1. W

    To change air filter

    What fuel economy we can expect for Duramax 6600? I have bought a used Duramax 660. Current the truck is producing 17-21 mpg when driven empty. That is fine. I am not happy with the power. I guess replacing air filter can resolve this issue. My friend suggested me an airfilter...
  2. N

    2016 L83 5.3, 6L80E, & rearend (+harness, computer, and pedal)

    Bought this for one of my father in law's project cars but it looks like he may have found a different motor for it. Was said to have 8k miles on it, and looks almost new. Asking $4000 for the motor, trans, rear end, and computer/harness/pedal.
  3. Wadsworth77

    Audio build

    Starting to build a system going to need everything subwoofers speakers tweeters Amps single din radio auxiliary battery . Sundown seems to be the brand of choice . I listen to classic rock and country so if that matters in ported or sealed boxs . I'm more of a engine guy so this is all new to...
  4. 88GMCtruck

    Supercharger tuning + what gauges to run

    I'm hoping someone might have some input, as this is the first boosted truck I've ran. For those who know, I have a Whipple supercharger on my 98 K3500 with a 454. The current setup is 42lb injectors and a tuned Blackbox PCM by Westers in order to run the whipple on my truck. It's a canned tune...
  5. R

    STT Pro vs ST Maxx

    Looking for pros and cons on each. Pretty much set on one of the two in a 285/65/18 />Looks like they are pretty close in price and the STT Pro being a few bucks cheaper at a few places Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  6. 07sierraclassic

    Zach's 2003 LB7 "build"

    So I've been a member of this site since it started, but never posted too much because I never ended up doing much to my truck. Old truck was an '07 Sierra SLT Classic ecsb that I ended up leveling with wheels and tires and that was about it. Anyways.... Last week I found an LB7 for what I...
  7. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2008 G8 GT

    Welp I'm no longer pulling a trailer daily so I sold the ol dmax about a month ago and picked this up. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT, 72k, L76, 6 speed auto, sun roof (always wanted one), loaded, etc. Sold the dmax for $1k more than I paid for it, and got this for $16k which is a pretty good price for this...
  8. Jared

    Important!: Ming Ming's 2016 Tacoma build thread

    As some of you know we bought the new platform and can't wait to mod it. This will probably be a slow build thread. Pics and full details to follow.
  9. Low01silveradO

    Tune on a 2.2L S10 worth is?

    just like the title says. i daily a 2003 s10 2.2L 5 speed manual. i can get a tune for $200 from my local tuner who tuned my racetruck silveraydo. The s10 2.2L puts down somewhere in the ballpark of 85-90rwhp stock. So basically i can run faster than it. It was getting 25mpg, i gutted the cat...
  10. K

    Cold air intake

    What's a good choice in getting a cold air intake for a 2003 Chevy suburban 8.1L?
  11. D1nman

    D1nman's 2000 Chevy Impala mild race beater build

    Ok i drive a ton and have almost hit 200k on the denali. dont want to do that. bought a 2000 impala monday for $700. Guy said a/c didnt work at all, went and charged it up and its as cold as my denali if not colder. driver window is the only one that rolls down. cloth. base model. 167k miles...
  12. M

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to fix up a C10 i got!

    i have a chevy 1972 pickup truck, everything on the truck is original, but i want to fix it up and upgrade the suspension and possibly the chassis.. But I'm just wondering if I should put new suspension on the original chassis, or should i get a new chassis? I plan on putting in a big block...
  13. Oktain

    Canadian RCSB build.

    So here's the original thread, but since it was mostly BS and dreaming about what my plans were, I decided to start a new thread. OKAY. SPECS: 2015 GMC Sierra Z71 SLE 5.3L 4x4 3.42 gears...
  14. S

    2003 Chevy Silverado, 2wd reg cab short bed, 4.8L V8, 5-sp manual, RCSB

    2003 Chevy Silverado regular cab short bed. Black exterior, tan cloth interior - Asking $9900 OBO I looked for almost 6 months to find a RCSB 2WD pickup with the LS V8. Truck rides and drives great. Clutch is strong. Everything works, power windows, power locks, auto headlights, AC and heat...
  15. W

    2003 GMC Sierra 5.3 I want a small cam what size should I get

    2003 GMC Sierra 5.3 I want a small cam what size should I get and brand
  16. Country_09

    2008 Silverado LT rcsb

    Time for it to go, 2008 rcsb 4.8 LT model -4.8 with 78xxx -LTs, ORY, 14" magnaflow to 4" tip -TB stall -vette servo -air aid intake tube -custom tune(it is unlocked) -Tune says 3.73s but glovebox says 3.23s. Never cracked open to see. Runs round 1700-1800 rpms at 65 Interior -black...
  17. SamCarroll

    SDM Build Thread

    My 4runner forums suck so im going to make a thread here with my continued "build". I figured it will be easier to make a build thread instead of blowing up random threads. When i just purchased it. 2003 Limited 4wd v8 94,000 miles It only took a week to take the steps...
  18. BARBER

    2003 LB7 ECSB Duramax

    Thinking about letting my LB7 go. Lots of mods and upgrades. Priced at $16,500 OBO. Currently has 193,xxx miles. I don't have to sell it right at this moment, but if someone is serious and wants it bad enough I'll let it go. Motor: -S475 over stock compound kit built by MAXX Performance. Turbo...
  19. A

    AlwaysSomethin 2015 RAM R/T...DD not a build thread! (And not a DAMN DODGE)

    So as Im sure you all know by now, I sold the Graystone truck to Brian ( @DirtyBlackHoe ). I wanted to get into something new, with warranty, so I could actually work on the projects, and not constantly be modding and messing with the daily instead. Picked up the 2015 Granite Crystal Metallic...
  20. L


    Okay long story short brand new 350 with 350hp brand new tranny in a 2 door Tahoe with 6 inches of lift on 33s. I went on my first long trip with the truck which was only 40 miles from my shop to my house and it struggled to get up hills it down shifted like it was supposed too but it was still...