1. bayousam

    2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate (not a build but will end up being a build) Build

    Well anyone that follows any of my other crap knows I ended up selling my Audi RS5 and traded in my FX2 and picked up this 2017 GMC Denali Ultimate. Anyone wondering what an ultimate is it is GMC's way of saying Denali with every option offered. Picked it up from good ole Jimmy Skrait Pipes as...
  2. R

    New member!

    Hi everyone i'm a new member from south florida ,glad to be here.
  3. Tiki

    Aluminum wheel polishing

    I picked up my first set of Weld Cheyennes a few weeks back that were in decent shape but needed some work. I proceeded to wet sand 400,800,1000,2000 before finishing off with my Makita 9207spc with a wool pad and mothers aluminum polish. These wheels are never going to be perfect and I was...
  4. P

    New guy from KY

    Hey what's up guys and gals. New guy from KY like the title says, I mainly play with S-series vehicles but I grew up in a GM family. Currently own a 2002 Xtreme Blazer and 1999 GMC Envoy. Also own a 1966 C10, 283 Auto, Longbed, Big back glass truck in the middle of a frame off. Also have a 83...
  5. Dakota

    Goodguys Fort Worth 2016

    As most of you know, I went to goodguys this past weekend. Finally got around to uploading all of the pictures. There are a ton of them! Lol. On to the good stuff. Clean c10 built by autofab. Hale's speed shop trucks Sick blown ls powered 54 Bel air. Badass on so many levels. It...
  6. Khaos

    99-02 PW/PL Switch Wiring Question

    I'm going to be converting my '04 WT to power windows and locks (but not mirrors) using 99-02 panels and switches, due to the switches having internal relays and not needing to go through a BCM. I am also going to be running an exhaust cutout. My idea is to use the unused power mirror...
  7. 04SSHD

    Say hello to Jimmy...

    So I was working up in Reno this past week, and found this thing on CL as I was looking up cars for my boss to get his son to buy. I told my boss you need to pick this thing up, it's way under market value. I ended up telling him, you buy it or I will, and he ended up not buying it. So true...
  8. S

    Newb here.

    Hi all, new guy on here. I found this forum on tapatalk. I see lots of off road guys. Am I in the right place? My ride is a 1995 s10 blazer 4dr 2wd. 355 SBC,T350, 4.10's, full belltech suspension, line locks, and 2dr fuel tank to be able to accommodate custom side exhausts boxed through the...
  9. M

    14 sierra headers and tune

    Had Swg install and tune my 14 sierra. Runs very strong. 38 hp increase. 361 rwhp and 400 tq. Check out their fb page for pics. Matt
  10. Rjsk04

    Have to get new exhaust, help/opinions

    To add to my already bad day today I was in a hurry and got stopped for my pipes being too loud and got a ticket. The cop said he would drop the ticket if I put mufflers on my truck but I don't want to give up my straight pipes so I've started looking into e-cutouts. Right now I have true duals...
  11. G

    89 k5

    1989 GMC Jimmy SLE 350 TBI 700r4 it has a chip too Long tubes and new exhaust yea it drops panties 4" lift rancho shocks yea rs9000s 6 of them!!!!! rear sway bar for all that road course action Zero rust Killer Bumpers!!! Bad stuffs steering box has a bad bushing however I have a new box for it...
  12. wretched73

    Best Battery?

    The battery in my truck is getting old. It only has about another month or 2 before its time is up, judging by how long it is supposed to last and how old it is. So I just wanna find out what everyone would recommend replacing it with. I remember Optima was probably the biggest recommendation at...
  13. Slow05CC

    NewB From Central Texas

    Whats up guys/gals Been lurking around for a bit and wanted to sign up, so here I am. Here are a few pics of my sled ( It is a work in progress ) Few mods that are on the list to do this summer: 2/4 drop, esky handles, sss front bumper cover, cnc 243 heads and a tbss intake swap The...
  14. G

    89 k5

    Here is my old heep of metal. Its a 1989 GMC Jimmy with a sweet ass TBI 350 and 700r4. It has a chip, headers, bolt on chrome. Its kind of a hp machine. It was a Cali truck so there is no rust which is the main reason I bought it. There are dents but I will fix dent any day over rust...
  15. Nick_H5

    New guy from Louisiana

    Hi all my name is Nick and I have an obsession with Silverados. My personal is a 2009 on 35's with a 6" SuperLift. My passions are atv's and trucks along with circle track racing. I reside in West Monroe, yes I know them, no I don't quack.....,anyway here are a few photos:
  16. R

    Sixity wheel spacers

    Anyone using Sixity wheel spacers? Looks like theyre made from Silver 6061 Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum Alloy Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk
  17. GreyGhostz71

    Quick wheel shop

    Sent from Tapashit
  18. M

    Billet Polished Antenna

    I want a billet antenna polished antenna, bullet would be bonus. Paypal ready guys for nbs will pay well need it to finish ma build help me outtt
  19. Country_09

    Fgt stepside build

    Well I got the truck bone stock from my pops with the exception of the old man package steps and rails with true dual glasspacks. Drove it like this for remainder of high school unfortunately Not long after I graduated I went out and got me a levelin kit and some 33" toyos and x9 badlands...
  20. QbCennTenn

    New Guy

    Just wanted to introduce myself, hope I'm in the right section. If I'm not then feel free to use your obscenities! Anyways,this is my 2006 Silverado z71. 6" rough country lift with 20x12 Gear Alloy big blocks wrapped in 33x12.5 Toyo Open Country M/T. Thanks for having me. Sent from my iPhone...