1. SMiGGs

    Turbo 6.2 HVAC issue some help plz

    I just finished installing an 80mm Turbo on my 6.2 2011 Silverado. After getting all the issues worked out besides my faulty MAF, my truck for some reason blows hot air AC on or Off its still hot. At first I thought maybe it was the intercooler blocking airflow into the engine, but I cold...
  2. W

    New from minnesota

    Hello, my name is dennis im from minnesota. Im a gm master tech but work in indy shops. Love gm products and many others. Just bought a new truck to replace my 01 silverado. Allways loved the new sierras. Finally hit my price range. I bought it stock a week ago. I installed an rc 3 inch lift...
  3. T.Stevens

    For Sale: (X6) BRAND NEW 99-06 OEM GM SS Silverado Rear Bumper Covers

    Hey Guys, I've got 6 brand new OEM GM SS Silverado rear bumper covers. Perfect Condition, Part number is 12335660. Will fit 99-06 NBS Sierra/ Silverados. Looking for $320.00 USD Shipped w/ Tracking, or $300.00 CAN Picked up. Located in Burlington, On Call or text is best. 905.875.5229.

    TILLERS 2K16 Silverado build

    Well the white truck is gone and I picked this 2016 Silverado up, single cab 5.3L with just about everything you can get in a single cab Plans are 4/6 or 4/7 drop on 24s with some basic mods to clean it up and then just drive the shot out of it and enjoy it Already have windows tinted 5%...
  5. M

    Wanted: looking for stock NBS shackle

    anyone got a spare set of stock shackles laying around?
  6. Y

    01 silverado ext cab wanting to go 6/9 drop

    OK so I want to drop my truck 6/9 have some rear parts but don't know what to get so. Lmk where to get the shocks how many, how to get 6in in the front.thanks oh and the parts I got already are 6in djm flip kit and bellt exh 3in Shack and hanger kit
  7. dszx13

    Nnbs lowering kit

    Was on my 4wd at 4/7 Belltech struts. Rings not pictured Street edge spindles for 2/4wd Moog uca with belltech offset bushings Belltech flip kit with adjustable hangars Belltech rear shocks Mcguaghys helper bags I'll let it all go for 700 plus shipping on your dime. If your somewhat local we...
  8. HaydenB99

    Hayden's NBS ECSB Red Two Tone Silvy

    Since I absolutely destroyed my white sierra (first truck), after searching and searching for a new one that was a bit different. I finally found it. 2004 Z71 Chevy Silveraydo, tan leather, already has 06 front, and painted plastics obviously . YES IT NEEDS BLOCKS BADLY LMAO, but limited to...
  9. cbrsilv15

    Red speedometer needles

    These came off of a Camaro, but will fit GM trucks. I had a set in my S10 and these will fit all NBS trucks as well. I trimmed mine shorter in my s10, but not sure if you'll have to in a NBS. I popped a needle in a speedo to verifying fitment and it is the exact same size on the stepper motor...
  10. L


    So I finally my 4/7 on my RCSB NNBS and it's obviously not sitting right. When I got the truck it sat pretty level in the back and when I put the flip kit on it dropped what looks like 9 in to me. So I'm trying to find out what a stock shackle looks like ( I'm having trouble finding a picture of...
  11. B

    Clearing nbs sierra marker lights

    Is this possible? Got a hook up on some headlights and marker lights but they have the reflectors in them. Can the markers be opened and cleared?
  12. Tukn4s

    For Sale: Lifted 07 LTZ tahoe

    Location: Calvert City, KY Price: $21,000 2007 3Ltz Tahoe, black leather, 2nd row electric captains, 3rd row, sun roof, 4wd, pioneer navigation(SWC still function able) 7" FTS set at 8" lift with tubular Uppers, actual 7" rear springs, 3" body lift, 24x14 American Force shields...
  13. S

    Nbs leveled or small lift with 22's

    Anyone running a small lift or level and 22's? Maybe 33125022 Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk
  14. lowlife08

    Pioneer double din

    pioneer avic z120bt it works perfectly nothing is wrong with it I jus got a new truck and don't need it anymore.. it has blue tooth navigation and will play dvd's. I also have the chord so you can hook your iPod up to it. Also have the harness I will throw in for a nnbs. Local pick up only I'm...
  15. Slammed2000

    4/6 or 5/7 drop on a crew cab short bed

    I'm looking to buy a crew cab and sell my single cab and my daily beater s10 so I can buy a crew cab, wanna lower it 4/6 or 5/7 on some Sierra reps, gunna do a 20 with a 275/45 tire, what kinds of issues or things do I need to watch out for goin that low? I ideally want to do 5/7 cause the roads...
  16. Slow05CC

    NBS HD Hood Mods??

    I just picked up a 2006 HD Hood and a 2006 Silverado SS grille. I am sending them to my painter on Monday, but before I send everything off I was wondering if anyone has ever seen, or done any mods to the HD hood? What I was thinking about was cutting vents in the back bottom of the hood so...
  17. T

    Obs,nbs,nnbs parts for sale.

    Location - crosby,tx 02 driver information center with pigtail harness. $35 shipped 2013 heated seat switch and harness. Brand new never installed. This will also work for other late model Gm fullsize trucks Suvs. I have 2 available. 35$ shipped. 2007 /08 trim plate with vent ...
  18. H

    D1sc procharger kit

    <br /><br />D1sc procharger, air to air intercooler, truck bracket, belt, red race valve, intercooler plumbing, siemens 80 lb injectors, wideband o2, boost gauge, nnbs pillar gauge pod. Air aid air filter. Headunit is polished finish. Low miles. Pulley makes 10psi. Fits 5.3, 6.0 truck motors...
  19. Kkirwan71

    Nbs third brake light

    Looking for a stock one for inspection since I tinted mine like all the cool kids do sent from my glade air freshner
  20. ScottyBoy

    NBS parts: DL3 mirrors, door handles, E-fan Harness

    I have some NBS parts that I am not doing anything with, so they are up for sale. I have a complete OEM E-fan harness from a 2006 truck. This is a direct fit for any 03-04 to add E-Fans or you can wire up an additional relay so that this will work on a 99-02 truck. This has the relay block that...