1. Cheeny23

    2013 GMC 2500hd DMAX Build

    Well, picked this up today. 2013 GMC Sierra 2500hd SLT, black leather interior, nav with backup cam and convenience pkg as well as a spray in bed liner. Truck only has 9k on the clock, practically brand new. Keeping the plans for this simple: Not Bought: Cognito 4-6 front lift Kelderman...
  2. Z

    New From GA: ZachH06

    New here from GA. I'm new to this forum and the forum world in general. I have two gm trucks; one being a 2006 nbs CCSB, and the other a 1987 R10 rcsb. In this thread, I will post pics of both of them and the progress I've made on them since I've had them. I've had the nbs for a little over a...
  3. marc

    what is causing my lights to do this ?

    ok so i did a DRL delete like the youtube video posted and now this is happening just wondering what i causing it and how do i fix it ?
  4. jonmx477

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build ]Figured I might as well put up a build thread. First page will be a pic explosion of the last few years. Most of it will be copied from an old thread but hopefully there will be some info that people can take from it. Specs: Dixon Bros 4x4...
  5. dszx13

    Signature help?

    I only have a phone and tried uploading a pic on the website but won't work :/ Can anyone combine these too and make it look awesome. Lol. And throw my screen name in somewhere? I'd appreciate it.
  6. Rjsk04

    Have to get new exhaust, help/opinions

    To add to my already bad day today I was in a hurry and got stopped for my pipes being too loud and got a ticket. The cop said he would drop the ticket if I put mufflers on my truck but I don't want to give up my straight pipes so I've started looking into e-cutouts. Right now I have true duals...