1. Nick

    Wanted: 94-03 Single cab

    Looking for a 1994-2003 GMC/Chevy single cab. - looking for a project truck not a DD. -Must be in decent shape. -Doesn't have to run. -Prefer Obs but nbs will do for right price. -Located in south central Louisiana but will travel to TX, MS or upper LA for right deal. -Looking to spend no...
  2. R

    another header question

    im leaning towards doing longtubes this winter on my NNBS 4x4. whats everyone recommend for sub $400 headers. i live in iowa so im thinking that may take a toll on them with the nasty shit they put on the roads in the winter. right now only mods i have is Airaid MIT tube with drop in K&N and a...
  3. DeanH1290

    Important!: Dean's Butter-Rims Replacement Thread

    Ok, so as many of you know, I keep bending these soft as hell 22s. Well I found yet another bent wheel last night, making #5. I'm fed up, so I'm getting rid of them. This is where CGM comes in - I need some help figuring out what direction I need to go. I'm basically down to 3 options and I'm...
  4. roundsy

    roundsy's 2015 silverado rcsb z71 4x4

    Here's the new project, a 2015 Chevy Silverado LT2 Z71 4x4 regular cab short box in Deep Ocean Blue Metallic (I know, another blue 15 rcsb from Ontario...sorry Pat ;P ). My father spec'd the truck the exact way I would have ordered it last spring, every option available in a regular cab. He put...
  5. B

    Wtb: nbs drop spindles

    Lemme know what you got. Truck is 2wd with torsion bars. So can be 2wd or 4wd spindles but can't be mcgaughys 16".
  6. F

    Frosty's intro to fourm and build thread!

    What's up all.. Names Ben aka Frosty.. In La sport area.. 30 yo Rolling a nbs eclb Silverado 2500hd.. Mgs 7/10 lift with 3" body lift on 22s and toyo 37s.. My reflector scraper a 04 nbs ecsb Silverado 1500 Ls. Mgs 5/7 flip kit rear on 18 to drive at moment.. Plans to bag it on 26s and in the...
  7. Ginger

    NBS guys, looking for some help

    I know a lot of us NBS guys have had the paint on the dash peel off. or start to peel, and i know a lot of guys pressure wash it off. What are you guys using to paint it again. I would really like to find something to paint mine to look like the OEM charcoal again. While we are on the...
  8. L

    New Member from Houston, TX

    What's up everyone! I've been floating around the forum for a bit and decided to sign up. Currently I have a 2012 GMC Sierra RCSB v8 that I'll be dropping at least 4/6 soon, then getting 22's when I decide on a set. I also had a 1995 two door Tahoe on 33's back in high school, along with a...
  9. Fiveminutes

    Wanted: NNBS Stock Muffler

    Anybody have a nnbs stock muffler laying around they want to get rid of/sell? Preferably local (N. TX)
  10. B

    Rough Country Lowering Kit

    Has anyone tried this kit? This kit is a 2/4 drop but it has a flip kit already. I would love to hear opinions on it. I'm rooting for it because after it, it'll be so easy to drop to 4/6 if the 2/4 isn't low enough.
  11. B

    01' Burb' Build.....

    Well.... Meet the new "project"! :thumbsup: As most of you know, the RCSB was totaled back in early March. Since then, I'd been back DDing the HD. I enjoyed driving it again. But, as always, I was itching for a replacement DD to keep the mileage/wear/tear off the HD. Once the dust...
  12. 4

    2011 5.3 exhaust.

    What exhaust systems are you guys running on your NNBS trucks? I've gotta 2011 Silverado with the 5.3. Any suggestions on full kits? Muffler types? Anything will help. Thanks. And if you have a sound clip post it up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SilverSierra

    Factory backup camera question??

    Has anyone with the factory backup mirror display in the nnbs trucks replaced to an aftermarket screen and tried to get the factory camera to display on the new screen instead of the mirror? Im about to replace my factory headunit and wanted to see if anyone had.
  14. James

    For Sale: NNBS TGC 2.5" Leveling Kit and 3" Tapered Blocks with U-Bolts

    Location: New Orleans Contact: James via PM Price: 130 shipped NNBS 2.5" Top Gun Customz Leveling Kit and 3" tapered blocks with ubolts. $130 cash. Have $160 invested. On truck:
  15. roundsy

    FTS 7-9" 07-13 1500 4x4 Lift

    FTS 7-9" lift for GM 07-13 1500 4x4 up for grabs. Fabtech 2.5 Dirt Logic Coilovers and chrome FTS rear shocks. Came off of Brandon Bruce's red nnbs. Was planning on installing this later this summer but just picked up a new project out of the blue so it's now for sale. Full list of...
  16. DeanH1290

    NNBS Belltech adjustable 2/3 drop kit

    Like the title states, I have a 2/3 drop kit for sale. Consists of drop coils with adjustment spacers for the front with drop shackles, ubolt spacers, and shocks for the rear. All components are belltech. Located in Georgetown, KY. Asking $250. Willing to ship, can negotiate shipped price...
  17. 4

    Lowering 2011 Crew Cab.

    Ok guys I'm new here and need some help. I've got a 2011 Chevy Silverado crew cab that I'm wanting to lower around 4/6 and trying to avoid notching the frame. I've seen several different kits and lots of forums on this subject but they're all a few years old. I'm looking for more up to date info...
  18. F

    climate control swap?

    do we have anyone thats gone from the old controls to digital on NBS trucks?
  19. J_Corr

    22x10 Raclines and Toyo's

    Decided to go another route with the truck and these will no longer agree with what I am wanting to do. As some of you may know, I bought these off of Juan just over two years ago. Specs: Raceline stunnas 22x10 3 piece wheels Chrome finish 6 lug 38mm offset These wheels will...
  20. S

    Wanted: NBS alternator pulley

    Looking for stock alternator pulley to replace my vbelt pulley on my 2001 Silverado 5.3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk