1. marc

    looking for budget seat covers options

    as some of you might have seen i bought a rcsb silverado. the seat has been torn pretty bad on the drivers side and it has a few stains on it. i was wondering if anyone has any good experience with cheaper seat covers. it is also preferred that they cover the center section between the...
  2. Blackout

    Truck needs rings.. Or should I 6.0?

    My 03 5.3 uses about a quart of oil per thousand miles. And trans is weak. Would it be more economical to 6.0/4l80e swap it or rebuild the 5.3? Edit: Keep in mind I'm planning on tradong it for a 6.4 superduty or an lmm next year Sent from my leather heated ass
  3. Liamrk

    Sagging torsion bars/ leaf springs

    My shit is sagging bros. Mostly on the drivers side, front and back, front left key is cranked all the way up in order to sit level while front right is let most of the way out, and back leans almost an inch to the left as well. Anyway my question is this, if I found a junk yard truck to grab...
  4. Smith

    Auto body rotisseries!

    Auto body rotisseries! Anybody have any experience with them? Affordable options? Ones to stay away from? Dad, friend, and I were looking at them so I could have one to work on my nova when the time comes as well as it be available to them for any future projects they may come across...
  5. DeanH1290

    Colormatch request

    Can someone do up a colormatched front for me with a billet bowtie? Here's the best pics I have.
  6. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Hey everyone! Some of you may have heard rumors of a staff project in the works and we're finally at a point where we're confident we can let you in on the secret . For about a month and a half we've been working on bringing you guys a 2015 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners...
  7. DeanH1290

    Potential build? Need some input!

    Been thinking more and more about leaving my nnbs alone since it is my DD. My dad still has my old truck and I've been thinking about working on it instead since its been a good truck to me. Stats: 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 z71 SLT Extended cab. It has over 250,000 miles and it is really starting to...
  8. BigBoi

    OBS Reg Cab Sub Options

    Soooo I've been riding for too long without beats. Rode with a buddy the other day and caught the bass bug again. Truck is a regular cab with a bench seat. What are my best options? I could fit 2 of the Kicker truck boxes with the 10s already mounted. Put one on each side and amp rack in the...
  9. D

    Driveshaft exploded.

    Welp, it happened. Just a hair over 100, driveshaft blew. Kinda scary, trucks seems fine with the exception of not going anywhere. Now just waiting for some buddies to call back and hopefully give me a tow back to Sanger :P Anyone know of a driveshaft for a 2004 silverado 1500 crew cab for...
  10. Khaos

    Joke: Turbocharged Rice Cooker

    Yeah, I bought one. 2002 WRX 2.0L Turbo 5 speed in Midnight Black Metallic with just under 151k on the clock. Bone stock besides HKS catback, 18" Konig wheels (black = :nono:), 2010-ish WRX shifter, and tint. Already debadged the trunk and added clear corner lights, removed fog light...
  11. Bal1

    78 Camaro customization

    So, I recently came into ownership of this 78 camaro LT. I'm looking to make it nice, and clean. Looking good, but cheap to drive. You know? So here's what I want do: Cherry red, metallic paint. White ice white stripes going down the entire length of the car, stopping at the end of the hood, and...
  12. travis.smith.581730

    Low oil pressure on a 1500 gmc sierra

    I have a 1500 gmc sierra truck when I start it it's between 0 and 40 . When I push the gas it goes up to 40 when I release it goes back in between 0 and 40. Does anyone have idea what it might be??
  13. Colton

    Official Honda Ruckus Thread

    A few members have a ruckus, and some other members seem to have some interest in them also so let's use this thread for any pictures/information/parts on them. Let's see some rucks! I'll get it started
  14. GR$$N$

    the new g ride

    so I picked this thing up today. dude said it didn't run but barely. I paid for it n signed the title and sprayed carb cleaner in it and put premium in it and it runs like new. 53k original miles. drove it 30 miles home. plans: slam it black paint blacked out windows fix a few minor things...
  15. S

    Installed McG 4/6 drop. Front sits high

    Hi all Just finished up installing a McG 4/6 drop on my 2003 RCSB. I took some measurements from the ground to the fender edge and the wheels gap ahead of installing the kit. The rear dropped exactly as it should, 6" no issues. Finished up the front today. I have the 17" wheel 2 inch drop...
  16. Oktain

    Fought Bullwinkle... I Lost

    I can finally look at these pics of the damage without wanting to :rage: so I figured I'd post them up. I'm heading to the body shop to check it out in the morning so I'll grab some pics of how she sits now. She smelt the moose on the truck: For those of you that don't...
  17. S

    Western Chassis Sucks! never again!

    I got a western chassis flip kit, when I went to installed had a problem with the saddles not fitting in the axle perches so after talking to the tech he told me I had the new "updated" version of the saddle and it should fit???? WTF? I had to mod a bolt on kit to make it work witch was a little...
  18. TheBrettster

    2000 Firebird Build

    I've recently acquired 2000 Pontiac Firebird T-Top 3.8 V6 POS. I want to keep the miles off the 6.2 and want something i can romp around in and drive places without caring about millage. Plans: LS1 or LQ4 swap Beef up the 4l60 LT's BTR Cam 243 Heads Depending on year 2001+ intake or Fast LSX...
  19. Nick_H5

    Toyo, BFG, Nitto, and Fuel Tire Test

    Yes this is copied from my post on another forum. It's mine so don't freak if you see a different name over there than what I have on here. Anyway.... My truck has had its fair share of tire and wheels combinations. Some only lasted a few weeks because I didn't like them or sold them to a...
  20. GreyGhostz71

    Quick wheel shop

    Sent from Tapashit