1. Bootstrap

    New toy

    Picked up this 2010 Grand Sport. 6.2l, 6 speed, dry sump bone stock. 37k miles. I've had it tinted already and installed a new shift knob. Slp loudmouths are on the way. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  2. R

    New member!

    Hi everyone i'm a new member from south florida ,glad to be here.
  3. THE Mook

    Mook's New (to him) Ride

    2014 Grand Cherokee Summit Hemi 4x4 I've already installed a new air controller. Also had Dean custom make some endlinks.
  4. K

    New From Holy Toledo!

    Hey Everyone, Wanted to quick introduce myself. The name's Kyle and I am a new truck owner. I have merged through the years starting with honda's, then Jeeps, then cars with more power. I have finally been able to get my hands on my dream truck, a 2005 Silverado 1500 4x4 Crew Cab, and am in...
  5. Dirtmafia

    LS swap the Jeep JK they said...

    I work for an off road suspension manufacturer as many of you know. We specialize in Jeep JK's and Dodge HD suspension products. We're finally jumping on the LSX bandwagon and stuffing one in our 2-door. Many have done it before us, but this will be a learning experience. This 07' 2- Door...
  6. CammedVmax

    Ryan's 1500hd

    So I got rid of my g35 for this truck. It's an 03 Chevy 1500hd lq4/4l80e lt3. Charcoal leather, rear dvd and all. Got it for payoff on my car which was right at 6k so I'm not complaining at all since it books well above that even in rough condition. Plans for it are Demold/lose 4x4 sticker...
  7. D1nman

    D1nman's 2000 Chevy Impala mild race beater build

    Ok i drive a ton and have almost hit 200k on the denali. dont want to do that. bought a 2000 impala monday for $700. Guy said a/c didnt work at all, went and charged it up and its as cold as my denali if not colder. driver window is the only one that rolls down. cloth. base model. 167k miles...
  8. A

    A-Fuso's RCSB 6.0 Build

    So my brother and I picked up a friend's truck that's been off the road for a while. It is a regular cab F-350 6.0 Diesel, cab and chassis truck that originally had a hoof trimming chute on it and then a flatbed. This truck has a 9' frame, so when my buddy bought it he wanted to put a longbed...
  9. 7

    New to the group!!!

    Hey everyone I'm new to the group and I'm needing a little help. I've got a 77 c10 2wd lwb and I'm going to put a 3/4 drop what size wheels and tires should I run? I was thinking 20x10 rear and 18x8 front. Anybody think something different would look good?
  10. Trann14

    New member from Flint, MI

    Hey everyone, I joined here a few months back to check it out. Seems like a great group of guys here and some awesome trucks! I currently drive an '06 Grand Prix but looking to get into a truck later this year. Been checking out all the different vehicles here and getting ideas and how-to's...
  11. GR$$N$

    20" tahoe wheels and tires

    Selling the 20s of the wifes tahoe. Good condition. 275/55r20 michelin tires. About 75% tread left. Located in southern california. Willing to ship on your dime. Lets just say 1500 obo
  12. J

    New to the forum from Michigan

    New to the forum but its my understanding a lot of GMFS members are here too. That's been my normal hang out for the past years but winter months got me bored and exploring lol Old truck I was known for New truck as of December So far just colormatched tows and bumper pads its a 2011 ltz...
  13. ScottyBoy

    Cammed LQ9 budget?

    What kind of money would I realistically be looking at to put a mild cammed LQ9 or LQ4 in my truck? I will need to purchase a good running low mile engine and then the parts for the cam swap, some long tubes, and I'm sure a few other parts. Can I realistically do this for around $3500 or less...
  14. Alecks

    Intel i7/nVidia Gaming PC

    Sup ladies, West Monroe LA, you pay shipping if shipping, will drive to meet close, $800, well over a grand in parts. If you are interested, shoot me a PM Specs: Motherboard: EVGA Z68 FTW edition CPU: Intel i7-2700k Quad Core processor @ 4.0GHz CPU Cooler: Corsair H70 Core in Push/Pull with...
  15. F

    wake up

    Lt headers, and a wide ban tune on my 4.8 do you guys think that will wake it up a little bit? Is there anything else I should do?
  16. Jared

    Eagle f1 supercars

    Got a deal on a set of 275/35/18 for $100. Anyone ran these before? Reviews are kinda bad. It's the gen2 style.
  17. Nick

    Nicks new 2014 Chevy

    Traded the 09 in and picked this up. 2014 5.3 2WD Crew cab tungsten metallic Heated seats Black cloth Full center console And some Other goodies. Plans are to keep it simple with level, tint and tires later on. One last pic of the old lady
  18. roundsy

    roundsy's 05 Hoe Build

    I've been searching around for a new DD to wheel for the winter since I'm trying to keep the salt off of my RCSB. I was fine with either a nbs/nnbs 4x4 Sierra/Silverado CCSB, an avy or a Tahoe/Yukon, basically something I could put my 2 dogs in. I found this on the local CL over the weekend and...
  19. thz71

    New here!

    Hey guys I'm new to this site haven't done much browsing yet but I'll post what everyone wants to see pics! Haha First is my baby a 1995 1500 Next I picked this up yesterday a 2005 2500 HD with no brakes and slight front end damage. It's a 6.0 with the 80e Next is my DD a lightly modded 2006...
  20. 07sierraclassic

    Truck leaks like hell

    Like the interior. So it's done it a few times before like water will leak thru the sunroof if I go thru the car wash or occasionally while driving in heavy rain. But I went out for break today and the whole drivers side of the headliner is soaked and dripping all over my seats.. I check to make...