1. marc

    Marc's 2007.5 LMM SLT enhancement thread

    so as some of you may know i had sold my LBZ: so i was looking for a higher K LBZ or even an LB7 when this truck poped up for sale for a really low price. it is as the title states a 2007.5 gmc Sierra Denali 2500hd...
  2. yates

    Yates's Cummins SEMA Build

    Well I figured I did not get enough punishment last year and needed to stress for a few months again. 2014 Ram Laramie 2500HD MegaCab 6.7L Cummins Leather Nav etc. Pick from tonight right after picking it up. Rendering. Plans are an 8-10" Kelderman lift, 24x14 American Force Wheels...
  3. B

    Operation TallyHo

    Had a good friend call me and inform me he was shipping his 2010 Tahoe from out east to me. Specific instruction was that he wanted to lower the truck, and make it look stock/modded. Gave me a budget, and said he trust my decisions. Truck arrived today, and we started the work on it. ITs not...
  4. mruester

    New guy from lousiana

    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. Im 20 years old and attending college at the local state university, i also work part time at an autoparts store. Ive had my avalanche for roughly a year now and have gone though lifting lowering and everything in between. I have a love for automotives...
  5. T

    Truckin1081s 08 CCSB slow build thread!

    Truckin1081s 08 CCSB build thread! Well I couldn't wait to get my old truck sold before I pulled the trigger on a new to me one. Picked up this 08 Crew Cab Sierra SLT from a guy in West Memphis, AR. Haven't had much experience with the NNBS trucks yet so I'm pretty excited about it...
  6. A

    07 AVY LTZ bagged project help!

    Hey guys I'm new on the site and looking forward to meeting some other truck enthusiast. I am looking into getting my truck bagged myself but need some help on what all I will need to get the job done. If any fabrication is needed I got that coverd for the most part. From what I hear its 8,000...
  7. JennaBear

    2013 Graphite Blue Metallic Denali finally delivered!

    Love this color! Bad weather, sorry for the crappy pic, will get more when it clears up. Sent from a jelly bean.
  8. R

    New shoes on the Denali

    I've had this truck 6 months now and have tossed back a forth on what to do with a few times. I wanted to do a storm trooper so I PlastiDipped all of the chrome flat black and a few days ago got bored with it and peeled it all off. On Saturday I sold the OEM chrome Denali 20s after being...
  9. yates

    For Sale: 07 Yukon SLT

    07 Yukon SLT 4WD 5.3L, 85.5k miles New struts and springs in the front Newer tires Newer brakes Sunroof Leather with mid row captains, front and middle heated seats, 3rd row Rear entertainment Remote start Very nice SUV with all the options except navigation. Paint has minor blemishes but no...
  10. R

    08 Yukon Build Thread

  11. M

    Kelderman drop kit for GMT900's

    DAMN just saw that kit and would love to put it on the Yukon. I bet that shit is high dollar though.
  12. yates

    Yates's Yukon

    Figured I needed to put all this over here. Pretty much a time line of the Yukon. Right after the air ride was installed on factory 17's Factory 22's First set of 24's Sold the 24's and used my cousins factory 20's Full lift since you guys seem to like lifted trucks...
  13. yates

    Feeler: Kelderman Air Suspension

    I am contemplating trying to sell my Yukon with factory suspension so I am gauging interest in my air suspension if I go that route. Full bolt on air suspension for Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Denali, Avalanche, and the front will work on NNBS 1500 series trucks. I will repowder coat the suspension...
  14. SMiGGs

    Post the Truck you just cant quit looking at: