1. R

    another header question

    im leaning towards doing longtubes this winter on my NNBS 4x4. whats everyone recommend for sub $400 headers. i live in iowa so im thinking that may take a toll on them with the nasty shit they put on the roads in the winter. right now only mods i have is Airaid MIT tube with drop in K&N and a...
  2. F

    Frosty's intro to fourm and build thread!

    What's up all.. Names Ben aka Frosty.. In La sport area.. 30 yo Rolling a nbs eclb Silverado 2500hd.. Mgs 7/10 lift with 3" body lift on 22s and toyo 37s.. My reflector scraper a 04 nbs ecsb Silverado 1500 Ls. Mgs 5/7 flip kit rear on 18 to drive at moment.. Plans to bag it on 26s and in the...
  3. B

    6.0 build cam options.

    2012 gmc Sierra crew cab 4x4 Stuff I have now / all most ready for swap Ly6 6.0 block Lq9 flat top pistons Cnc ls3 ported heads Ls3 intake manifold 1 7/8 headers with 3" exhaust I'm still haven't decided on a cam/converter this is my daily driver/street truck I'm shooting for around...
  4. c10dylan

    New from East Texas

    My names Dylan and I drive a 1986 c10 Silverado that me and my dad built last summer. I'm running a 406 small block with a th350 transmission. Nothing to extreme, it's my daily driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. A

    New here

    I'm looking at doing some visual customizing of my truck and after doing a little research it appears I need some help and a good community to talk to. Even tho I don't live close to any chapters( I live in fl) I liked the site and the sheer amount of posts. I have a 2014 chevy silverado 4x4...
  6. 88GMCtruck

    I was forced to come here....

    Ok maybe not. Brett invited me. Anyway, I recognize a good amount of names here from my days over at FSC/GMFS/GMT400, so some of you might remember me as well. Probably more-so for my 88 than anything. Here is my baby: 88 GMC K1500 RCSS. Bought new by my grandparents in 88. It's been...
  7. S

    Tires, 6 year old hankooks or 2 yo accelera iota?

    Just picked up some staggered billet specialties with like new accelera iota 265/35/22s on 2 and prob switching the rears to 285/35/22 as they are 10s. I have hankook ventus with no signs of cracks on my current wheels, always garaged, only put like 10,,000 miles on them. Should I switch them...
  8. DeanH1290

    +1: Tiller

    Recently got some wheel spacers from TILLER. Shipped after payment was received and packaged them well. Also arrived within a week of shipping them out. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again!
  9. Fastnloud5.3

    Cheap stereo

    Something with an aux port. going in a 99 sierra. Located in Michigan
  10. Jackal

    new here

    names rick, im from deep south texas. I'm new to this forum, can't believe i barely came across it, but no where near new to the truck scene. These are my current rides, i also have a 1973 chevy longbed that has been in my fam since day 1. Has a 350 bored 60 over 13;1 compression, camel hump...
  11. deBoer2679

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys. Names Brad. I've got a 2010 gmc sierra Sle. Its got a 5.3l paired with a 6 speed auto. 2 3/4" leveling kit on 33" bfg ATs, Spectre CAI with a KnN filter, MagnaFlow SS muffler dumped right after the cab, Aftermarket Tow mirrors, Diamond plate tool box, back rack with 600w of lights...
  12. Malikk Loftis

    New from Longview,tx

    Hey my names Malikk. Currently driving a 2001 Silverado & working on a c10.
  13. David36605


    my names David my picture is of my 2007 silverado 5.3 v8 4dr rwd crew cab It's a work in progress always It started as a bone stock about 6 20,000 miles ago I had to buy a truck after my dad died in a crash coming home April 4th , that's when I went to stay with my mom in Texas for a little...
  14. Hunter

    Throwback Photos

    Like the title says post up pics of you or people on the forum you know from back in the day. No time limit on the "back in the day" reference just in for some cool pics to jest at or whatever even if it looks like you took it from a potatoe lol like mine me slinging the rock on ole friday...
  15. F

    Big bro and little sis, two builds one thread

    its time for me to be a better member to CGM, so here i go. my names jake, and i have two trucks 2003 rcsb gmc sierra, i have owned since 2009 and the other truck is a 2006 chevy silverado. i like shitty beer. 2003 Sierra Suspenion: -lowered static 4/7 -monroe shocks -energy suspension...
  16. 0

    new member

    New to site names Alfredo live in fl have a 07 silverado 1500 hd front clip dropped on 24s tx edition
  17. SamCarroll

    SCG Pro Line Testing/Review

    I've been given a chance to test out some new products that will soon be coming out from Surf City Garage. I will continue to update this thread when I use the products and my review of them individually as I progress through the line I was given. My vehicles paint is well maintained and I...
  18. Nick_H5

    New guy from Louisiana

    Hi all my name is Nick and I have an obsession with Silverados. My personal is a 2009 on 35's with a 6" SuperLift. My passions are atv's and trucks along with circle track racing. I reside in West Monroe, yes I know them, no I don't quack.....,anyway here are a few photos:
  19. Andrew.

    Mr.WheelDeal. Fuuuuuu

    Corny hates me, so I'll ask you guys. :emo: Whose right here? Backstory: I live in Canada. Get taxed when I ship stuff from America. I use a PO box in the States, bring stuff across myself. They charge me 13% HST on whatever the value of the item is (if its used/falls into some BS category...
  20. B

    New guy from West Monroe

    Im Tyler Burnett (16) new from west monroe! My buddy Alex Best talked me in to joining. I have a 04 gmc sierra, 6" with 35" trail graps on 18"moto 962, debadged, hids and all leds,20" light bar on front bumper, cleared lights, and hydro dipped interior parts.