1. marc

    2006 regular cab LBZ race truck

    so i have been struggling with the idea of making my crew cab short box lmm a diesel race truck but it is fully loaded and way too nice to cut up. this is why i bought the following truck: 2006 regular cab long box 220k mile, 2wd, lbz duramax, W/T this truck will probably not see the road...
  2. H

    Hulknastys 12 Denali Duramax Build

    Hey guys, As some of you may know I traded off my blue 06 lbz a couple weeks ago. Here is the new daily. 2012 Denali Duramax. Black on black. Came with every option except the rear tv. 50k miles on the clock and is exceptionally clean since it came from the las vegas area. Plans so far are...
  3. Wicked Mayhem

    For Sale: 2006 Sierra LBZ 86k miles - TX

    Looking to sell my 2006 2500HD GMC Sierra LBZ SLE2 86,8xx miles and goes up each week. Only drive about 120 miles a week generally. Bought the truck all stock in 7/2013 with 59k miles and has been deleted with all the performance stuff done since then. Truck was originally 2wd when I bought it...
  4. A

    FNG from indiana

    Just found this place. Have an 07 burb with the crappy afm 5.3. Was wondering about a 6.0 swap. Gas mileage wouldn't be much worse. Has a160k miles on it and is using a quart of oil in about 2k miles. Also have a couple duramax's as well.
  5. Col 10

    Col 10's 2014 Silverado

    As some of you know about 2 years ago I sold my 2010 Sierra and since then went through a few vehicles lol. I sold the Sierra and got a 2014 5.0 mustang and within 6 months I sold it and picked up a Lbz which after about a year I realized it wasn't what I wanted. But I picked up a 2014 Silverado...
  6. marc

    Marc's 2007.5 LMM SLT enhancement thread

    so as some of you may know i had sold my LBZ: so i was looking for a higher K LBZ or even an LB7 when this truck poped up for sale for a really low price. it is as the title states a 2007.5 gmc Sierra Denali 2500hd...
  7. A

    Austin's CCSB LML LTZ.

    Well I'm back in a GM and it feels so good. Was looking for another 3rd gen Dodge, but came to reality and decided to go back to class. Well I bought it completely stock on October 13, 2015 with a little over 64,000 miles. My plans: Remove Steps. Done. Remove valance. Done. Remove/sale tool...
  8. H

    Hulknasty's 2006 lbz duramax build

    Recently traded in my nnbs vmax crew cab and picked up a nice lt3 06 lbz. Its going to be a clean daily/toy hauler. As it sits it is leveled on 285 nittos. Has efi live dsp5 and straight piped. First step will be removing all of the hideous add ons.
  9. Chewy07

    Back to gas or stay green

    With the lmm for sale and hopefully will sell before end of the month comes my next issue. What to buy next. I wouldn't mind getting into a denali like daniels since I've always loved that color and its a 6.2 or some 6.2 nnbs , a nbs vmax or a n3bs 5.3. Or to still stay in the diesel game. I...
  10. THE Mook

    New ZL1 Dealer Save

    Morn, did a 2015 ZL-1 a couple weeks back. Spent 20 hours on the polish side. It looked about 85% better when it was finished. I have never seen a dealership essentially murder a factory paint job like that ever in my life. There are some deep scratches and other things (dealer installed)...
  11. 1brokekid

    RCSB vs ECSB/CCSB and 99-02 vs 03-07

    So I'm going to be in the market for another nbs truck here soon, with a budget of about $7500 max. Looking at 99-07 4.8/5.3 trucks but preferably an 03-07. I'm partial to single cabs as far as looks and performance goes, but I've been told I'll hate it after driving a crew cab for so long. Any...
  12. BOO5TED

    Garage Clean Out, random stuff

    Garage Clean Out, Gibson tips, Orion amp Located in the ATL area and all are OBO Gibson 500374 tips. Stainless, Polished, Slant, Non-Rolled Edge, 2.50 in. Inlet, 3.50 in. Outlet, 12 in. Long $55 99-07 Center hump carpet mat, charcoal. Used this for about three...
  13. slim

    New from MN

    Hey, someone by the name of temoney told me to check out this site so here I am. I'm on other forums also, so you might recognize the truck.
  14. BARBER

    Question about Escalade center console trim

    For the 03-06 Silverados with center consoles, the upper trim pocket/panel piece, will an Escalade piece go in and flow with the rest of the console? Link to said Escalade piece...
  15. M

    Le Canuck's 02 and 06 'Progress Threads'. Vmax and Dmax

    For a very long time now everybody keeps asking me why I don't make a build thread. So today - I'm bored - and here it is. For those who don't know I have an 02 HD front end obsession. My two trucks are always works in progress but one I'm getting quite happy with the result. So without further...
  16. Kyles03

    Kyle's 2007 Sierra 2500 LBZ build

    Before talking about the Sierra, I did sell the 03 Silverado 2 months ago. After 7 years of ownership, rust taking over, plus having an offer I couldn't turn down, it was time to sell. And.... A week or so later I found this one on craigslist. Went and looked at it, turned out to be...
  17. Chewy07

    Chewy's millenium dmax

    Alright guys new slate. 08 Gmc Sierra duramax. Its another ext cab yes but i love it. Here's whats done. 20x10 Eagle alloy wheels 5" exhaust with muffler DSP-5 with shitty ass longhorn tunes 6k hids low and highs black billet grille with the outsides painted white Frontier front end...
  18. Col 10

    2006 lbz

    Picked up a clean 2006 duramax cc over the weekend and as requested here is my build thread. This build will be pretty slow for the most part but will mod as i can. My plan is to do a clean leveled look since thats what setup i always return to (like my nnbs lol). The truck is self is pretty...
  19. Wicked Mayhem

    The road to 4wd...

    I always told myself if I ever bought a 3/4 ton diesel it would need to be 4wd, just because lol. Well I found my truck(06 CCSB LBZ) that was 2wd, low miles and really clean and I couldnt pass up the deal. So I settled for 2wd. I recently found a guy selling a totalled LLY. He cut the frame off...
  20. ITGuy

    ITGuy's 1972 Chevrolet Custom 350 C10 - Shop Truck / Noise Maker

    On a whim I purchased a 1972 Custom 350 C10 while on my way back through Vermont yesterday. I've always been a fan of the second generation trucks and stopped in to look at this shop truck. She's seen better days cosmetically with it's fender well rot, cracking bondo on the bed and a door that...