1. BigBoi

    Armalaser TR5 pistol laser

    Mint condition Armalaser pistol sight. Fits glock 42/43. Awesome laser but I'm not going to run it when concealing. Shot maybe a box of ammo through the gun with laser mounted. Bought it brand new for $110. Selling for $75 shipped. Located in St George SC. (Two holes are where the screws...
  2. 2

    How to declad GMC 20s

    Most of you know I scored a set of NNBS GMC 20s...didnt see anything on here on how to declad, so here we go. I started off with these wheels, doesnt matter if you have the same ones I do or the other clad version, theyre the same wheel underneath. "Other" rimps...again, wont matter as long...
  3. Jared

    glock barrel for sale/trade

    Looking to sell, or trade my G23 9mm conversion barrel. Looking for a threaded 9mm conversion barrel only. $100
  4. WildChevys

    Streamlight TLR-2 weaponlight

    I'm selling my Streamlight TLR-2 weapon light/laser. It's in perfect condition and is fully functional. Asking $150 shipped. mounted on my M&P 40
  5. 04SSHD

    Pioneer Double DIN AppRadio 2 SPH-DA100 REVIEW

    Just got a KILLER deal on this Pioneer Double DIN for my F250. The radio retails at Best Buy for $499, I did a quick google search, and asked the Geek Squad techs what they thought about the radio. Almost ALL of the reviews were bad, and just about EVERY employee said NOT to buy it. If you...
  6. Jared

    WTT: Glock 19

    I've decided to part with my wife's Glock 19. It is in like new condition, never carried, and has less than 500 rounds through it. She qualified for her CHL with it, and took it to a class today for additional training/scenarios. It just isn't a good fit for her. I added the extended mag...
  7. Jared

    Glock holster 17/19/22/23 and similar even 1911

    I bought two of these hybrid holsters. The backing is leather as you can see, and the holster material is kydex. I can't justify keeping both as I don't use them for anything more than a night stand holster. Yes, 1911's can fit, although I don't recommend using them as an appropriate holster, I...
  8. Jared

    Gun porn

    Seeing as no one pays attention to the firearms is my gun porn to date wife's are on left, mine on the right 100% built this gun I should have planned it better, that is her shotgun, and rifle, on the left, her LCP second from the top, her Glock on the right side.
  9. Jared

    FS/FT: Glock 27 (dfw)

    3rd gen, used G27... 4.5# trigger mag extensions-and originals factory night sights $550 I will get further pics tomorrow WILL TRADE FOR SIG ULTRA COMPACT 1911 Also have a hybrid (leather/kydex custom holster)$585 package deal $45 if sold separate $600 trade value. You can choose...
  10. Jared

    WTT Glock 19 lonewolf barrel (DFW)

    I bought the barrel for my wife's G19, but she hasn't ever used it. It is USED, as I ran 20 or so rounds through it to test functionality. I got on trade yesterday a G27, so I am looking for a conversion barrel for it. I may consider just selling, but for the time being, trade only.
  11. Squat and Poot

    TX LNIB Glock 27 Gen 4

    I am selling my glock 27 to buy a bigger gun in a 9mm. I love this gun and there is nothing wrong with it at all. Everything is stock and has 400 rounds through it Info on Glock 27: Glock 27 | GLOCK USA Extras it comes with: 3.5lb connector - never put in this gun Night Sights...