the front. I am asking $400 OBO. I am located...
  18. Oktain

    No F*CKS Given Tahoe

    So... my buddies and I were thinking it'd be fun to do a Haggard Garage style YouTube series with my friend's Tahoe that he bought for cheap and uses as a beater. It's beat to fuck, has a bunch of bumper stickers on the back glass, and dents from drunk people trying to Dukes of Hazzard slide...
  19. DeanH1290

    Important!: Dean's Butter-Rims Replacement Thread

    Ok, so as many of you know, I keep bending these soft as hell 22s. Well I found yet another bent wheel last night, making #5. I'm fed up, so I'm getting rid of them. This is where CGM comes in - I need some help figuring out what direction I need to go. I'm basically down to 3 options and I'm...
  20. okbeast

    Free: 2000 Silverado PCM

    You pay shipping and it's yours. Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk