1. iceman71

    Race Trucks

    OK, who on here drag races their Silverado??????
  2. Bassmaster

    NBS cup holder & ash tray console insert

    Selling the extra cup holder insert with the ash tray insert together. Great condition. Fits any regular 03-07 console, not Denali & esky. Was unsure of the worth of these. EBay has the ashtray going for 10 and cup holder for 40. I'll start with both for $35 shipped Price: $35 shipped -...
  3. 88GMCtruck

    Supercharger tuning + what gauges to run

    I'm hoping someone might have some input, as this is the first boosted truck I've ran. For those who know, I have a Whipple supercharger on my 98 K3500 with a 454. The current setup is 42lb injectors and a tuned Blackbox PCM by Westers in order to run the whipple on my truck. It's a canned tune...
  4. TechieTruckGuy

    TechieTruckGuy's 06 WT1 (sort of)

    Well I guess I should make a build thread since I never did when I joined a couple of years ago. I bought the truck in September 2010. It was a plain w/t model with some black helo wheels on it. Since then I've done a couple of things to it. -Tint (5% on the back 3, 35% on the front, and 5%...
  5. 9X37Crewcab

    My 2006 ccsb 1500

    Hey new to here. i have a 2006 silverado 1500 crew cab with 5.3 current mods are leveling kit, boondock bumper, led tails and 3rd brake light, smoked headlights, kenwood double-din touch screen, jl 8inch sub (for now), 20% tint, Airaid JR cai with airaid filter, jet mass air flow sensor...
  6. Ginger

    NJ meet pictures

    Here is the tread for pictures for the meet. All of mine are unedited. Anyone with camera skills have any suggestions let me know. @clean04 fortplainman Bassmaster Jenn Khaos here are the ghetto rigs from the Ringoes show and here are some of the cars from the...
  7. CoolByAccident

    New guy - I came to the Shreveport meet before being a member.

    Ben here, I heard about the Shreveport meet from my buddy TJ. He has the cammed black '08 rcsb with the tinted signal headlights. I was at Fant for a short while but didn't stay too long. I had been helping a buddy relocate his meth tank in his vette and was still in my nasty work clothes...
  8. R

    05 RST Regency rcsb 5 speed manual

    Well guys, here is my 2005 Chevy Silverado RST Regency. Here are the current specs: -5x,000 Mile 4.8L V8 -5 speed manual transmission with centerforce clutch -Groundforce 2/4 drop (OEM) -20" Foose Speedster wheels (OEM) -14" sbcc big brake kit (OEM) -Rear wing, roll pan with molded tips (OEM)...
  9. SWSS

    New from NE10EC

    Hello all. Always been a GM guy,prolly always will. I love God, guns and family. Glad to be here. Nice rides and great info I have found so far! send from my defenseless droid bot, using tapatype. well, I am not talking...
  10. LeonMiller94

    Turbo talk needing advice

    Im wanting to run twin turbos on my LS 5.3 what mm turbo would be best for everyday cruising on the interstate ~jared miller
  11. J

    My 06 VMax

    Well realized I didn't have a thread on here. 2006 Chevy Silverado VortecMax -Airaid Jr -Cal Speed Longtubes (POS, removing soon) with no cats -Bullet into a Magnaflow round muffler (can't recall length) -HD2 Shift Kit -Shaved Tailgate -Colormatched plastics and headlights -Escalade...
  12. JennaBear

    Snow meth kit on the way!

    Time for some new engine mods for the Yukon, got a Snow Performance Meth kit on the way! We sell all Snow Performance products, decided to try some of them out! Should pair nicely with the TVS2300. :turborofl: Will update as soon as it is installed!
  13. slicksierra

    Experience With good 99-02 fogs

    Hey guys over the summer I purchased some DEPO fogs off amazon. I thought I would be good going with DEPO but I was wrong. They fogged up all the time… I ran a bead of silicone and nothing. Tried to re-seat the bulbs. Nothing. DEPO's are expensive so IM not trying to drop that coin again for...
  14. 9

    lowered my 94 this weekend now some >????s

    ordered kit from suspension source. installed over the weekend. question is, how long will it take for the front to settle?? reason I ask is because the rear is tucking wheels. but front is up like 2 inches from the wheels. not sure if this is normal. if I need to cut the lowered shocks or if...
  15. B

    Ole Girl gets some new new

    Well Since I stole my flt 4l65e from my RCSB to go into my CC late this summer, Im in need of a new trans for the truck. Ive always wanted to switch it over to a 6 speed manual, but with a perfectly good and stout built trans it seemed unnessary. So plan was to get a T56 and have it built up...
  16. JennaBear

    2013 Yukon Denali XL- BOOSTED

    Our latest addition to the stable, 2013 Yukon Denali XL- Blue Graphite Metallic Here she is the day we picked her up: Close up of the flake: First thing installed (other than a tune of course), CK375s: Next up, Magnacharger 2300 with custom fuel rails and Injector Dynamics...
  17. TechieTruckGuy

    For Sale: 2007 Silverado LTZ

    I'm looking to get everyone's opinion on this truck I was looking at. Dealer is asking 25k 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ, $25,000 -
  18. carbongmc

    New Member: Carbongmc

    Just stopping in to introduce myself here. Some of you guys might know me from already (same screen name).
  19. Colyn.

    Colyn. 2005 Crew Cab Build

    Got the truck sometime at the end of 2010 maybe start of 2011 dont remember anyways, was garage kept and when I say that I mean the man stored it in his huge warehouse like shed with his boats and motorcycles. Had 115,000 miles and was super clean outside and in no dents no chips spotless.. Gave...
  20. slowgibbs

    Sold the Joe Gibbs, got another TBSS

    I sold my ECSB Joe Gibbs a few months ago and bought another TBSS. I really miss the Gibbs but I'm loving this TBSS. TBSS has LEP 365, TVS 2300, meth injection, 4l80