1. AllBlkdOut07

    07 Chevy Silverado Lifted - Only 39,700 miles North NJ

    2007 Lifted Chevy Silverado Show Truck - only 39,700 miles Located in North NJ This is a very clean truck, inside, out and underneath. Truck has been pampered, it has never seen Off-Road, never Trailered, or Abused and rarely driven in the past 6 years. A/C heat and dual climate control work...
  2. SamCarroll

    2017 Yukon XL

    This one was a big bitch. Mainly new car prep with a coating because he just got this less than a month ago. Process: Foam cannon pre soak IronX bath Foam & wash Clay CarPro essence polish CarPro Eraser wipe down Gyeon Mohs ceramic coating (2 coats) on all paint & wheels CarPro PERL on...
  3. B

    I'm new and I drive a classless 'hoe (ver.2)

    So, I joined and posted an introduction the other day, but it seems that something transpired last night and the electrical gods deemed it fit to wipe me out of the system. Probably some glitch in the Matrix, Neo ate the other pill and the lady in the red dress actually gender identifies as a...
  4. slonlow2000

    WTB: kp 6 link for 99-07 gm truck

    Looking for a used KP 6 link for the 99-07 gm trucks. Need to replace my 2 link that causing some rubbing issues for me. 37 by Gabe Reed, on Flickr
  5. slonlow2000

    OBS tailgate handle flip kit

    I have 1 belltech OBS handle flip kit for shaving the tailgate. $30 + shipping, it is surface rusted but all the old original instructions are included. IMG_3201 by Gabe Reed, on Flickr IMG_3204 by Gabe Reed, on Flickr
  6. OleDixieNNBS

    Breaking the ice/What's up?

    Hey everyone. I've had my 2010 Silverado crew cab LS for a little over a year now. Bought it basically stock aside from the added options from the previous owner which were chrome side steps, and a rolling retrax bed cover. I have since added a pioneer double din, rockford fosgate door speakers...
  7. R

    New guy from Mississippi

    Hello everyone I'm Relaxed to this page but you may have seen me around online before... ///Relaxed Atmosphere member- North Mississippi my old daily/show project- OBS 97 Gmc Sierra 5-8 drop on whitewalls...currently on air ride My newer daily project- 03 Silverado rcsb 5.3 4l65...
  8. slonlow2000

    Need some help, I need some old Boyd's re-hooped any ideas? 22x10's

    Did some trading for these a few weeks ago, after getting the curb rash out and tires mounted there is still some waves in the lips from prior repairs, and I'd like to change the width and offset on them anyways. They are an old 3 piece so Hot Rods by Boyd cannot help unless I want to buy 50 new...
  9. DeanH1290

    Sig Request

    Can someone make me a new Sig using one of these pics? Figured it's time for a new one since the drop is long gone. Dean's Silverado by Chris Farragher, on Flickr Dean's Silverado by Chris Farragher, on Flickr Dean's Silverado by Chris Farragher, on Flickr Dean's Silverado by Chris Farragher...
  10. jonmx477

    NBS E Fan swap

    04 Silverado 1500 Want to check a couple rock auto part numbers and look for some reviews from people that have got their EFan conversion parts through rock auto. First question though is, if I dont have a engine oil cooler port on the current 28" radiator will it matter if the replacement...
  11. SamCarroll

    Pismo in July

    Heres some photos from this weekends trip to Pismo.
  12. slonlow2000

    Bagged 1999 GMC Sierra

    Interested in trading for a RCSB or a crewcab, or a stock truck and some cash. Prefer 2wd non-black trucks. Sell price is $13000, but mainly trying to trade at this point in time. 1999 GMC Sierra, 5.3 with 157000 miles, and a 4L60E with around 3000 miles on a fresh rebuild. VIN...
  13. slonlow2000

    Front suspension rebuild help?

    I need to rebuild my front suspension and get it aligned to prevent this in the future for at least a little longer. Untitled by Gabe Reed, on Flickr I have a basic bag setup on factory control arms, the upper were apparently flipped but I'm not 100% on that on a 265/35/22 and I don't...
  14. 4

    88-98 Ekstensive bag kit

    I've been looking at the Ekstensive rear 2 link kit for 88-98 1500. Anyone running this setup or have any input? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Jared

    Camaro SS wheels with tpms and tires

    I'm looking to sell my camaro wheels and tires. A few people showed interest and I've held off posting them but none have responded back lately. So the group can have at it. I'll be completely honest and upfront with the buyer. Rear passenger has a slight leak. 10lbs over 3-4 days. I bought...
  16. Jared

    can someone do a chop for me?

    looking to get a set of SS sedan wheels chopped onto my car Chevy SS wheels on my G8 - Pontiac G8 Forum: G8 Forums - if you need additional photos let me know and I can snap them
  17. Oktain

    Minor changes to the forum

    Some of you may have noticed some shuffling of child forums in the ROTM and ROTM Hall of fame area, it's just me changing things around to keep track of winners every year when it comes calendar time. I ran into an issue where I accidentally messaged a few winners from past years looking for...
  18. SamCarroll

    2015 GMC Yukon new car prep

    Had a customer who just purchased a brand new Yukon and wanted it protected and debadged ASAP. I did this Saturday afternoon and I really fell in love with the vehicle. It wasn't too dirty beforehand as it was fresh off the lot two weeks ago so I didn't have any before photos. Strip wash...
  19. DemoN

    DemoN's Arizona trip

    So Last week, my company sent me to Arizona for a small job. The Place was located out in the sticks some...and areas of it were kinda run-down. I leave sunday...cuz i hate flying in and going instantly to work. on the way there suinday. look at this tiny fucking plane. CRJ-200 i arrive...
  20. Connor

    Boat Porn

    Whore out your boat photos. I'll start it out. Saw this beaut at jupiter inlet today This grady was getting wet