1. Tukn4s

    06 intimidator bagged build

    So I've decided to start a build thread for this customer's truck. 2006 intimidator SS The trucks came 2wd in this year and they are torsion bar suspension. Parts Unparalleled Customs front kit Unparalleled Customs 3 link Accuair elevel with ilevel Dual Viair 480's 8.5 gallon tank Built to lay...
  2. H

    Garage clean out

    Central WI Well Im finally breaking down and trying to clean the garage out... tons of parts to sell. D1sc procharger, air to air intercooler, truck bracket, belt, red race valve, intercooler plumbing, siemens 80 lb injectors, wideband o2, boost gauge, nnbs pillar gauge pod. Air aid air...
  3. Slow05CC

    Just a few before/after pics of my 3/5 dropped CCSB

    Before: ECSB Springs with 1" daystar lift spacer & shackles set on 2" ( you read that right!!! to sit level I had to lower the rear 2" and raise the front 1"... ) 285/50/20 After: 2" Drop Spindles with 1" drop ECSB Springs and moog Isolator ( factory height ) & Flip Kit out back set at 5"...
  4. Wadsworth77

    Larrys 6.2

    Decided to start a thread Current things I have done to it consist of 2.5 level 1.5 body color matched tows and tail gate Handel also black bumper caps black 13 grill with Billit bow tie 20x10 fuels and 295 toyo mt 15% tint all the way around with brow 20 in led bar in bumper slot and 5 k Hid...
  5. e85silverado

    Important!: Hd bumper swap on 08 will hd 3500 brakets bolt up

    Silverado 1500 2008 single cab Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
  6. R

    Airaid m.i.t intake tube

    Has anyone tried modding AIRAID MIT tube from a NBS to a NNBS Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  7. Blackout

    Trucks changed a bit

    Bought these wheels off craigslist for $100. Bought come dick cepeck crushers 285/75r16Figured theyd make great winter wheels and something different until/if I lift it. Had to level it for the 285s. Went with rc 2". Took the ugly cowplow off too. Sure has been an interesting winter. Sent...
  8. H

    Harrison's '16 All-Terrain 6.2L Build

    For whatever reason, I have not been able to sign into my previous account (sp00nman), and the email I used before is no longer active. Anyways, on to truck stuff. Just picked this up today, it's a 2016 All-Terrain SLT with the 6.2L and everything else but a sunroof I believe. This truck...
  9. B

    Bagged front fender tubs. Pics ideas

    So I'm gathering parts to bag the crew cab. Will be on a 275 30 24. Trying to get ideas for tubs. Things are going to be tight under the hood as I'm looking to run a York 210. Really liking the tandem axle tubs that go flat against the firewall. Anyways post pics of what you got.
  10. red94chev

    Front end parts at 170k miles?

    Hey everyone, I could use an opinion here. My nnbs just hit 170k miles and I'm thinking its about time to do some UCAs come spring. It had a leveling kit when I bought it and I'm not sure if they've ever been replaced before. The truck feels solid right now (no loose steering or wandering...
  11. A

    Tow mirrors....is my truck classic body style?

    The mirrors I am looking at state they do not fit on classic body style and do not work with built in ambient temperature sensor. Now I don't think I have the temp sensor but how do I tell if I have a classic body style? I have a 2014 silverado ltz 4x4. I have pix available and also posted on...
  12. P

    Transmission on nnbs

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum and I was hoping you guys can help me out I have a 2011 nnbs rcsb 4.3 4 speed tranny and I got the check engine light on so I scan it and got two codes p0700 and p0741 I'll like to know what are they and how can I repair my truck is lower front the back 6...
  13. fortplainman

    NNBS transfer case issues please help

    so long story short a little more than 2 years ago i had my transfer case go on me. every time i put any power in reverse it would seem to drop out of gear and have a nasty grinding noise. a snap ring broke on the shaft and essencially caused a shitload of shrapnel in it and i had it replaced...
  14. Slammed2000

    Lsxrt on lq4?

    I'm gunna be finding a lq4 to build for my single cab, I'm gunna put the biggest street able cam I can find or have spec'd out, and I may spend some money on some really nice heads, I also wanna use the lsxrt with a 90mm tb, I really don't have power goals, I'm not gunna do anything to the...
  15. Blackout

    Tbss/nnbs intake on 03 5.3?

    Have heard of this, is it really worth it? How easy was the swap and was there any noticeable gain? Just looking for a little extra push off the line. Sent from my leather heated ass
  16. Low2kchevy

    Please help!!

    Didn't know where to put this but I am trying to help a friend locate this MINITRUCK, anyone have any info?
  17. dszx13

    Nnbs lift hangers

    Assuming they are belltech since everything but the spindles are. Came with the kit I bought from dean and I dont plan on using them. Idk what they are worth so 50 plus shipping?
  18. R

    Aero3030 and AFM

    I had the aero3030 on my nbs and really liked how it sounded dumped over the axel know have a 2011 with AFM and was wondering how it would sound or if there will be any issues with the AFM Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  19. R

    NNBS Fuse and 6hi mod

    So I did the 6hi mod on my nbs without an issue. Tonight I tried to do it after looking at a few posts and could not get it to work...
  20. fortplainman

    nnbs front door speaker problems

    anyone ever have problems with the stock door speakers? my passenger one the past idk 6 months has worked one day and not the next. starting yesterday both the driver and passenger door speakers stopped working. my a-pillar tweeters still work as well as my rear door speakers. anyone think...