lift kit

  1. cvand789

    Lifted Laser Blue Metallic Silverado

    The time has come...I've got my eye on something else. It has been a great truck but it is time to make someone else happy. 5.3L Laser blue metallic special edition. Bose premium Audio Power adjustable pedals Bucket seats Dual zone automatic climate control LED dome lights LED...
  2. juanr_08

    For Sale: 99-07 silverado/gmc 2wd 4.5" rough country lift kit

    I'm selling a 4.5" rough country lift kit. Will only fit 2wd chevy/gmc. I'm asking $380 obo Comes with lift spindles, springs, rear blocks and all 4 shocks. Willing to ship as well. Dfw area
  3. low2thaearth

    Rant: New to me 2012 Silvy LTZ

    Some of you may of saw my post awhile back "in vehicles as they sit now" where my truck was totaled out. Finally got my truck paid off and everything settled with other guys insurance company and started the hunt for a new truck. Picked up a 2012 Silverado LTZ w/ 90k, a set of Helo 20x10 with...
  4. 0

    2002 Z71 Build

    New to the site so I decided I should post my truck build on here to get some ideas or advice on what to do. My truck is an 02 silverado 1500 bought it about a year ago now and I absolutely love the truck. The day I bought it, it was bone stock which is what I wanted. The truck being from MN had...
  5. T

    03' z71 What is the max height tires i can run with 2" leveling kit and 3" BL

    I have an 03' Z71 with keys (2" leveling kit) and am installing a 3" BL next week. I am also purchasing 18" rims soon. I want to know if I get the 18" rims possibly 10" wide how much offset do I run (-12 or -24) with no backspacing before they get to gawdy looking? Also with these rims and...
  6. B

    Lowering question help

    FIRST TIME DOING A LOWERING KIT. SORRY IF STUPID QUESTION lowered my 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4. Right now I think I have a 2.5 lift install our a level kit. Not sure. But from middle off the wheel it measures 23.5". From the top off the tires it measures 8" all around. I'm doing a...
  7. James Carmichael

    Nbs lift kit and other parts for sale

    Hey guys my truck was recently stolen and im selling the lift kit and other parts i never got to install on the truck. I have some readylift torsion keys with shock extenders im asking $180 obo Also have a zone 1.5 inch body lift. DOES NOT HAVE THE REAR BUMPER BRACKETS im asking $150 obo...
  8. stanced stepside01

    lifted stepside Z

    This is the build thread of my truck this is when it was completely stock Then detrimmed/detrimmed her and put a billet grille in wasn't high enough so put on a 6-7.5 superlift kit with the dual shocks and she got a fresh detail also got some cheap ebay lights that tarnished away...
  9. 0

    NNBS 4/7,6/9 drop parts and 24" replicas with 275/30r24 tires *FEELER*

    I will most likely be removing my lowering kit and 24" replica wheels in about a month due to wanting to go back to a lifted truck. Love the look of the lowered ride but it's just not practical down here in south Louisiana especially at the hunting camp. I've only had this kit installed for a...

    New Project 04 RCSB Silverado

    Well here's the new project. 2004 Silverado RCSB that was previously bagged and tubbed for 24s by the choppin block in 2007. - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - First thing to go was the stock cloth and center jump seats. I replaced them with the katzkin leather...
  11. James Carmichael

    James' 2006 ECSB z71 build

    First day I got it in October 2012 About 6 months months after I bought it. Everything was the same lol Leveling keys installed and cranked about 3/4 of the way. Shaved the tailgate Got some black 17 inch wheels. It stayed at this stage for a while since I couldnt make up my mind up...
  12. 04SSHD

    Project EZ-GO

    so this is what happens when you go to estate sales after drinking too much the night before...half in a daze not sure what's going on and all of a sudden you're the high bidder on a golf cart... It's a 2002 EZ GO 36v cart, just installed 6 new trojan batteries, added speed mod chip...
  13. BB

    6 Inch RCX NTD Lift 99-06 4x4

    For Sale - 6 inch Rough Country non torsion drop lift kit. I had this kit on my truck for about 6k miles. Reason for taking it off is to go bigger. Kit will come with everything pictured (including spindles), and the following NEW extras; Moog Tie Rod Ends (outers only), RCX Kicker Braces...
  14. J's super duty build thread. Full of 6.0 sickness's pile of junk super duty build I didn't make a thread on my silverado, so I guess I'll make a thread on my tow pig 06 F-350 Silverado is awesome after the cam and heads, but it doesn't quite fit the bill comfortable to tow the boat. So I picked this up. Little backstory on the truck- 1...
  15. A

    Hockey puck levelling kit? DIY

    Need a temporary hockey puck lift. Where would the hockey pucks go on my 05 sierra?
  16. cvand789

    New guy from Michigan

    Hello everyone. I'm active on a couple of different forums (GM Truck Club, GMFS), although I stay fairly quiet on GMFS and basically use it for research only. Upon doing some research I've landed here and have seen some really awesome trucks so I decided to join. A little about me and my truck...
  17. W

    For Sale: Zone 1.5" Body with rear bumper brackets

    Zone part numbers C9153 and C9908 1.5" body lift and rear bumper brackets Fits 03-05 silverado and sierra trucks. Zone Offroad 1-1/2" Body Lift Kit 03-05 Silverado/Sierra 1500 C9153 Less than 500 miles on the lift, just installed in October 2013 and truck has sat pretty much all winter...
  18. nickyreno

    How to: Large Fender Mod

    Just copying this post from Nor-Cal Nick. Thought it would be a good thing to have on CGM.
  19. DeanH1290

    Advice on lift for DD

    Been looking around this section for a bit and can't seem to find the answers I am looking for. Also wouldn't mind some outside advice. I'm looking at doing a small lift or level on my 2011 Silverado 1500. This truck is my DD and is also a family car at times, and I still need to be able to get...
  20. CodyZ71

    Suspension lifts?

    Does anybody know where I can find a 5 inch or a 5 4 suspension lift for a 2002 z71 ecrb? Sent from my A1-810 using Tapatalk