1. marc

    can i get some help on my LED drl lights on 2007.5 2500hd.

    hello all i was wondering if i could get some help. i have had my drl's working properly before but now they are being stupid. i shot a little video. this video show the signals working both as 4-ways and as left and right signal. the passenger side is working as it should. the...
  2. low2thaearth

    Rant: New to me 2012 Silvy LTZ

    Some of you may of saw my post awhile back "in vehicles as they sit now" where my truck was totaled out. Finally got my truck paid off and everything settled with other guys insurance company and started the hunt for a new truck. Picked up a 2012 Silverado LTZ w/ 90k, a set of Helo 20x10 with...
  3. 0

    2002 Z71 Build

    New to the site so I decided I should post my truck build on here to get some ideas or advice on what to do. My truck is an 02 silverado 1500 bought it about a year ago now and I absolutely love the truck. The day I bought it, it was bone stock which is what I wanted. The truck being from MN had...
  4. J

    2006 Silverado VMax

    I really do not want to sell this truck, but I have no room at my house nor time for this truck. I bought this truck from Zero (Will Andes) back in 2011 and only added longtubes to it. Currently the longtubes (with no cats) are installed, but I'm planning on swapping back to stock exhaust...
  5. Wadsworth77

    Larrys 6.2

    Decided to start a thread Current things I have done to it consist of 2.5 level 1.5 body color matched tows and tail gate Handel also black bumper caps black 13 grill with Billit bow tie 20x10 fuels and 295 toyo mt 15% tint all the way around with brow 20 in led bar in bumper slot and 5 k Hid...
  6. S

    04 Sierra from BC

    6.0 2500hd Not sure if this should be an intro or build thread, it isn't much of a build regardless. If all else this will let me keep track of the truck. Bought it last december with a blown np261 for $1200. Base model work truck that had been treated as a work truck. Unfortunately don't...
  7. Oktain

    Canadian RCSB build.

    So here's the original thread, but since it was mostly BS and dreaming about what my plans were, I decided to start a new thread. http://customgm.com/under-construction/8881-sbm-sierra-rcsb-build-thread-sort-anyway.html OKAY. SPECS: 2015 GMC Sierra Z71 SLE 5.3L 4x4 3.42 gears...
  8. Cschaefferopk

    2013 Silverado

    As my first real truck purchase, i picked up a 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 Thunder Edition. Looking for suggestions on the exterior, its my daily driver so not going too crazy. First thinking about a 2.5 inch lift so I can put a bigger/aggressive tire on it, along with some new rims. Thinking...
  9. cknox121

    03 Tahoe

    Picked this up yesterday. Got a pretty good deal for it I think. Plans are to fix it up, drive it a while then sell. Good-fully loaded z71 Tahoe, 2 tone interior, sun roof, heat and power front seats, no third row, only 115k miles, aftermarket head unit, leveled, paint to match. Bad- little...
  10. Jared

    hid question for G8

    So, when I had the Sierra, I bought the TRS harness for my Denali lights, bought shitty DDM hid that were trash. Bulbs got tossed, and the ballast were used for maybe 5 minutes. Will these same ballast work with Morimotos? I was told they won't. Also, will the harness work? If not, am I...
  11. Jake747

    TBSS 402 Build AWD

    Whelp, here it is. It's already built but still adding a few things here and there with some new changes coming soon. I bought the truck 3 years ago Memorial Day absolutely stock with no plans to keep it that way. I can't leave shit alone. Anything. So here's the mod list as it sits now...
  12. Ginger

    How to Retrofit your Denali Headlights.

    Here is my How to on retrofitting the factory Denalis. My write up is a little different as i was re-retrofitting, so removing the projector from the housing is similar but a little different. the parts you will need are (2) Aftermarket Morimoto 6.0 Projectors (8) 8-32 bolts that...
  13. Skyk789

    Fender Flares?

    I recently ordered 2" wheel spacers, so now I'm looking to order some fender flares that would look the best paint matched. I have a 2012 Chevy Z71, it has a leveling kit, 33" Nitto Trail Grapplers, Line-X Bed liner, Debadged, Demolded, Aftermarket Headlights, Blacked out tails/3rd brake, HID's...
  14. 5

    06 ccsb

    Got rid of the 14 rcsb, and got something with a lil more room, and in all honesty i missed the gmt-800 plat form. heres the start, found a single owner 2006 CCSB with a 5.3 and 118k miles on the clock. right when i brought it home first thing was to remove that ugly bug deflector...
  15. kyleviau

    Hey guys ! New here

    Hey gents, new to the forums here. Keep it short as this is my daily driver and nothing too aggressive has been done.... Yet. 2007 GMC Sierra denali NNBS 2/3 belltech drop (spindles & shackles) Hids 6000k (currently retrofitting new ones) Escalade 22" rims for winter 22" 2015 slt chrome...
  16. HackMcMaster

    shaving mirror caps

    Just got my puddle lamp mirrors yesterday. I'd like to shave the mirror caps since I'm going to paint them. I was going to fiberglass and bondo it but I'm worried it's not going to bond well to the plastic
  17. Aguilar69

    newbie and have questions

    newbie from houston, Tx. currently just purchased a 2014 silverado texas edition 5.3 LT. thinking of raising it 2" with 33s just to look nice. im colormatching the front and rear bumpers with handle sometime before winter is done. my question is i want to upgrade the bulbs for reverse...
  18. marc

    LED head light bulbs? any info/details on them ?

    so i am part of a diesel group in BC and they keep posting shit about LED headlights. these: PlasmaGlow Igniters LED Headlight Bulbs - Best Price on PlasmaGlow LED Headlight Conversion Kit are these comparable to HID's? any of you run these? any better kits out there? the...
  19. M

    Pic request: CGM treatment nnbs sierras

    So my cousin just bought an nnbs sierra crew cab and I'm trying to give him ideas to clean it up abit, (tint, debadge, hid, maybe level) You guys have any pictures I can show him so maybe I can get the ball rolling on this truck? btw cgm treatment is new thing fuck gmfs
  20. TechieTruckGuy

    Weird HID issue

    For the past year my brother's truck (06 ccsb) has had a weird HID problem. For some reason the passenger side HID doesn't always want to fire. I've tried changing the bulbs and the ballasts. I've ran the HIDs on both the stock headlight harness as well as a relay kit. Anyone have an idea of...