1. HaydenB99

    Hayden's NBS ECSB Red Two Tone Silvy

    Since I absolutely destroyed my white sierra (first truck), after searching and searching for a new one that was a bit different. I finally found it. 2004 Z71 Chevy Silveraydo, tan leather, already has 06 front, and painted plastics obviously . YES IT NEEDS BLOCKS BADLY LMAO, but limited to...
  2. Nick

    Nicks '97 Chevy RCSB

    Been out the truck scene for a while and wanted a project to work on to get back into it. My first truck was a 1997 Chevy RCSB that I regretfully sold 6 years ago so I was in the market for another one. Found this one in NOLA, was in good shape so I bought it and drove it back home 2 hours away...
  3. SamCarroll

    How to: Remedy door sensors (Truck not recognizing open doors)

    My dads truck, 07 Classic Sierra sometimes doesnt recognize the front doors are open. He has amp steps and they will randomly not come down when he opens the door. I noticed his dome light comes on, but the key buzzer doesnt chime when the doors open sometimes. We tested it to see what it might...
  4. SamCarroll

    Truck isnt recognizing doors open randomly

    My dads truck, 07 Classic Sierra sometimes doesnt recognize the front doors are open. He has amp steps and they will randomly not come down when he opens the door. I noticed his dome light comes on, but the key buzzer doesnt chime when the doors open sometimes. We tested it to see what it might...
  5. slonlow2000

    Good quality clear NBS Sierra Headlights, Where to buy?

    What lights do you guys recommend, or have experience with? I know ebay has them but I want something decent in quality. Close to OEM mounting and clips. I'm doing a projector retrofit and need the clear lens. The Denali lights that were on my truck were aftermarket and did not come apart as...
  6. fortplainman

    nnbs front door speaker problems

    anyone ever have problems with the stock door speakers? my passenger one the past idk 6 months has worked one day and not the next. starting yesterday both the driver and passenger door speakers stopped working. my a-pillar tweeters still work as well as my rear door speakers. anyone think...
  7. slonlow2000

    BCM Swap 99 to 2000

    I've got a 99 sierra, and any of the 99's will not unlock the doors when you put the vehicle in park. It cannot be programed and cannot be changed. So starting in 2000 this is an option. I picked up a 2000 BCM this weekend. Is it just a plug and play swap, or is there more to it? I don't want to...
  8. M

    NBS slammed brethren, tire size

    Right now my truck is at like 5.5/8 drop and I'm running a 245/45r20 up front and it rubs pretty bad. I'm minitubbed and all..still rubs. Looking for insight for a proportionate looking smaller tire. Considering going with a 275/35 up front..but I think that small of a sidewall will look stupid...
  9. C

    Temporary fix to 4L60E Limp-Home mode

    So my 06 Silverado 5.3 1500 had a problem of going into limp mode when I parked it for a week. In drive it would only take off in 3rd gear so it was really sluggish off the line. I am only able to select 2nd manually and I still had reverse. In the beginning I did a scan to see what codes came...
  10. C

    4L60E shifting issues. fixed but came back???

    06 silverado 1500 2wd 4L60E.... I've owned this truck for over a year now and had no troubles other than a slight hard shift from 1st to 2nd if under 1600rpm. Was parked for a week and upon driving I noticed it was sluggish when accelerating as if it we stuck in 3rd and wont go into 4th...
  11. SamCarroll

    Red Tacoma Detail

    Had this one come to me in pretty rough shape. Wanted a polish, interior cleaning. Strip Wash Clay AIO polish Sealant PERL tire dressing Under Carriage spray In N Out spray for plastics On to the pics! Before: After: It was a nice...
  12. SamCarroll

    SDM Build Thread

    My 4runner forums suck so im going to make a thread here with my continued "build". I figured it will be easier to make a build thread instead of blowing up random threads. When i just purchased it. 2003 Limited 4wd v8 94,000 miles It only took a week to take the steps...
  13. B

    Billet Wheels

    Raceline Bonspeed Intro Boze Billet Specialties boyd Colorado Customs Who else is in the game. Im looking for some 22"s, and trying to weight out my options. Suggestions are welcome fellas!
  14. M

    Need some help ASAP....please

    So I lowered my truck, 06 Sierra ECSB with a flip kit (DJM) and 3in DJM LCA's. The driver side of the truck is leaning more than the passenger side. It's leaning a good inch to 2in more. I don't have any idea what to check. So pleade someone help me ASAP. Thanks in advance
  15. DeanH1290

    Help me pick some wheels!

    So I've been browsing craigslist for a while for wheels and I finally found some that I can potentially work out deals on. Wheel 1 6 lug chevy rims sale/trade This guy seems like he is going to be easier to work with on a trade. There are no sensors in them currently, but he said he can get...
  16. S

    3M Eraser Wheel: Great Product

    I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado in really good shape. When I bought the truck in 2011 it came with these door moldings, but they looked really discolored and I wasnt really a fan of them. Found some posts online about the 3M Eraser Wheel, and it made the process of removing the adhesive easy...
  17. Jared

    P0300 only at WOT

    I've been getting an intermittent CEL and I am trying to track it down, Friday I was able to get ahold of a scanner and it showed history of cylinder 2 and 6 for misfires. anything look off? first scan showed the CEL at 4300 rpm, got another one around 3500 rpm Going to swap...
  18. WildChevys

    New tires for the tahoe

    It's creeping up on the time when I'm going to have to replace the tires on the Tahoe and I'm kicking around a few options. My first choice are the cooper zeon ltz's however they don't make the size I need (275/55/20) so here's the other tire ideas I've got thus far: Nitto Terra Grappler G2s...
  19. HaydenB99

    Pics request NBS 3" Body also where to get an item.

    Just wanting some pics of nbs trucks with 3" Body lifts, trying to decide between that and a 1.5". Thanks in advance. Also, I see alot of guys in here with the spikes on the cross member bolts on their lifts, where the hell can I snag some? Or better yet what could I search on eBay, I can't...
  20. M

    Dyno Numbers and Video From Today

    Got my little 4.8 tuned today. I'm very happy with results. Driveablity is awesome now thanks to Synergy Motorsports in Livermore. But after fighting with my previously Black Bear tuned EMC, it laid down 302RWHP, and 288RWTQ. Definitely not a torque monster, but anything after 3k she pulls well.