1. Slow05CC

    What Next!!!

    My current mods are in sig. Me and a few of my buddies went down to San Antonio and ran the trucks. Mine ran a best of 14.85@93. Seems a bit slow but I also have a crew cab. Just wondering what you guys though about that time first off. Secondly, I am looking at some new mods! Trying to get...
  2. Z

    2006 NBS Silverado CCSB build

    Starting build thread for my 2006 Silverado. This thread will be slow because my squarebody is my priority at the moment. Check it out. I've done a good bit to it since I got it, but I will start from where it's at as of now. Here it is... Simple
  3. Z

    '87 R10 Squarebody Build

    Here we go. Starting a build thread for my 1987 R10 Square-body RCSB 2wd. Some ish is happening this weekend, and I will post a lot of pictures afterwards. After this weekend though, this thread may move slow. Not sure yet though. Stay tuned, talk shit, compliment, complain, all is welcome...
  4. S

    Lug hole damage from attempted theft?

    Can this be fixed? They don't make the boss 313 anymore ugh! Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  5. Smith

    5th annual CGM Shreveport meet pic thread...

    Post away fellas!
  6. 04SSHD

    Say hello to Jimmy...

    So I was working up in Reno this past week, and found this thing on CL as I was looking up cars for my boss to get his son to buy. I told my boss you need to pick this thing up, it's way under market value. I ended up telling him, you buy it or I will, and he ended up not buying it. So true...
  7. S

    Removing plastidip on chrome rims?

    What's the best method, picked these up for a good deal to put on my Tahoe. Heard about wd40... Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  8. C

    Switch pannel

    Here's a switch panel I had a friend make for me for the over head console. I had to use a console out of a Yukon since I had a sunroof. I just took the rear air control out and he machined a piece of aluminum to fit. Now im going to have him make one for my Nitrous switches...
  9. SamCarroll

    Another GMC Sierra Detail

    2006 Sierra. I did this customers Yukon last year as well. This time he wanted his Sierra buttered up. Its his daily driver so as you could imagine there was quite a bit of contaminants and some refinery fall out from around the area. This truck already came in great shape so there wasnt a huge...
  10. P

    NEW from Cincinnati

    New to wanted to intruduce myself and my Silverado SS
  11. E

    Retrofitting NNBS fogs

    Had some old offroad led lights laying around so figured i wanted to try and put the leds in my stock fog light housing. Let me know wat y'all think. led lights I'm using fresh paint and led mounted lens sealed back on - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - -...
  12. slicksierra

    Help me get free stuff

    So here's the deal. It's a referral program from Detailed Image, except you don't have to buy anything all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and that's a credit toward free detailing supplies. So if you detail your own truck or vehicles check this site out, and sign up for that...
  13. D1nman

    2009 6.2 Denali engine noise

    Sounds like top end noise, I was driving and it was doing fine, pulled up at a buddies, turned it off and then cranked it up and it makes this noise now. No noise at all before. Good oil pressure. Extreme loss of power and truck shakes bad now. Oil is good.
  14. F

    Converting kp bushed bar ends to heims

    So since installing, I've been tearing up bushings every couple of months. I never hit sides. So I went ahead and changed out the bar ends to heims, for a little bit of articulation. I can't do the uppers just yet, because to set pinion I had to extend them more threads than a regular heim...
  15. Oktain

    SBM Sierra RCSB build thread... Sort of anyway.

    First post is essentially just making it official. I've put my order in for a 2015 SBM (Stone Blue Metallic) Sierra Z71, RCSB. Options I went with: - Trailer brake controller - trailering equipment and 3.42's instead of 3.08's - jet black interior - backup camera - 20's (All terrain are not...
  16. GingerCrew

    GingerCrews RCSB

    What's up fellas. Those who follow me on IG know the diesel is gone and has been replaced with this. I had my reasons... This one is a 03, 4.8 2wd arrival blue, 3:73s yada yada Day I picked it up Cleaned it up and swapped wheels from the 14 and got it tinted 10% sides 5% rear Got the 4/6 on...
  17. 1brokekid

    ABS issues

    Ok so I've been fighting ABS issues ever since blew a brake caliper seal and installed the new one, then bled the brakes. I bled them the old school way, without thinking about the abs at all. Ever since then the ABS light has been on. Had a code for the front wheel speed sensor, which I...
  18. BigBoi

    Bigboi's 2015 Colorado thread

    Instead of posting tid bits here and there, I'll make a thread. 2015 Colorado LT ext cab 2wd Day I brought it home After tint, valence removal, and 2" AutoSprings leveling kit And how she sits now after debadging In the middle of fixing some issues. Did get the hood flutter fixed. For...
  19. Fastnloud5.3

    HELP! Stuck in 4lo

    99 nbs. When it first shifted i got service 4wd light amd no lights on the switch. I shut the truck off and started it again, 4lo light is on and the tcase is in 4lo. I push the 2hi button, it flashes, i hear the encoder motor try to make the switch twice but it fails every time. Its my dd and I...
  20. marc

    2014+ GMT1000 rear bumper on NBS. thoughts.

    so i strolled across this on my local reck neck fb group. and was kind of intrigued i think the bumper almost looks better on the nbs then the 2014+ models. thoughts?