1. N

    Looking for a few obs parts

    I picked up a 95 Sierra last month it's got 3" springs in front the guy said, not really sure if they are though. The back has something I'm not familiar with that lowers the front leaf spring mounts to drop them, says its 4" in back and I don't think so.. I would like to put spindles on the...
  2. C

    new to forums, need help with some ?'s

    If anyone could help me out it would be much apriciated. I'm new to this whole forum thing and I'm about to do a drop to my truck. I just got into the whole truck scene after I moved to houston 3 years ago. I'm a collision tech so I do have some knowledge with working around cars but I only have...

    BARBER's 2011 Chevy LML Duramax

    As we all know Shawn is still crying over the sale of his twin turbo'ed LB7 Duramax. But, it was time to an upgrade. That LB7 was the third extended cab I've owned and with me standing at 6'5" was time to get some "big boy pants" and get into a crew cab. I'm a fan of the LML motors and my...
  4. D

    '01 RCSB 4x4 Project

    What's up guys. Haven't posted here in a few years, but some of y'all might remember my green truck: Lowered 4x4, cammed 6.0, longtubes, converter, built trans, blah blah blah. Ran low 13s at 100mph, but was rusty as fuck and giving me issues constantly. The plan was to limp it until summer...
  5. Bagged_Sierra

    Little update

    Not alot has changed on my 13 Sierra till now so I figured I would show you guys whats going on with it as of right now. Ordered some 26" Chrome Versante 225 wheels and tires that came in yesterday. I got my rendering almost finished, and dropped the truck off last night for paint. He said he...
  6. 1brokekid

    RCSB vs ECSB/CCSB and 99-02 vs 03-07

    So I'm going to be in the market for another nbs truck here soon, with a budget of about $7500 max. Looking at 99-07 4.8/5.3 trucks but preferably an 03-07. I'm partial to single cabs as far as looks and performance goes, but I've been told I'll hate it after driving a crew cab for so long. Any...
  7. Tylers88

    Tyler's snowmobile build(ish)

    Well some of you know from Facebook and the fapbox I was gifted a snowmobile last weekend. 1993 Polaris Indy XLT Special, special just means it has Fox shocks stock and not the junk throw away shocks, set of old school PSI Racing triple pipes, wired for egt gauges but gauge broke, studs and...
  8. GingerCrew

    GingerCrews 02 LB7

    What's up fellas, long time no see, been busy with the baby and job hunting. In the process I've sold the G8 and picked up this LB7, gave the wife the '14 So far it came with an Edge Juice w/Attitude, cranked T-bars and some black wheels...barff... Got alot of plans but interested in advise as...
  9. Fogle

    Fogle's 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe Build

    Picked this up not too long ago and figured I'd do a build thread on it as I change things on it. Other plans that are not shown Paint to match top pad New lower valance and spoiler dyed black New head, parking, fog lights Possibly lower another inch When I picked it up Picked up...
  10. SamCarroll

    Newer Camry strip/clay/seal

    Had someone who wanted to strip whatever they put on at the dealership and clay, seal and clean the interior as they have a baby and it was pretty dirty. I didn't have any before pics because he showed up a little late and its a year old so it wasn't in terrible shape to begin with. He washes...
  11. SamCarroll

    Scion tC Detail (black)

    Finally got my hands on a friends Scion tC. Its quite haggard as you can see in the before photos. Water stains all over, never washed and just overall neglected. So i went and fixed that. He was going for 60-70% correction and I exceeded that. Im really happy with how this turned out and think...
  12. Lemaire337

    New Member from lafayette Louisiana

    2002 RCSB 6.0 swap, 4l80e 3600triple disk billet convertor, built 3.73 rear end #hoonigan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. T

    Anyone separate 03-06 nbs headlights?

    I got the park lights separated just fine, then f-ed up the headlights. Got a set of brand new tyc off a friend for really cheap. Didn't want to make the same mistake. Just looking for someone to separate them is all. I can do the rest as I plan to do some painting on them.
  14. Smith

    Smith's 1973 Nova Custom

    I will start this thread by saying it's going to progress slow for now as I just forked out the cash for the car, hopefully I'll have some free/smaller things to do for now though. A little history on the car, it's a 1973 Nova that started it's life as light green metallic in I believe in West...
  15. M

    Some pictures of my truck

    My friends did some rolling shots of my truck, really brings out the flaws in it if you pay attention but w/e its a basic setup on a daily and it looks pretty decent imo
  16. L

    94 hoe

    6 inch suspension with extra leaf on each side. Well this is going to be a long strung out process. But I purchased this jewel for $1000 needed a new motor new cooling system new new tranny and new suspension parts. I pulled the old 350 out threw it behind the garage it needed new heads and a...
  17. Smith

    GMT-900 (2007-2013) Truck and SUV cracked dash discussion

    The cracked dash on the GMT-900 (2007-2014) Trucks and SUV's seem to be a common problem. When many try to get this problem fixed it is very hit or miss when it comes to GM wanting to help and many times they don't acknowledge it as a problem or leave you footing the replacement bill, and if...
  18. Huck

    Start emailing Mickey Thompson! Let's get 20" Claws back!

    So, on an idea from Fuso's thread, I'm saying let's start sending Mickey Thompson some emails requesting 20" Baja Claws back! Shoot them a quick email and tell your friends to do the same! They're losing out on a huge chunk of the market, I know I'd buy a set in a heartbeat Here's the sales...
  19. P

    TLR-VIR Streamlight

    I have a TLR-VIR streamlight for sale. It has a c4 led light and infrared light. It includes 2 pressure switches. Strobes also. Mountable on guns. Handgun/shotgun or whatever you get the mount for. Includes the rail mount on the streamlight. Works very well. I occasionally carry it...
  20. WildChevys

    Thinking about lifting rear and going with A/T tires

    I've been thinking a while about switching to an A/T tire and switching out my 4" blocks for the 4.5" blocks I have. The truck right now has 1.5" of lean but the rear just seems to sit too low and I think bringing it up .5" would be perfect. I've also been thinking of switching out my nitto...