1. Fiveminutes

    Wanted: NNBS Stock Muffler

    Anybody have a nnbs stock muffler laying around they want to get rid of/sell? Preferably local (N. TX)
  2. 4

    2011 5.3 exhaust.

    What exhaust systems are you guys running on your NNBS trucks? I've gotta 2011 Silverado with the 5.3. Any suggestions on full kits? Muffler types? Anything will help. Thanks. And if you have a sound clip post it up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SilverSierra

    Factory backup camera question??

    Has anyone with the factory backup mirror display in the nnbs trucks replaced to an aftermarket screen and tried to get the factory camera to display on the new screen instead of the mirror? Im about to replace my factory headunit and wanted to see if anyone had.
  4. James

    For Sale: NNBS TGC 2.5" Leveling Kit and 3" Tapered Blocks with U-Bolts

    Location: New Orleans Contact: James via PM Price: 130 shipped NNBS 2.5" Top Gun Customz Leveling Kit and 3" tapered blocks with ubolts. $130 cash. Have $160 invested. On truck:
  5. roundsy

    FTS 7-9" 07-13 1500 4x4 Lift

    FTS 7-9" lift for GM 07-13 1500 4x4 up for grabs. Fabtech 2.5 Dirt Logic Coilovers and chrome FTS rear shocks. Came off of Brandon Bruce's red nnbs. Was planning on installing this later this summer but just picked up a new project out of the blue so it's now for sale. Full list of...
  6. DeanH1290

    NNBS Belltech adjustable 2/3 drop kit

    Like the title states, I have a 2/3 drop kit for sale. Consists of drop coils with adjustment spacers for the front with drop shackles, ubolt spacers, and shocks for the rear. All components are belltech. Located in Georgetown, KY. Asking $250. Willing to ship, can negotiate shipped price...
  7. 4

    Lowering 2011 Crew Cab.

    Ok guys I'm new here and need some help. I've got a 2011 Chevy Silverado crew cab that I'm wanting to lower around 4/6 and trying to avoid notching the frame. I've seen several different kits and lots of forums on this subject but they're all a few years old. I'm looking for more up to date info...
  8. Slow05CC

    Reps VS OEM

    I recently swapped my centerline wheels for my texas edition ( early NNBS 20s ) and while the looks are so much better one of the wheels has started peeling. The clear coat is all cracked and looks really bad,! I want to keep OE wheels but the cost of getting it repaired is about the cost of a...
  9. Slow05CC

    Question About LS6 243 Head Work

    I picked up some low mileage ( 58,000 to be exact ) 243s off a Z06 this weekend and I had a quick question about milling them before I run them over to Texas Speed & Performance for some head work. I have been told that milling them .030 will retain the factory compression with the 5.3 dished...
  10. R

    Flipout in a nnbs

    Anyone have any pics of a flipout screen in a nnbs? I had one in my nbs and was gonna put it in my nnbs but wasn't sure if it would fit or not. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  11. Oktain

    How To: Console wireless phone charger | 2015 Sierra SLE

    So last week I had the bright idea of installing a QI wireless smartphone charger in the center console lid of my truck. I have the 40/20/40 split seats with the jump seat. This install is slightly different for trucks with a full console. I'll make note of that in my write up, as the how-to I...
  12. Slow05CC

    How Much Power Are You Pushing On NNBS FlexFuel Injectors

    I recently purchased a set of the FlexFuel Injectors PT#12580426 which I have read are about 36 pounders? I ordered the Racetronix EV1 Mini Delphi to EV6 USCAR adapters and plan on putting them in this weekend and getting a retune done. I know these injectors are more then I will need...
  13. T

    My 2014 LTZ Build Thread

    Well as most of you guys know I'm formally known as 07CCSB. I built a 2007 Silverado a while back and had my build thread on here. This thing was lowered and lifted multiple times lol couldn't make up my damn mind so I finally dumped a lot of money into it and didn't get shit out of it...
  14. Slow05CC

    Swapping out my Centerline 20s wondering what they are worth

    I am installing my Silverado NNBS 20s ( Texas Editions as some call them ) this weekend and removing my mirror finished Centerline Sniper's . The centerline wheels are really nice and in great shape! I don't really "want" to get rid of them but they aren't the style I am after. They are 20x8.5...
  15. Slammed2000

    Engine cover options for tbss intake?

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I have a tbss intake I'm gunna put on my 5.3 and I wanted to know what kind of options are out there for the tbss cover? Does a newer Silverado cover fit? I'm just not a huge fan of covering the whole motor, I like to see what's under there and I...
  16. S

    NNBS Non-Tow Mirrors on a NBS

    There really isn't much to be found online about this swap, thought I'd help out anyone else who might be considering it. I prefer the look of these over the typical tow mirror swap, on a leveled/not super wide truck anyways. I found these mirrors for $40 on craiglist, they're brand new as...
  17. TwistedWrangler

    Input on wheels

    I think I have made my mind up on wheels but want some input. Anyone have an opinion either way on these two or experience with them? I will be running a 22x9 with +30 offset and 265/35/22 toyo proxeys. They will be on year round in Indiana so we may have a heat wave one day followed by a...
  18. T

    black cc progress

    I'm new to the forum here so i guess this is a good place to start my thread. I'm more indecisive than anything so a bunch of stuff may change but I got some ideas lines up for now. I'll update the thread with pics later on. I want to keep the truck just leveled and it already has an rc 2"...
  19. T

    NNBS Silverado headlights

    Looking for a set of clear 07-13 Silverado headlights! I have stock headlights to trade if you need them and I'll add cash. Let me know what you have
  20. slonlow2000

    Need help: Are 1/2 ton van wheels the same 6 lug as trucks?

    I've been looking for a nice set of factory 20's an these are for sale locally but they say they are from a 1/2 ton van. Are these the same offset and lug pattern as the fullsize GM truck 6 lug pattern? https://stlouis.craigslist.org/wto/5420525745.html