1. E

    Emery FINALLY buys a GM

    That's right, after countless years on GM forums with Fords I finally bought a GM. Don't worry though, my Powerstroke is still around. Anyways, as some of you know, since the fall of 2013 I had been daily driving a 2005 Subaru. Well this past July with less then 100 miles short of 200k, the...

    TILLERS 2K16 Silverado build

    Well the white truck is gone and I picked this 2016 Silverado up, single cab 5.3L with just about everything you can get in a single cab Plans are 4/6 or 4/7 drop on 24s with some basic mods to clean it up and then just drive the shot out of it and enjoy it Already have windows tinted 5%...
  3. HaydenB99

    Hayden's NBS ECSB Red Two Tone Silvy

    Since I absolutely destroyed my white sierra (first truck), after searching and searching for a new one that was a bit different. I finally found it. 2004 Z71 Chevy Silveraydo, tan leather, already has 06 front, and painted plastics obviously . YES IT NEEDS BLOCKS BADLY LMAO, but limited to...
  4. iceman71

    Race Trucks

    OK, who on here drag races their Silverado??????
  5. S

    New Guy from Memphis

    Hey guys I'm Chris. Coming over from to steal some ideas and pick some new (or same) brains. Got a fairly nice build I'm working on. 2000 RCSB with gmc declad wheels, 370CI with LS3 heads, Wiseco pistons, lunati rods, stock balanced crank, COMP Cam, springs, lifters...
  6. L

    99_02 vs 03-06 gmc bumper strength

    This is my 1st post ... and i serched and didnt find anything related to what i want to know so if i posted in wrong area or missed anothrr post sorry. ... Here goes i want to kow which bumper is stronger the 99-02 or the 03 06 bumper it looks like the newer bumper would offer less protection...
  7. Wicked Mayhem

    Wifes Tahoe slowwww progress

    Had the tahoe since April, haven't done much with it yet. Only color matched bumpers, cap, grill, handles, mirror caps. And Currently taking the flares off and wet sanding the body to get rid of the lines left behind. First time wetsanding on something so i was pretty nervous starting out. Still...
  8. Blackout

    Factory bose aux port

    Recently bought an 03 with the factory bose system. I am outright fucking sick of listening to the same 10 songs every radio station plays around here. How do I add an aux port to this radio? (Without xm) I really don't feel like dumping a ton of money into audio right now because I'm saving...
  9. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2008 G8 GT

    Welp I'm no longer pulling a trailer daily so I sold the ol dmax about a month ago and picked this up. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT, 72k, L76, 6 speed auto, sun roof (always wanted one), loaded, etc. Sold the dmax for $1k more than I paid for it, and got this for $16k which is a pretty good price for this...
  10. Dakota

    Neil Lane 14k wg engagement ring.

    I have a 3/4 karat tdw 14k white gold Neil Lane engagement ring for sale. Size 6.5. Purchased the ring at the end of February 2015 for my sons mother and she wore it for about 3 months before it went back in the box. Retail is $2599. I have a little over $2700 invested with the warranty and all...
  11. SamCarroll

    Quick detail on an 88 Park Avenue

    My friend picked this up from his friends grandma for incredibly cheap so he wanted me to clean it up and seal it for the winter and protect the interior for his kids. This thing was pretty clean before so the before/afters arent that insane. I did the engine too because it was pretty dirty...
  12. Tuckin15's

    It's TURBO TIME! My 03 ECSB S10 build

    Hello all! I am new to the forum. This is my pride and joy its a 2003 ECSB s10 2wd, truck has roughly 55,xxx on the body and it's damn clean for a Michigan truck. The first couple posts are gonna be catching everyone up to speed from the original swap up to the starting point of the turbo...
  13. J

    The official SEMA 2015 thread

    Sema 2015 Who's going, and what would you guys like to see? I'll try and take as many pictures as I can, but there's going to be a lot of shit. Anything you guys have ran across that you want to see more of? I'll prob be half dickered the whole time too, so bear with me :ffbkeg: The madmax...
  14. T

    Important!: Question about tubing my rear and if I should tub my 2009 GMC Sierra

    I have a 2009, GMC Sierra on a 4-7 drop ( 7 inch flip kit in the back, 2 inch spindle in the back and 2 inch struts with 2 inch re-locators ) right now with 24 inch rims. The tires on it are 285/35 just in case that plays into tubing it. Now what my plans are is to go to a 6-9 drop or 6-10...
  15. BARBER

    2015 HD bumper swapped on a 2011?

    Last June I had a young guy rear end me when I was driving my Duramax clear back in June and I haven't gotten it fixed yet. I picked up a used complete HD bumper but returned it because I decided I'd rebuild my bumper with paint to match steel caps. I got to thinking more, what about swapping...
  16. J

    JoshA's 2015 F150 Mild Build

    Well, I bought my first new truck and it ended up being a Ford this time. I wanted a diesel bad, but I just have no use for one. I really liked the Ecoboost engine and decided to go with the F150 and I have to say they are pretty damn awesome. I also have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE work...
  17. 02SierraDenali

    Denali color matching please

    Can anyone turn my chrome grille surround to black, the inner black mesh to chrome, and the black parking lights chrome/clear? I'm wanting to switch things up a bit up front. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Smith

    5th annual CGM Shreveport meet pic thread...

    Post away fellas!
  19. Chewy07

    Back to gas or stay green

    With the lmm for sale and hopefully will sell before end of the month comes my next issue. What to buy next. I wouldn't mind getting into a denali like daniels since I've always loved that color and its a 6.2 or some 6.2 nnbs , a nbs vmax or a n3bs 5.3. Or to still stay in the diesel game. I...
  20. Jared

    stall question

    I finally got my rear main and oil pan gaskets leaks squared away (bad install or faulty seals, who knows) and the yank 3200 installed. How will it be driving without the cooler installed? Should I just get the car home and then install it? Or will normal driving be fine for a bit? The shop...