1. CzerniS17

    New here from Buffalo...

    New here, found this site through another forum (GMFS). Some of you might recognize my truck: Current mods are: Exterior: RC Leveling Kit 20x10 Ultra Predators 295/55/20 Nitto Trail Grapplers eBay Cleared Headlights OEM Foglight Kit Morimoto 5k HIDs in Headlights and Fogs DL3 Mirrors 6k...
  2. fortplainman

    drunk lady hits my truck....carnage and advice for rebuild parts

    So as some of you have seen on my facebook, in the chatbox, and as well in the "vehicles as they sit now" thread, some drunk lady hit me last night supposidly reaching for her phone. i havent gone to see her car, but may sometime today if i can get a vehicle to drive and get some pics. cops...
  3. T

    2000 Silverado 2500

    First off hello, I'm new here but I heard of the site from some GMFS guys and figured I'd join. Here's my last truck 2003 Silverado 1500 that I just sold And now on to the "new" truck, I just purchased this 2000 Silverado 2500 with 65,000 on the clock, old man owned, hasn't seen a...
  4. cvand789

    New Pictures of my truck -- Silver Lake Sand Dunes, MI

    Just figured I would post some pictures recent pictures of my truck up at silver lake and around home. A nice shot of the Mag- Hytec and Bilstein 5100s 3" to a 3.5" inlet 6" outlet tip My 1/2 ton with a co-workers 08' duramax Me and my buddy on top of test hill Up on test...
  5. Hunter

    Throwback Photos

    Like the title says post up pics of you or people on the forum you know from back in the day. No time limit on the "back in the day" reference just in for some cool pics to jest at or whatever even if it looks like you took it from a potatoe lol like mine me slinging the rock on ole friday...
  6. B

    Picking a gear ratio

    I did search first but I haven't found a definitive answer. Well I have a 2001 silverado rcsb with a 4.8 automatic. It currently has 3.42 gears. What I want to know is, what would be a good dd gear for that motor but also for a 6.0?
  7. DemoN

    Colorado road trip

    over the weekend, my best friend got married...and i was to be the best man. so packed up my bags...and road tripped it. stopping in New mexico. they looked at my truck like it was a flying saucer lol when i got to the groom's house colorado springs, they weren't home yet. so i ran to get...
  8. D

    New guy from Georgia

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site my name is Dustin from Gainesville Georgia. I own a 03 Tahoe LT 4WD and a 08 silverado LT Z71 2WD. I'll try and get some pics of the truck up but for now here's the tahoe. image by dalejr419, on Flickr image by dalejr419, on Flickr image by dalejr419, on Flickr...
  9. yates

    Yates's Cummins SEMA Build

    Well I figured I did not get enough punishment last year and needed to stress for a few months again. 2014 Ram Laramie 2500HD MegaCab 6.7L Cummins Leather Nav etc. Pick from tonight right after picking it up. Rendering. Plans are an 8-10" Kelderman lift, 24x14 American Force Wheels...
  10. DemoN

    all 2014+s in here!

    Lifted...static...bagged...chevy...gmc. whatever yall come across that looks good. i have a FB page i post em on :) i'll post credit back to
  11. GR$$N$

    the new g ride

    so I picked this thing up today. dude said it didn't run but barely. I paid for it n signed the title and sprayed carb cleaner in it and put premium in it and it runs like new. 53k original miles. drove it 30 miles home. plans: slam it black paint blacked out windows fix a few minor things...
  12. dszx13

    Ps my wheels black?

    Jus curious as to what it'd look like
  13. Steven Colvin

    New from Central Florida

    Hello everyone, my name is Steven and I just joined the forum. I have been a member of for a little over a year, but I just heard of this site recently. Anyways, here's my truck. It is a 2009 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3 L. It has a 7-9" FTS and in the rear it has 4" Alcan...
  14. Ginger

    Gingers NBS Detail

    I havent finished it yet due to a hicup in it, but here are my current progress pictures on detailing my truck The truck when i started, I forgot to grap pictures of the tires before i applied the cleaner The paint wasnt terrible, but it did go through the whole winter, and a car...
  15. AdamsPolishes

    Father's Day 2014 with NEW PRODUCTS!!

    Two exciting new products are now ready to rock! The all new Adam's Tire Shine and the newly redesigned, exclusive to Adam's Wheel Woolie! Tire Shine is a new product for us, in response to so many of you who have asked for a high quality tire dressing with more gloss and...
  16. fortplainman

    nnbs wheel bearing replacement

    so must be since last year there was a tiny squeek when turning. thought it was the rotors, so had them resurfaced and could have been a culprit too. about 2 days after putting them on, got a worse noise. then just yesterday got a bad grinding noise and looked it up on youtube to verify the...
  17. DemoN

    DA new Truck

    I picked it up last night. it;s a 2014 Reg Cab short box WT2. 5.3L with 3.42 gears. i had a hell of a time choosing between this and silver. NEEDS MORE LOW
  18. Bassmaster

    25% off Chemical Guy's 16z products

    got an 'exclusive email code' today, so i'll share. as title says, 25% off any 16oz bottle from chemical guys with the code - E16OZDEAL expires Thursday, 4/24. have at it
  19. AdamsPolishes

    Adam's Video Commercial Contest!!

    OK fellow Shine Freaks, this is one contest you won't want to miss out on. This is our biggest ever, BY FAR!! What's the deal? Adam's is hosting a video contest. Now I know what you're thinking… what a pain in the butt! Don't worry, it's easy. All you have to do is upload your video...
  20. R

    Sixity wheel spacers

    Anyone using Sixity wheel spacers? Looks like theyre made from Silver 6061 Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum Alloy Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk