1. 04SSHD

    Say hello to Jimmy...

    So I was working up in Reno this past week, and found this thing on CL as I was looking up cars for my boss to get his son to buy. I told my boss you need to pick this thing up, it's way under market value. I ended up telling him, you buy it or I will, and he ended up not buying it. So true...
  2. Samuel6731

    Centerline Archers

    Iv noticed and been told there are two different style of Centerline Archers. One has a wider spoke the others have a more slim spoke. The reason i bring this up is because im trying to buy some wheels for my Isuzu and wondering which is the to date style? As in, if i order archers which...
  3. Vince Emmons

    Updated pics

    Went to my local lakefront and lunch with friends. So I took some pictures
  4. J

    2014 RCRB Silverado Street Build

    Haven't been on here lately. Been crazy at work and running my vinyl company. Finally got me a new truck about a month ago give or take. Loving it so far. And yes, I still have my OBS. Bone stock I saw a 14.73 with traction control killing me. Plans are pretty basic for now, but I don't wanna...
  5. Vince Emmons

    My 2008 Sierra

    4 door <<<< the billet wheels I bought from my buddy. Pick them up this Saturday
  6. J

    My 1996 C1500, bagged build thread, long term.

    Since Chris gave the suggestion I figured I'd post a thread for my new truck. A lot of guys here know me already and I had a previous build thread for a truck I no longer own for various reasons. Got married, moved into my own house, etc etc so now I can focus on one project and getting it...
  7. TylerDurstPhotography

    TylerDurstPhotography in the house!

    Hi, everyone, some of you may or may not know who I am. My name is Tyler Durst, and I am a Louisiana photographer trying to make it big. Looking forward to sharing my work with y'all. A lot of the vehicles you see will probably look pretty familiar with a lot of them being members here! Any...
  8. C

    New from Louisiana. 09 NNBS Silverado

    Joined to get some recommendations!.. just kinda looking for that next little thing to help it stand out. What's done so far. 6/10 drop on American Racing 4's. Front: 4" upper and lower djm arms, 2" beltech adjustable strut assembly. Back: 6" Flip Kit, 2" shackles, and block. De-badged any and...
  9. R

    new from louisiana

    New member with 06 ccnbs 4/7 on 24s. Truck is a steady work in progress with a lot more plans :wave:
  10. 1lowOBS

    smurff bitch in the house

    im raven i like titties and trucks and i drive a dumb low static obs sierra
  11. L

    New guy from Baton Rouge, LA

    hey, names Logan. I drive a 01 silverado ext cab with a 4/7 drop on ss 20s. ss bumper cover, rollpan, shaved tailgate, debadged, color matched, 5% all around, 35% on windshield, magnaflow single turndown, cai, tb spacer, tuned, infinity components, kicker 12s, kenwood monoblock, alpine 4...
  12. Smith

    NNBS center console, grille, and some other random odds and ends....

    Copied most of these from my craigslist ads... Location: All items are in Shreveport, LA I have two gmc grilles. One has the chrome scratched up pretty good while the other is in pretty good shape and was only removed to replace with a different style grille. Was going to paint the chrome on...
  13. Smith

    How did you find us at CustomGm?

    Didn't know where to put this, saw it on another site and thought it would be a good idea on here to see where most members come from. Admin feel free to edit/move this to appropriate place :shake: Please take a moment to tell us all how you found this site. It's interesting to see all the...
  14. Low01silveradO

    New Guy Here

    Just joined. Referred by some fellow BR, LA area residents. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2