1. THE Mook

    Mook's New (to him) Ride

    2014 Grand Cherokee Summit Hemi 4x4 I've already installed a new air controller. Also had Dean custom make some endlinks.
  2. TwistedWrangler

    Long time listener first time caller!

    Hello! I have read pages and pages of threads to the point where I am more confused than before I started. Here is what I have and want to do. 2005 Silverado 1500 crew cad 2 wd with 1 piece aluminum drive shaft. I have decided to go with the Mcgaughys 5/7 drop and run a 22x9's wrapped with...
  3. R

    STT Pro vs ST Maxx

    Looking for pros and cons on each. Pretty much set on one of the two in a 285/65/18 />Looks like they are pretty close in price and the STT Pro being a few bucks cheaper at a few places Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  4. slonlow2000

    Good quality clear NBS Sierra Headlights, Where to buy?

    What lights do you guys recommend, or have experience with? I know ebay has them but I want something decent in quality. Close to OEM mounting and clips. I'm doing a projector retrofit and need the clear lens. The Denali lights that were on my truck were aftermarket and did not come apart as...
  5. Tuckin15's

    New guy

    Hey everyone glad to be apart of this forum! I was referred to by dakota. I just picked up a 03 Sierra 4x4 ECSB with 174xxx miles for 3600 its my new daily I will post a thread for that and my project soon. My project is a 03 2wd ECSB s10 5.3/4l80e cam s475 turbo and other stuff I will post more...
  6. Krash

    New job

    So I got a new job working at a place called TRB motorsports in Carrollton Texas. We do lift kits lowering kits, audio, sell wheels and tires, and some performance work. So if you are in the area come check it out I can get y'all hooked up. [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Dirtmafia

    LS swap the Jeep JK they said...

    I work for an off road suspension manufacturer as many of you know. We specialize in Jeep JK's and Dodge HD suspension products. We're finally jumping on the LSX bandwagon and stuffing one in our 2-door. Many have done it before us, but this will be a learning experience. This 07' 2- Door...
  8. C

    Switch pannel

    Here's a switch panel I had a friend make for me for the over head console. I had to use a console out of a Yukon since I had a sunroof. I just took the rear air control out and he machined a piece of aluminum to fit. Now im going to have him make one for my Nitrous switches...

    BARBER's 2011 Chevy LML Duramax

    As we all know Shawn is still crying over the sale of his twin turbo'ed LB7 Duramax. But, it was time to an upgrade. That LB7 was the third extended cab I've owned and with me standing at 6'5" was time to get some "big boy pants" and get into a crew cab. I'm a fan of the LML motors and my...
  10. DemoN

    Demon's -14 RCSB build

    Threads for the truck are scattered around, but i decided (after seeing Sam's build thread) that i should keep a single thread chronicle of my build. i always regret not having one for hells1. so to catch the thread up-to-date: I purchased the truck in June of 2014. 2014 Reg Cab WT2. Cam with...
  11. Tylers88

    Tyler's snowmobile build(ish)

    Well some of you know from Facebook and the fapbox I was gifted a snowmobile last weekend. 1993 Polaris Indy XLT Special, special just means it has Fox shocks stock and not the junk throw away shocks, set of old school PSI Racing triple pipes, wired for egt gauges but gauge broke, studs and...
  12. kyleviau

    Hey guys ! New here

    Hey gents, new to the forums here. Keep it short as this is my daily driver and nothing too aggressive has been done.... Yet. 2007 GMC Sierra denali NNBS 2/3 belltech drop (spindles & shackles) Hids 6000k (currently retrofitting new ones) Escalade 22" rims for winter 22" 2015 slt chrome...
  13. THE Mook

    Detailed by Mook: Jeep GC Engine Bay

    Good Afternoon. Couple days ago my mom complained to me of a burning smell under her hood. I've never once cleaned this motor in the time she has had is more of a robo-wash kinda lady. Therefore up until this point, anything more than using that sucker as a test mule for the...
  14. Tylers88

    Pioneer AVIC x940bt

    Well the Impaler is gone, this won't fit the Jeep without a ton of dash mods so I'm selling my AVIC. It's in great shape overall, there is one light scratch, some minor fading on the buttons but nothing that effects performance/usage. Love this headunit but 2 cars needing tires and a newborn...
  15. Huck

    SEMA 2014 pics

    Finally got home and getting the pics uploaded. I took around 500 so it took a while lol. We stayed at the Riviera down near the convention center, didn't get to see a whole lot of Vegas between working the show and networking afterwards but one night me and one of the other guys walked the...
  16. jonmx477

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build ]Figured I might as well put up a build thread. First page will be a pic explosion of the last few years. Most of it will be copied from an old thread but hopefully there will be some info that people can take from it. Specs: Dixon Bros 4x4...
  17. Slow05CC

    Best way to get a rear 5" drop on a CC with welded hangers

    I have a 2005 Crew cab and it currently has a gansta drop ( cut springs, shackles and center leaf removed ) that sits about 2/4ish. I want to add the the leaf back and possibly get a flip kit. I want to use a mcgaughys or belltech kit but they only offer a 4" or 6" drop with their flip kits...
  18. Nick

    Nicks new 2014 Chevy

    Traded the 09 in and picked this up. 2014 5.3 2WD Crew cab tungsten metallic Heated seats Black cloth Full center console And some Other goodies. Plans are to keep it simple with level, tint and tires later on. One last pic of the old lady
  19. yates

    Plug and play remote start review

    May not be the correct section for this but thought it might be helpful to a few members here. My GF has been complaining about wanting a remote start for her POS Pontiac G6 so I agreed to buy her one and install it for her bday (only a month late but who's counting?). I have installed a few...
  20. Jared

    D/FW G8 group Gas Monkey meet

    We had a good turnout, and still missing 4-5 cars at least.