1. P

    Need help fast on NNBS!

    Trying to reinstall the grille and too bumper piece of an 08 Sierra. I can get everything lined up and clipped in except one thing in the center and I don't know what's happening. Been stuck for 40 minutes.
  2. 9X37Crewcab

    Drl sensor help

    On my 06 silverado i had the windows tinted and had a brow across the top and bottom of the front windshield. Now my headlights come on all the time and add you can imagine is annoying having to turn off headlights every time u get in. Is there any way to modify the sensor so that its more...
  3. 9X37Crewcab

    My 2006 ccsb 1500

    Hey new to here. i have a 2006 silverado 1500 crew cab with 5.3 current mods are leveling kit, boondock bumper, led tails and 3rd brake light, smoked headlights, kenwood double-din touch screen, jl 8inch sub (for now), 20% tint, Airaid JR cai with airaid filter, jet mass air flow sensor...
  4. GingerCrew

    GingerCrews 2014 Sierra thread

    Sup ladies. For those who don't already know I traded the nbs in for this NNNBS lol. First off its a 14 Sierra SLT with black leather, 2wd with driver alert package. I've never owned a brand new vehicle before so this is awesome to me. As far as mods go, not really sure yet. I kinda...
  5. WildChevys

    New tires for the tahoe

    It's creeping up on the time when I'm going to have to replace the tires on the Tahoe and I'm kicking around a few options. My first choice are the cooper zeon ltz's however they don't make the size I need (275/55/20) so here's the other tire ideas I've got thus far: Nitto Terra Grappler G2s...
  6. marc

    what is causing my lights to do this ?

    ok so i did a DRL delete like the youtube video posted and now this is happening just wondering what i causing it and how do i fix it ?
  7. Half_Ton

    2014 denali from lower air dam

    My dad got his denali stuck on our hunting property and ripped up the front air damn. I told him to just take it off and he wants a new one. I knew a bunch of us took them off our NNBS truck and I still have mine in my garage rafters, but the newest body style is much different. I have a pos...
  8. Rjsk04

    Have to get new exhaust, help/opinions

    To add to my already bad day today I was in a hurry and got stopped for my pipes being too loud and got a ticket. The cop said he would drop the ticket if I put mufflers on my truck but I don't want to give up my straight pipes so I've started looking into e-cutouts. Right now I have true duals...
  9. H

    Hulknasty's nnbs vortec max

    Well decided it was time to pick up a another truck. Ended up getting a black 2007.5 6.0 vortec max crew silverado ltz. Mods so Far: 2011 ltz split grille air aid mit intake tube K&N drop in Filter Cleared headlights LED turn signals 2.5 tgc level Antenna relocated billet bowtie...
  10. CzerniS17

    Foglight Issue

    2006 Silverado, did not have original fog lights. I installed the Factory GM Foglight Kit about 1 1/2 years ago, and have not had an issue until now. Recently one of my HID ballasts for my foglights when bad (Cheap DDM Tuning one), and I decided to replace it with a nice Morimoto Kit from The...
  11. DeanH1290

    Which NNBS Hood?

    So insurance decided that my hood was damaged enough from the hail storm to replace it. I figured now would be a good time to change up the hood if I wanted, but I'm not quite sure what to go with. A - Get an aftermarket hood of some sort B - Get an HD hood and maybe an HD grille C - Get...
  12. No1Limit

    Fuel smell and delayed start

    On my 07 nnbs sierra every other time i start the truck it has to turn over for a few seconds before starting, dont think it is the battery because can smell gas after I get out and walk around after driving for a bit. I dont see any leaks or puddles under the truck but i can do a better search...
  13. DeanH1290

    Potential build? Need some input!

    Been thinking more and more about leaving my nnbs alone since it is my DD. My dad still has my old truck and I've been thinking about working on it instead since its been a good truck to me. Stats: 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 z71 SLT Extended cab. It has over 250,000 miles and it is really starting to...
  14. Chewy07

    Chewy's millenium dmax

    Alright guys new slate. 08 Gmc Sierra duramax. Its another ext cab yes but i love it. Here's whats done. 20x10 Eagle alloy wheels 5" exhaust with muffler DSP-5 with shitty ass longhorn tunes 6k hids low and highs black billet grille with the outsides painted white Frontier front end...
  15. 1

    Nnbs drop spindles and coil relocators

    Have a pair of belltech 2" drop spindles for nnbs with about 3000 miles on them asking $225 shipped and a set of nnbs coil relocators never used for $75 shipped. Will do $275 shipped if you buy it all. Located in New Orleans louisiana
  16. dszx13

    Planning on clearing nnbs gmc headlights

    As title says. But was wandering if anyone painted the chrome bezel and what was used to prep it. I'm confident I can do it without messing it all up. I've see the fast headlight guys videos an looks do able for me. But I figured if I did I'd colormatch it while it was out.
  17. TylerM

    My 2007 Silverado ECSB!

    New here, this is my 2007 Silverado ECSB 2wd! Day I got it 2 years ago Cleared Heads Leveled on 295/55/20 Trails 3" Spindles on, stock blocks, shocks weren't long enough Bilsteins and 3" blocks Towz 20x10 Preds Got rid of those nasty tinted tails after i got pulled over
  18. DemoN

    Finally got the centerlines put on

    fronts are 265/40/20 and rears are 295/45/20. it was raining when i put them on... Next morning, broke out the detailing supplies and got to work.. Wheels were clearly dirtier than i thought.. dat reflection
  19. Ricardo

    Nnbs intake

    Intake is complete has fuel rail, Injectors, tb and sensors Location - Oklahoma City Price- $280 obo FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. 1brokekid

    AFM/DoD in NNBS

    I know that some trucks came with AFM/DOD, but exactly which nnbs trucks/engines come with or without it? Sent from my Refrigerator