1. Scooter26

    03-07 seat memory troubleshooting

    Who has memory seats in there 03-07 silverado, sierra, Tahoe, suburban, ex. Does your memory system save the position you chose? When I save my desired position and try to select it a few days later, it goes to a completely different position. Although if I push the button within a day or so it...
  2. Rjsk04

    Anyone seen these lights?

    I've never seen a light bar with this done to it until I saw this, has anyone ever seen anything like this or know what it is? Would like to know about the cubes in the mirrors too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Vince Emmons

    Updated pics

    Went to my local lakefront and lunch with friends. So I took some pictures
  4. CammedVmax

    Best electric cutout

    I know a few of y'all have cutouts, I'm gonna be redoing my exhaust here soon hopefully and putting an electric cutout in it. Which one do some of y'all like the best? Like as far as not leaking and everything. Sent from Tapashit
  5. S

    3M Eraser Wheel: Great Product

    I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado in really good shape. When I bought the truck in 2011 it came with these door moldings, but they looked really discolored and I wasnt really a fan of them. Found some posts online about the 3M Eraser Wheel, and it made the process of removing the adhesive easy...
  6. Huck

    SEMA 2014 pics

    Finally got home and getting the pics uploaded. I took around 500 so it took a while lol. We stayed at the Riviera down near the convention center, didn't get to see a whole lot of Vegas between working the show and networking afterwards but one night me and one of the other guys walked the...
  7. GingerCrew

    GingerCrews 2014 Sierra thread

    Sup ladies. For those who don't already know I traded the nbs in for this NNNBS lol. First off its a 14 Sierra SLT with black leather, 2wd with driver alert package. I've never owned a brand new vehicle before so this is awesome to me. As far as mods go, not really sure yet. I kinda...
  8. Z

    New From GA: ZachH06

    New here from GA. I'm new to this forum and the forum world in general. I have two gm trucks; one being a 2006 nbs CCSB, and the other a 1987 R10 rcsb. In this thread, I will post pics of both of them and the progress I've made on them since I've had them. I've had the nbs for a little over a...
  9. jonmx477

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build ]Figured I might as well put up a build thread. First page will be a pic explosion of the last few years. Most of it will be copied from an old thread but hopefully there will be some info that people can take from it. Specs: Dixon Bros 4x4...
  10. DemoN

    what a fun day with the new truck..

    walk out of work yesterday to this... great. i try to air it up with a cheap little compressor, but that didn't work worth a fuck. i have a spare, but i'm at work where i have access to a bit more than i would on the side of the road. so i enlisted the help for some of my...
  11. F


    I just want you guys opinions on these 2 products before I hit the buy buton please Performance Parts - 1999-2006 GM Truck & SUV - Engine - Pulleys - Tick Performance, Inc. Texas Speed & Performance 1-3/4" Stainless Steel 1999-2007 Truck Headers
  12. Adjusted

    Adjusted's 1990 K5 Blazer Project

    Have been on the lookout for a new (another) project for the last 5 months or so. I wanted something different from the bagged '01 this time. I feel like I cant take it anywhere, get afraid to leave in in a parking lot, drive it on non-paved roads, take it to the river/tailgating/etc after all...
  13. FreeWilly!


    These guys are complete scum! I have brand new unused product I want to take back. I even offered to drive the stuff up there. Their supposed return policy is 2-3 weeks maybe I'll get my money back! But what's better is the VP will hang up on you, and Carrie will personally insult you. I...
  14. R

    misfire question

    Awhile ago I installed pacesetter LT headers and right after I had a misfire issue and replaced the sparks and wires, then my headers burned through the wires so I replaced those again and put heat sleeves over them, and tonight my truck started another misfire issue. as far as I could tell none...
  15. Vince Emmons

    My 2008 Sierra

    4 door <<<< the billet wheels I bought from my buddy. Pick them up this Saturday
  16. marc

    in need of 305/50/20 cooper ZEON LTZ best price

    hello all, i have recently bought some 20" denali rims for my truck, i was thinking of just running the stock 265/70/20's on my truck but i might be able to sell those for decent money since they only have 2000 miles on them. So i am looking for a good price on a 305/50/20 cooper Zeon LTZ...
  17. CzerniS17

    New here from Buffalo...

    New here, found this site through another forum (GMFS). Some of you might recognize my truck: Current mods are: Exterior: RC Leveling Kit 20x10 Ultra Predators 295/55/20 Nitto Trail Grapplers eBay Cleared Headlights OEM Foglight Kit Morimoto 5k HIDs in Headlights and Fogs DL3 Mirrors 6k...
  18. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2002 LB7

    Got this truck back in July. Gonna post progress pics in here. Here is how I got it. 02 LB7, ECSB, 4x4, LS, 138k, mostly stock, ugly af Dem rims tho De-molded, removed toolbox Cut off fgt tip, de-badged, esky tailgate which is now gone Swapped front end off my gasser Cleaned it up a...
  19. D

    SCG Detailed: 2010 750Li XDrive

    I had been waiting for a good 'test subject' to perform a full paint correction on using the new SCG Pro polishes and luckily this 750Li belongs to a friends dad. Lots of swirled up paint (forgotten how big these 7 series actually are) to show what the polishes are capable of and since the job...
  20. GR$$N$


    i dont rememeber who had access to this as a living but i want to get all the wood grain in the tahoe hydro dipped. anyone remember who it was or a good place to send it to to get it done? i havnt found anyone really local to me