1. Tylers88

    2004 Impala LS aka the Impaler

    This will be a very minimal "build" and will be SLOW, basically some audio and maybe making it look nice. So year I decided I wanted a work car, well had a very used Impala pop up locally. Pretty much fit my requirements of working heat and air and ran good, so I scooped it up for $1800. Its a...
  2. B

    New guy from West Monroe

    Im Tyler Burnett (16) new from west monroe! My buddy Alex Best talked me in to joining. I have a 04 gmc sierra, 6" with 35" trail graps on 18"moto 962, debadged, hids and all leds,20" light bar on front bumper, cleared lights, and hydro dipped interior parts.
  3. A

    Roof Rack Thoughts Leveled '12 All Terrain on TBSS

    My Buddy with the Leveled 2012 All Terrain Picked up a roof rack to try out on it, thinking of a 50" light bar up front, and 20" out back being the main reason. Just stuck it up there, looking for some input. What do you guys think?
  4. T

    03 single cab sierra

    Victory red Paint matched bumpers Paint matched SS mirrors - powered Dark Tint Light scratches as any 11 year old truck would have No major dents/dings Spray in Bed liner in excellent shape HID's in highs/lows/fogs Interior - 9/10 Red LED gauge cluster back-lighting...
  5. R

    GM CD 6 Stereo

    has anyone here done a LED mod on this unit. I have it all apart and ready to install the LEDs, but not sure how they go as far as Anodes and Cathodes. Any help would be much appreciated. I've been on the net for a couple days now and can't find anything on it other than an older radio.
  6. Bootstrap

    Mini H1 demon eyes.

    For those of us who have mini H1s. I devised this fairly simple install for demon eyes. Oznium.Com superflux leds were used in my case. I Was wondering how to mount my leds for the demon eyes mod... Then it dawned on me, cable clamps! What do you know? It worked! Fairly clean install too...
  7. I

    00-02 OEM Trans Temp Gauge (without mileage reprogram)

    So you want to add a trans temp gauge to your 00-02 truck but don't want to have to get your mileage programmed? Here's what you'll need: 00-02 cluster with trans temp gauge (make sure its from a 6.0 with the 6k rpm) Soldering Iron/Solder Desoldering Iron Lots of patience some soldering...
  8. GingerCrew

    Led replacement bulbs

    Whats the skinny on where to order. I thought I seen someone say a website that you can order a kit with all the bulbs you need but that was a while ago Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  9. DeanH1290

    Dean's '11 Crew Cab Budget Build

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the forum here, but a long time GM fan. Started off with a '04 sierra, but moved up to my '11 crew cab over the holidays. Now on to the Build. This will be a very slow process for the time being, as I have no truck fund and don't have much extra to put towards mods...
  10. Skyk789


    I need some ideas on what else to do on my 2012 Graystone Metallic Z71? Things I have done already include: -5% Tint all around -Line X spray in bed liner -UWS low profile black toolbox -Leveling kit -Nitto Trail Grapplers -Blacked out all lights an badges -Removed Plastic door...
  11. nickyreno

    OEM Navigation Display

    I have the bright ass blue screen on my OEM nav. Is there any way to do an update, or mod the screen to the newer OS with the black backgrounds? Dimming just isn't enough at night.