1. Jrluz14

    Billet Stainless Steel Antennas

    They're back! 300 series billet stainless steel antennas. These will never rust/corrode nor will they dull. These come in various lengths from 2" to 4" (except bullets which are a standard 5" length). They come in either a polished (mirror like) finish or I can sandblast them for paint prep if...
  2. cvand789

    Looking for some rear lift expertise

    Hey guys, as you can see the shocks that came with my BDS 4" (2011 silverado) have taken a beating from the harsh salt and whatever else Michigan puts on their roads in the winter…. Needless to say I'm in the market for some new shocks. This isn't my area of expertise and I'm probably making...
  3. J's grown up build thread- the new crib - mods and upgrades.

    Well, I didn't do a build thread on my truck, this time I'll do it right and start a thread from the beginning. Here it goes. The grown up build thread. House mods v1.0 Paint has already been done, so I done messed up already, but I'll document the rest of the projects. Tomorrow starts...
  4. Country_09

    Fgt stepside build

    Well I got the truck bone stock from my pops with the exception of the old man package steps and rails with true dual glasspacks. Drove it like this for remainder of high school unfortunately Not long after I graduated I went out and got me a levelin kit and some 33" toyos and x9 badlands...
  5. LeonMiller94

    Turbo talk needing advice

    Im wanting to run twin turbos on my LS 5.3 what mm turbo would be best for everyday cruising on the interstate ~jared miller
  6. criffaaa1

    Important!: The retrofit source group buy

    For anyone interested in getting their hid upgrades a group but just went live over on hid planet. 25% off Next group buy? - Page 24 sent from my Crifftastic $3
  7. WildChevys

    2 hours to decide

    I'm getting a full refund on my BMFs and have 2 hours to decide between the below 3 wheels, all PVD all 20x10 and all Fuel Krank: Dune: Hostage:
  8. Hunter

    Hunter's CumminG's Build

    Well finally I found exactly what i wanted and i jumped right on it. This will be a slow but steady build that i may change my mind back and forth on. Plans for now are listed below. 2006 4x4 QCSB Big Horn Edition 5.9 Cummins Demold & Debadge Remove steps 2.5in Level 3% Back 3 windows 10% on...
  9. AdamsPolishes

    Adam's is now a one-polisher organization...

    A note from Adam:
  10. TheSuspensionSource

    Kris from Central California

    Some of you know me from posting around the Suspension part of the forum, for those of you who do not know I am Kristina or you can call me Kris. I am the owner of a 2013 Silverado Reg Cab 2WD. Truck was built for the 2013 SEMA show. You may see photos of it floating around the net or in the...
  11. AdamsPolishes

    Adam's Valentines Day Sale - 14% off and FREE SHIPPING over $95!!

    Isn't it time you buy something nice for your sweetie (or your sweetie buys something nice for you ;) ) ??? Get 14% off and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $95 though Sunday!! Sale ends 2/16 at 11:59pm MST. Free Shipping for Continental US only. Excludes all machine polishers and...
  12. DemoN

    finally....out of the garage.

    Truck has been sitting a bit....decided to give it some TLC. after a new batt, fresh fuel, and fresh wash i took it for a little spin. damn this thing is fun to drive :D not washed here...
  13. nickyreno

    Someone buy this

    Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Lt | eBay
  14. Khaos

    Khaos' Red ECSB Thread

    As a lot of you have seen in various threads, I decided that having no debt wasn't fun at all, so I bought a second truck :laugh: Specs: 2005 GMC Sierra Z71 with 152kmi 5.3 HO (L33) 4L60E 4x4 with Auto Tcase 3.42s :nono: G80 HD Trailer Package It's a strangely optioned truck for sure. Auto...
  15. A

    20x10 AMERICAN FORCE REBEL SS6 Wheels.

    I'm deciding to change my plans on my truck. So I'm trying to sell my American Force wheels. They are still brand new in the box. Never placed on a truck. I'm asking $2400 plus shipping. I have little room to wiggle. And I am willing to drive a ways too. Center caps are included and I can...
  16. Tukn4s

    Tukn4s' new truck thread

    Well I just bought another truck 2007 Silverado vortec max 2wd LTZ Immediate plans: Clear lights debadge remove steps remove exhaust tips repaint grille and paint chrome bumper level
  17. L


    I've posted in several parts of the forum for different things in the past. I figured I would put them together into one build log. Mods thus far: Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS Focal PS165 components in front doors Focal PC165 coaxial speakers in rear doors Rockford Fosgate PBR 300x4 for the door...
  18. R

    Can't decide between these 3 wheels

    Come tax return time I will be getting new wheels and tires for a summer time set up. I am torn between these 3 wheels and whether I want to stick with 20s or go up to 22s. What do you guys think would look best on my rig?? Here is my current set up...white diamond truck with 20s and 35s...
  19. welsh907

    Undecided.... again.

    Started playing around on photoshop. Purple didn't look as desirable anymore.
  20. 1


    New from Abilene, Tx. I drive a 2013 GMC Sierra 1/2 ton ex cab swb. So far I have done 5% tint, 4/7 drop, stereo system, and about to go 2 inchs lower with 24 inch billets and narrowed rear end. Also getting bumpers color matched! Nice to meet everyone, there are some very nice trucks on the site!