1. Z

    New from Houston (Sugar Land area)

  2. TheBrettster

    2000 Firebird Build

    I've recently acquired 2000 Pontiac Firebird T-Top 3.8 V6 POS. I want to keep the miles off the 6.2 and want something i can romp around in and drive places without caring about millage. Plans: LS1 or LQ4 swap Beef up the 4l60 LT's BTR Cam 243 Heads Depending on year 2001+ intake or Fast LSX...
  3. GingerCrew

    Important!: Sig Por Favor!!

    if someone could help me out, mucho appriciation is in order!

    new kid from cali

    Mobile Photobucket My 2000 silverado on its way to being a baby Hd
  5. Gannon

    MAN ToY Somebody please call this guy and figure out what this ''man toy'' is. :lol:
  6. Cheeny23

    NNBS Mirrors

    Came off 2010 nnbs cc Specs: Power Adjustable Chrome Cap Heat - Yes Powerfold - No Turn - No Location: Bakersfield, Ca Pic: selling for a friend. $200 obo
  7. CHAGO

    Interesting... double sunroof...

    Saw this one facebook from a guy that does sunroofs here in Houston:
  8. smkdbyagrl

    Moving from GMFS....

    Was told to come over here, so hello everyone!
  9. Jared

    Opinion on wheels

    I've been debating, and debating really HARD! I think I am going to run billets over doing any more performance mods. There are just too many fast trucks out here, and I am sure I would rarely go to the track, and end up getting more tickets than I care to have (don't have that peyton pull)...
  10. E

    New guy from OK

    hey gais, new to the site but not new to forums. fagured I'd introduce myself. I've got a 2012 Chevy DMAX. Lots of good info on this site, cant wait to learn! :facepalm: seriously, fuck you niggers re-edited by Ed4x4